19 Tips on How to Get Marry in Bali Indonesia

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Bali, the exotic island that is always packed for the holidays. In here you are promised sandy white beaches, exciting attractions, exotic places and great food. Many people have fallen in love with Bali. If it is such a great place, why not get married there?

Being married is the most important day in your life. That is why it needs all kind of special stuff. The base of a great marriage is a great venue and Bali is the perfect place to be. Although planning a marriage in Bali might seem intricate, do not worry. See this simple ways on How to get marry in Bali:

  1. Know the season

Indonesia, which includes Bali, have two kinds of season which are rainy season and dry season. In order to truly know what you need for the wedding you need to choose the date of the wedding according to these season. We suggest having it on the dry season which requires less equipment.

  1. Do a little research yourself

To truly know Bali you need to do every research about Bali possible so that you will feel confident about your choices. That is why you need to explore Bali yourself to know the culture and ways or you could do an intense research through google.

  1. Know the theme

Have a theme in mind so that you can conceptualize the details of the wedding. Do you want it to be a white simple wedding or a tropical extravagant wedding? To truly know the theme, try to remember what you and your partner really love and take it from there.

  1. Get in touch with the locals

It’s great to know at least one local that can help you with the wedding. Locals will get you better, cheaper deals and they know Bali well enough to help you with the details. Before you make any big decision you should contact this local friend of yours to see if it fits the scheme in Bali. Locals will know Indonesian Wedding Traditions

  1. Plan the budget

Bali, although beautiful, is also really expensive. That is why you need to know your budget. Make sure you have a spare money so that you do not go frantic when suddenly a budget goes out of plan. To really save your budget, know when to get the best deals on the details you want to get.

  1. Pick the place

Beaches, forests or luxurious hotel is all in Bali, you just need to pick the place that you want. Make sure that the place you pick is in your budget and in line with your theme so that the wedding is not a big mess.

  1. Make use of the culture

For the entertainment during the wedding, amke use of the culture that Balinese people have to offer. Traditional dances or music might make your theme show stronger and your wedding more beautiful. Therefore, you really have to know the culture that bali have to offer.

  1. Master the taste

Food is a big part of the wedding so to liven things up, try to knwo the Balinese take on food. They usually offer spicy, flavorful, meaty food so you might want to consider that. For dessert they usually offer something simple and sweet.

  1. Purchase the dress

The dress for the wedding should not be too big, extravagant and it shouldn’t crowd your body too much. Keep in mind that Bali is hot and humid so you do not want to be uncomfortable in your wedding dress which will make your whole attire a mess.

  1. Pick the flower

The flower in Bali are usually tropical flowers. So before you pick your bouquet and flower arrangements, know that the flowers won’t stay fresh for long unless you choose tropical flowers that fit the weather.


More tips on how to get marry in Bali

Certainly, there is a lot more to know in order to plan a wedding. To dive in more to the detail, here are some more tips on How to get marry in Bali

  1. Plan the after party – Bali offer a moonlit sky filled with stars so tents won’t be necessary.
  2. Choose the honeymoon – a honeymoon in Bali will suffice because Bali is full of hidden places to continue your romantic getaway.
  3. Be legal – it’s not all about the decor and food. You also need to take care of the legal stuff in order to be legally married.
  4. Hire the photographer – Bali is filled with artistic people so it will probably be easy for you to get someone to capture the magical moment!
  5. Transportation matters – Bali is crowded and is usually filled with traffic jam. Make sure you choose a proper transportation like your own car and know when the road is less crowded.
  6. Choose the packages – sometimes certain venues in Bali offer wedding packages. This might make you stay in track of your budget plan.

Signs that you are ready for a wedding in Bali

  1. Everyone have got their invitation – you’ve set the place and make sure that the detail runs smooth. One of the signs that you are close to a successful wedding is that everyone you love have already got their invitation!
  2. Your wedding planner is organized – when your wedding book that is filled with the details of the wedding is messy, that means the wedding is messy too. You know that the wedding will be smooth when your wedding planner is organized and tidy
  3. You’re in love with your partner – your partner will show the Signs That Someone is In Love With You and you will feel that you love him too. If you feel this way, that really means that you are ready to enter a whole new chapter in your life!

The ways on How to get marry in Bali is detailed and intricate so by the end of the day we suggest you have a local wedding planner. The biggest thing you need to keep in mind through this wedding is the signs that a man loves you unconditionally. If you do, everything will run smoothly!

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