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Logical Things on What to Do When Your Husband is Talking to Another Woman

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Jealousy is inseparable thing in a relationship, as well as marriage. As you are marriage, you can’t help but demand loyalty from your significant other. You become unhappy when you see him talk to another woman. But, is it wise to blindly jealous whenever he talks to another woman? Surely not.


You could be at loss of what to do when your husband is talking to another woman, so here are some useful tips for you. You may be curious and suspicious, but you shouldn’t jump into conclusion that he’s cheating. Remember that your marriage is at stake and you don’t want to cause unnecessary problem into it.

Let’s get down to the list below.

  1. Find Out About the Woman First

When you have suspicion that your husband is talking to another woman – through all means, whether it’s in person or via phone – find out who she is. Given that you’re not so happy about it means she’s someone you don’t know.

The best and fastest way to know is surely by asking your husband directly. And, oh, it’s a good idea to see how he react to your question. If he hide nothing, he’ll answer about her comfortably. Also read Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry

  1. Pay Attention to What Kind of Talk They Have

Another important thing to do when you find out your husband talks to another woman. What they talk about defines what kind of relationship they have, obviously.

The women could be anyone – an old friend, business partner, former workmate. You might not need to ask your husband about her identity after you understand what they talk about. And if it’s something that you shouldn’t be suspicious of, don’t make a big deal out of it.

  1. Figure Out the Intensity of the Talk

Getting jealous when your husband talks with another woman is normal since it shows that you love your husband. But if your freak out when finding out about it for the first time, while it’s also his first time either, you lit a fire in your relationship.

Figuring out how often they talk to each other is necessary. You don’t have to be too worry if they only talk once, during the weekdays, or only on the working hours – means they’re not more than business partner. Or if they talk about school reunion, means they’re just old friend. Also read How to Know If Your Husband is Having Crush on Another Woman

  1. Identify the Matter Thoroughly

Identifying the problem is also the things what to do when your husband is talking to another woman. Especially when you feel that it start to threaten your marriage. From who she is, where did they meet, what they talk about, and how often they talk, you have to relate each aspects to get the bigger picture of the situation.

  1. Don’t Accuse Him of Anything Just Yet

The first thing came to your mind after knowing that your husband is in touch with other woman must be “he cheats from me.” Well, it’s unnecessarily like that. And it’s not wise to accuse him of infidelity either.

Imagine if you’re in his shoes and get accused of something completely not true. Rather than solving the problem, you cause even bigger problem out of nothing. If you don’t have enough proof, better not accuse him of anything. Also read Signs of A Bored Husband in Marriage

  1. Join the Conversation Sometime

One thing you can be sure about, if your husband doesn’t mind you to join him with her, or even introduce you as his wife, they probably no more than just best friends. And you may relieve when they share about their good old times with you. It’s always good to be friends with his best friends.

  1. Let Him Take His Time

At many times, it’s better to wait and see where things are going. You may let him take as much time as he wants to talk with that woman until he realizes that you’re not okay with that.

If he really love you, he knows that you won’t be happy to find out about him talk to another woman. Also read Signs Your Husband is Unhappy in Marriage

  1. Ask Him About It

In case things get worse because he keeps talking to that woman (answer calls secretly from you at unusual time, keeping you in the dark about what they talk about, and not telling you clearly who she is), just ask him in person.

Confronting him is the most direct and fastest way to find out. But remember to keep your voice calm and don’t sound accusing. Instead, prepare all the proof and strange behavior your husband has been showing lately.

  1. Listen Up to His Reasoning

So you come to him with bunches of evidence, but it still doesn’t make what you think is true. Be fair and use the presumption of innocence here. He also has the right to speak (and he would definitely does) so you have to listen to him. Pay attention to every single of his reasons and explanations.

If he lies to you, there will be holes in his story and you’d notice it in instance. Also read Ways to Love an Unbelieving Husband

  1. Come to an Agreement

You have a good reason as to why you brought this up: you want to look for solution. Yes, it’s a problem to your marriage and you have to sort things out with your husband. You might have to gone through a long, heated debate with him but make sure that you come to an agreement in the end.

If he was wrong, if the woman is a threat to your marriage, then your demand is clear: you want him to leave her right away. On the other hand, if your suspicion is proven to be false, the your should apologize to him. Case closed.

  1. Don’t be So Overprotective Toward Him

Now that you know your husband made mistake (i.e. he had crush to that another woman), you must feel insecure after that. But it doesn’t mean you have to be overprotective toward him. It’s hard to rebuild your trust, but it’s what a marriage after all.

He made mistake, you choose to forgive, so you have to move on.

So those are all of what to do when your husband is talking to another woman. Keep calm and don’t freak out. Everything can be solved with a cold head. This one is no exception.

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