Tips for a Good Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife

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In Islam, marriage is sacred thing that should not be belittled. It's a sacred bond between two human, making vow to be faithful and be in each other's side until death do them part to Allah SWT. The purpose of an Islamic marriage, according to the Quran is to achieve peace and tranquility in life.

Those two thing could only happen in the sacred bond, not merely by sexual desire without love and passion to go along with. To produce offspring for the sake of Islam's continuity is also a Reasons for Marriage Duties According to Islam.

Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife

While dating before marriage is strongly prohibited in Islam, different things goes with the relationship of husband and wife. They can love as much as they with no amount of sin committed. In fact, every little lovey dovey thing Islamic couple do, Allah's blessing comes along with it. Here are some tips for relationship in Islam about husband and wife.

1. Showing Positive Attitudes

A Muslim should have a positive attitude in his blood, especially to the wife or husband. Nobody is ever perfect, so there's no need to point out at their flaws because according to Prophet Muhammad, if you dislike a thing from your spouse you will be pleased with another.

2. A Husband Helping His Wife

One of the Rights of Wife in Islam to Husband is asking his help in something she's having a hard time with. It's including when she wants to be a good wife, then he should give her a help. While a wife gives an endless support for her husband, the helping husband makes their relationship even stronger than ever.

3. Being Trustworthy

To build  a strong marriage, husband and wife should come as protector to one another. Keep the secret of your marriage just for you. Never exposed it to anyone else just like how you wouldn't want tour secret to be discovered. It's enough to prove that your love to each other is solid.

4. Give Respect

Respect means caring, respect means loving. It applied not only in a marriage, but respectfulness is a quality that any Muslim must have. Respect everyone even when you don't know them or if they hold different values.

5. Giving Happiness to the Wife

It's an undeniable duty for a husband to guarantee happiness for his wife. At any cost, he should make sure that his wife is sufficient physically and mentally. As the wife's role in the household is very important, a man must have the Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry to be able to lead his family well.

6. Be Forgiving

Allah SWT said that whoever does not forgive will not be forgiven. Human being makes mistake every now and then, so we have to forgive the flaws our partner did. We have to realize too that we are not perfect and if the Almighty Allah is full of forgiveness, why aren't we?

7. Worshiping Allah Together

The main purpose of human creation in to please and worship Allah. Worshiping Allah together with your legitimate partner multiply the blessing, not for you individually but also for your marriage. A husband should lead his wife in a prayer even when their house is near the mosque.

8. Make Time for Each Other

Love is the most important thing in a marriage. The sparks of love can easily gone if it's not ignited frequently. That is why it's become important for a couple to make time for each just for the two of them to make the love on fire again. Go on a date or travel together will do, as long as they don't forget their duty as parents.

9. Be Grateful

A little appreciation sometimes means a lot than we could ever know for other. Your partner in marriage is also indifference. Take a notice for how hard he has worked for the family by being grateful. The more you are grateful to him, the more he will be grateful to you too.

10. Expressing Love

Gazing to opposite sex with desire is haram when he/she is not your legitimate spouse. But after marriage, you must show your love to your husband every time. You can do it through words such as "I Love You" followed by compliments or simply practicing How to Make Love with Your Husband in Islam.

11. Showering with Compliments

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There are many ways to be grateful to your partner as well as expressing your love. Showering them with compliment could be good. Put some compliments along with your gratitude, to make it more real. Just don't overdo it since it makes you unsincere.

12. Dress Up While Together

Making your partner happy is a big blessing from Allah SWT. You must not be a sore for his eyesight when you are together. One of the best Ways to Love Your Husband in Islam is by looking your best in front of him. Dress up, wear perfume, and put on some make up to let him marvel at your beauty.

13. Do Fun Activities Together

Why not being playful with your wife or your husband. Play like you're a little kid and everything fun to be done together. It strengthen the bond in the marriage, just like the Prophet did in the past with his wife, Aisha.

14. Be Kind

It may sound simple but it's the basic thing for every relationship. Sometimes you forget to be kind to your partner since you are always with them all the time.

All of the prohibition for dating paid off once Muslim couple got married. Not a single things on relationship in Islam about husband and wife is something hard or unpleasant to do. May Muslims could always be faithful and hold the desire until the sacred day come eventually.

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