6 Probable Signs Your Partner is Emotionally Cheating on You

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Cheating is something that most of us see as number one reason to end a relationship. There are so many reasons why people cheat. The cause can be the cheater or the one who gets cheated on.

And if you ever caught your partner cheating on you, you need to see that there are many reasons why you should leave a cheater although you may ask yourself should you give another chance for your cheating partner.

But, don't you know that cheating is not only done physically but also emotionally? How come someone cheats emotionally? Check these:


Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Cheating On You

1. They are not excited to see you anymore

Number one sign your partner is emotionally cheating on you is they do not seem to be excited every time you two meet. It is a common thing when two lovers get so excited when they see each other.

When you are in love with somebody, you always miss them and you cannot wait to see them again. You always want to be close to your lover day and night.

But then you realize something has changed when you see that your partner does not seem so excited to see you. You may think they are just not in a good mood. But, what if it is because they have something else they miss more.

2. They are always busy with their phone

They are always busy with their phone

Spending time with your partner can be the best thing that you do not want it to end soon. Anything can feel much more fun if you are doing it with your partner. But, there is often time when your partner becomes so attached to their phone till you cannot draw their attention.

You have asked them to get away from their phone and focus on you, but you still cannot make them just turn to you right away. This can be a sign that they have something somewhere else that pulls their attention.

3. They do not tell you much when they are away

While they are away from you there must be so much happening that you do not see. For example, when they are out for work, they do not tell you who they are with or what they are going to do.

They do not try to communicate many things to you. This situation is making you grow a suspicion if they might be having an affair. Although it might not be a real affair, there are possibilities they have fun when they are not around you.

You are not capable to control it. That is what we can call emotionally cheating. When your partner have something else to make them happy and that is not you.

4. They prefer spending time without you

Since being away from you gives them freedom to do what they want, they will try to get more of their time without you. They will prefer to do things without you.

From those little things that they usually do with you like having dinner, watching new movies, or getting a haircut, to bigger things like coming to their family's event or their friends' parties, they will not try to get you with them.

They replace you with their freedom. If it keeps going, it can be one of the signs your relationship is not working you have to know before it’s too late. You are their partner, but how come they like it better when they are not with you? That is the sign that your partner is emotionally cheating on you.

5. They seem to keep their phone away from you

They seem to keep their phone away from you

The net sign your partner is emotionally cheating on you is that they seem to keep you from getting close to their phone. Sometimes it is not strange if someone is using their partner's phone in purpose.

But, your partner tend to avoid it when you need their phone for some reasons. They even won't leave it close to you when they are leaving just for a while. It is probably because they do not want you to find out if they are actually having another thing they have been spending time on.

6. They tend to tell you to mind your own business

Every time you ask them what is it they are busy about or what has been happening to them, they do not explain and tell you what you want to know. They tell you to mind your own business like you are not supposed to know anything. Just so you know, they are probably emotionally cheating on you.

Those are signs your partner is emotionally cheating on you that you need to be aware about. Girls, although you often question yourself with why do I always think he’s cheating when I have no proof? and it turns out that you're just worried, it is not wrong to also anticipate the emotional cheating.

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