How To Call Your Boyfriend Without Your Parents Knowing

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Being with your boyfriend is a great experience because he makes you feel loved and happy. But the only thing that can be standing in your way is your parents.

Parents can be really strict when it comes to you doing anything with your boyfriend. That is why you can have almost no time being alone to call your boyfriend. How do you outsmart them to have that time? Well use these sneaky ways on how to call your boyfriend without your parents knowing;


1. Make Sure That Your Boyfriend Understands The Situation

If your boyfriend knows that you need to be discreet about the call, he will try to go along with your plan too.

2. Do It When They Are Sleeping

When you know that your parents are really asleep, that is when you can call your boyfriend all you want.

3. Pretend That He Is Another Person

Make a nickname to mask his true identity so your parents don’t know the truth.

4. Do It When They Are Out Of Home

When you are safe from their gaze, that is when you can freely  call your boyfriend for a long time.

5. Change His Name On Your Contact List

This is so that when he calls you, your parents think that it is another person calling you.

6. Don’t Do It Too Often

The more you do it, the higher the chance that you will get caught in the midst of the action which will ruin everything.

7. Never Do It On Family Time

never do it on family time

Respect the time when you spend it with your family so that your parents don’t get annoyed if it is interrupted with a call.

8. Take Short Talks With Him

Short talks is way safer and less suspicious to your parents.

9. Do It When They Are Busy

In this time they won’t even have the time to pay attention to your little call to him.

10. Do It In The Early Morning

When people are still not awaked or alert, it is time to make a little call to show the  Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved

11. When You Have To, Talk In A Hushed Voice

Loud voices will spoil the content of your conversation to everyone and you don’t want that.

12. Talk About Moderate Topics

Don’t use the  Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong or  Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush if your parents are still around. Talk about general topics like books or movies.

13. Ask Him To Use Another Voice

This is so that no one will be suspicious that your boyfriend is the one calling you.

14. Make Him Know The Times That It Is Okay For Him To Call

Him knowing your schedule is the best thing you can do.

15. Call Outside Of The House When Your Parents Are Not There

Call him when you are at the mall, gym, or somewhere out of your parent’s reach.

16. Delete The Call History When He Is Calling

This is because you don’t want your parents knowing from your call history.

17. Make Some Kind Of Signal To Make Him Know That It Is Okay To Call

This signal makes the communication stay discreet and makes it really effective. 

18. Buy A New Cell Phone

A cell phone to especially call him is the best ways on how to call your boyfriend without your parents knowing.

19. Have Communication Out Of Just Calling

This step reduce the need of having to always call. For example trying to text him by using the (text)

20. Call Them Through An Encrypted Application

A separate app for calling is an action you can easily take.

Tips To Be Discreet About Your Call To Your Boyfriend

tips to be discreet about your call to your boyfriend

If you want full privacy from your parents, you have to use a secret tricks most of the time. That is why it is best if you use these tips to be discreet about your call to your boyfriend;

1. Have Your Phone Locked

Having a password will decrease the risk of privacy breaching by your parents.

2. Put A Different Ringtone To His Call

This way, you instantly know that it is him.

3. Give An Update On What You Are Doing As Much As You Can

Staying updated daily is needed to determine the call time.

4. Do It At School When It Is Break Time

When at school, you can easily call him as long as you won’t be interrupted.

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5. Make Your Sibling Work In Your Favor

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6. Never Tell The Same Lie Every time

This eliminates the chance of you being easily accused. 

Signs That Your Parents Have No Idea

Doing the tips and tricks above might be hard and complicated, but with the right amount of effort, you will see the relieving signs that your parents have no idea about the call at all;

1. They Allow You To Pick Up The Call

Because they have no idea, you picking up the call is not such a big problem.

2. Do Not Suspiciously Watch You When You Are Calling

You know that your parents know something when they secretely watch you when you are calling that anonymous caller.

3. Not Trying To Breach Your Privacy

With no suspicion in mind, they don’t try to find out more by breaching your privacy.

4. Not Asking Too Much Questions About The Call

Too much question is a sign that they have a hunch about something secretly going on.

It is hard to keep things a secret from your parents. Especially when you need it most which is when you are trying to build a relationship with your boyfriend. That is why you need to try out the ways how to call your boyfriend without your parents knowing. Good luck!

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