29 Things Your Boyfriend Pretends to Hate But Secretly Love It

Last updated on March 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

For men, women are being full of mysteries. It's actually the same for them. Us women sometime just can't understand them. There are so many things he doesn't like and you never know why. Let's now think the other way. Could it be that he secretly loves it?

Hey, there is possibility! Unknowingly there are many things your boyfriend pretends to hate but secretly love. If you haven't know it yet, then it's about time for you to find out about all of those:

1. When You are Whining

Your boyfriend always said he hates it when you are whining like a little kid. He said that you're too old for that and you better stop it. Well, for us it's cute but turns out is annoying for him. But wait, it's not that annoying actually. Your boyfriend think you're such a cutie when you're whining.

2. He Loves to Provide You

One Reasons Why My Boyfriend is Better Than Yours is that he always provide you with the things you want. When you go shopping together and you said you want that bags, he will say that you already have many. But he still buy it for you. He likes it when he can provides you.

3. He Loves Your Ambition

As a woman, you should have clear view of the future and he likes it a lot. You might have to work late and exhausted everyday but he knows you are making your dreams come true. The fact that you are living up your dream is the best way How to Make Him Go Crazy in Love with You.

4. You Call Him Every Minute

Most of men hate it when their girlfriend calls every minute. It's like a trap where they could never escape. What happen when you skip a day not calling him? Yes, he will miss it. He knows how much you care about him and he enjoys it.

5. Your Magazine Subcription

Your boyfriend will never understand why did you read the celebrity gossip that is just the same every month. He wished you stop subscribing all that magazines until he has nothing to do in the bathroom. Well, turns out your magazines are interesting enough.

6. The Question Bomb

Men will never understand how could a woman says many things at the same time. Where are you? Are you all alright? Have you eat? Why don't you answer my call? Are you okay? That will happen after you missed about her 27 calls. He just can't say how much he likes it even if you sound noisy.

7. Being Bossed Around

It's okay to act bossy sometime since he likes it. When he asked for your permission can he go out with his friends and you insist that he must stay at home resting, it shows how much you care about him. But don't do this if it's not necessary.

8. When You Act All Cute

Us women love to act cute in front of our boyfriend. We have many Things to Say to Boost Your Boyfriend Confidence and it's one of them. We want to show our support before he faces an important presentation for that day. His confidence did boosted up that way.

9. The Date Plan

You just had the whole weekend with him but you already plan another! It's quite fast but how you meticulously plan every detail make it easier for him. He'd rather follow your plan than making his own plan.

10. When You Act Like His Mother

Boys are hardly ever grow up. They still has a child soul in him and you have to remind him many times. It's okay to tell him what to do and what not to do. He may thinks you act like his mother, but it's the Signs When Guys Fall in Love with You.


More Things That He Loves Secretly

You may never know but there are still many things that he loves secretly. Well, he may act like he hates it but he actually enjoy it but he is too shy to tell you.

  1. He enjoys watching dramas with you.
  2. He loves the reality show that make you laugh out your heart.
  3. He said you are silly while you dance but he likes it.
  4. He wished you have 5 times night out with your girls.
  5. So that he can spend them with his bros.
  6. He is sick that you always on diet. 
  7. But he anticipate the result.
  8. He likes it when you look sexy.
  9. He likes all the vegetables you eat.
  10. He's happy to tell you that you still pretty even though you gain weight.
  11. He likes to shop for himself.
  12. When you force him to use you face mask.
  13. He wants to look good in the selfies too.
  14. He likes it when you brag about him to your friends.

Why He Won't Tell You

There is an old saying that goes "Some things are better left unsaid." Probably your boyfriend is holding on that principal too. As he considers it as nothing big, he'd better keep it secret. But did you know why he won't tell you? Let's find out.

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  1. He is too shy to admit it.
  2. He has been acting all cool about it.
  3. He finds himself enjoying all those things.
  4. He doesn't want you to laugh it off.
  5. His pride doesn't allow him to.

Your boyfriend may not realize it but how he pretends to hate many things is a good Ways to Make Someone Love You Without Them Knowing. Boys are cute on their own way and they're as adorable as little puppies, right? All the things your boyfriend pretends to hate but secretly love it.

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