Real Reasons Why Dating An Only Child Is Difficult but Awesome

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Being an only child in a family is sometimes what everyone that has sisters or brothers wants to be. However, for the only child itself, it is not that special since their parents might put a lot of burden and expectation more towards them. Not only that, they also face many difficulties which is none others know. However, they would free by the case as of a family member doesn't like you.

Here are reasons why dating an only child is difficult

With that being said, encounter an only child as your date is going to be an interesting experience especially when you are not born the only child in your family. Both of you would have different thought since the environment what makes you the person like you are now is none other than your family. So, here are reasons why dating an only child is difficult.

1. Selfish

This is the first reasons why dating an only child is difficult. An only child tends to be selfish. When you are dating them, you need to be extra patient because there is possibility that they would be the dominant one. Don't worry you just need to learn ways to deal with a selfish partner.

2. Always Craving for Attention

An only child never get their attention shared to others by their parents. In a relationship, they might always craving for your attention.

3. Used to Be Spoiled

Like we already know an only child doesn't have sisters or brothers. By being that, their parents always make them their priority and do everything to make them happy.

4. Their Ego Is Big

Another reasons why dating an only child is difficult. When you have a sister or brother, you will learn how to share something with them. However, an only child didn't have that. That is what makes they seems more egocentric.

5. Ambitious

An only child used to have pressure from their parents since they put a lot of expectation on their only child. This is what makes an only child tends to be extremely ambitious.

6. Obsessive

Reasons why dating an only child is difficult? Sometimes when they love something, they will like really really do love it. Their obsession within some stuff might turn them into nerds, like they love to read books or stuff yet this is a reason why you should date a girl who reads.

7. Super Protective Parents

We think everyone know this already. Yes, an only child has a super protective parents. Their protective parents is on another level since they don't want their only precious treasure get hurt. Maybe this way of how to call them without their parents knowing can help you.

8. Bluntness

Reasons why dating an only child is difficult? An only child never lie on their whole life. However, their honesty is a bit difficult to understand because they would literally say anything that is on their mind. When you couldn't take it, it is going to hurt you though. Don't ever hurt them back, it is better to learn ways to kill someone with kindness.

9. Need More Time to Decide Something

Their life is set and decided by their parents. This is what makes an only child sometimes need more time to decide something. You need to know ways to deal with an indecisive partner to handle an only child.

10. Complicated

Reasons why dating an only child is difficult? They are both independent and need their parents for everything they do. This contradiction turns them into a complicated person.


More About an Only Child That Makes You Think Dating Them Is Worth It

Within the difficulties in a relationship, there is also time when you think dating an only child is worth it. Here are signs you love dating an only child.

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1. You Both Have More Time to Be Alone

An only child is used to alone all the time. When you are dating them, you will have more spare time to be alone which is great for a healthy relationship.

2. An Only Child Is Creative

With being alone when they were kids, they learn how to not to be bored when they are by themselves. That is why an only child tends to be more creative.

3. Easily Attached to Your Family

An only child is really close with their parents. This makes them an family oriented person. Even thought date an only child is difficult, you would find it worth to try if they already attached to your family. They can easily make you and your family laugh, so there are more reasons why you should date girl who makes you laugh.

4. Basically Good Boy/Girl

The only child parents is strict yet this what turns them into a good boy/girl.

5. They Will Love You Sincerely

Once an only child person loves you, they won't any other space for someone else. They will love you sincerely. You should pay attention whether there is a sign she cares or not.

Tips to Get an Only Child As Your Date

Here are more tips if you want to get an only child as your date.

1. Don't Pity Them

You might think being an only child is sad for them like they have no sibling to share their story with. However, you must never pity them because they really don't like when people feel sorry to them.

2. Win Their Parents Heart

One of ways to get close to an only child is by being friends with their parents. Once you win their parents heart, you will win theirs too! So obviously you should learn ways to make your girlfriend's parents like you.

3. Be Affectionate

An only child is always craving for attention since they used to be spoiled by their parents. That is why you need to be more affectionate towards them.

4. Spend More Time Together

One of the most thing that an only child dislike is feeling lonely. They do really love their free time to be alone yet they hate feeling lonely. You should try by spending more time together with them if you want them to loves you.

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