25 Sneaky Ways to Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating

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When you are in a relationship, you somehow are able to smell something fishy on your partner. Your feeling told you that she is cheating. Even though it’s hard to believe, she is showing the Signs of a Girl Cheating really clearly that make you unable to help but investigate. To make it not too obvious, all you need is to find the sneaky ways to catch your girlfriend cheating. She might be surprise with your out of the box methods, but you could be surprised at what you might find out later.

Well, this gonna be huge and very useful for you. Here are many of the sneaky ways to catch your girlfriend cheating and how you deal with her after that.

1. Watch Every Changes – If you are originally never bother with her outfits or perfume smells, pay attention from now on. Notice everything from now on. All of those changes are actually quite okay but isn’t his too soon?

2. Snatch Her Phone – Call this rude and an invasion of privacy, but all her deepest secrets lie on her phone. When she’s on the bathroom or sleep, open all her massages, calls, and gallery.

3. Drop by Randomly – Before telling her before, drop by to her workplace at random moment. But don’t do it too often and making your intention clearly seen. Her expression is important: if she’d get angry instead of surprise, then she’s cheating.

4. Check Her Home’s Trash Can – This is something you may never think of, but you don’t know what she’s thrown away. Maybe you could find the receipt from her last meeting with other person?

5. Bug Her Emails – Once again this is her area of privacy but you do this for a good reason. You are reading the Signs Your Girlfriend Would Cheat, and you want to find it out through her email inbox. But there’s a chance she changed it.

6. Follow Her – So she’s been in a rush and didn’t feel comfortable while going out with you (something’s fishy here). You know the feel when we’re waited by another person right? Trust your intuition at this time and follow her.

7. Her Changing Sleep Time – Hmm this one particular change need to be questioned, especially when the changes are too extreme. Like she’s never awake past midnight, but nowadays she’s even stay until late. What’s the reason behind her change?

8. Find Out Her New Hobbies – It’s fine if she’s developing new hobbies and interests. But you can’t help but being suspicious. She, who never heard of soccer, suddenly become fans of one soccer team. This is weird.

9. Why Does She Want Space? – Weekends are always better spent together. While recently she is showing the Signs That Your Girlfriend is Not Happy with You by asking for a space alone. You must be wondering who is gonna fill in the space with her.

10. Surprise Her with Your Appearance – Run a test on her like girls did when they’re doing the Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend. Walk in quietly and hit her shoulder lightly. If it’s true that she’s holding a secret, she’ll get jumpy and surprised easily.

11. Ask Her for a Sudden Date – Without having to make a plan, take her for a sudden date. Instead of happy, she’s more flustered and at loss, like she is torn between two important things. This behavior is enough to show that she doesn’t like such thing like sudden date.

12. Eavesdropping When She’s On Call – Her attitude when answering calls has been change lately, where she’d go to a quiet place and talk in a low tone. Follow her secretly and overhear what she said during the calls. It would enough as proofs.

13. Stalk Her Social Media – In an advance way of stalking, create a fake account and follow her. Don’t forget to follow as many people as possible to make it more legitimate. Ask for some cheating websites to her and how to join the community.

14. Hire a Spy – This one is gonna worth it but also pricey. But if you really want to spying her on low budget, hire your closest friend to follow her for a week. You’ll know whatever she does and wherever she goes when you’re not around.

15. Place GPS On Her Car – Okay this is the most desperate ways. Place a GPS on her car, so you will always keep up with her whereabouts. Well, this expensive way is definitely works faster.

How to Deal with a Cheating Girlfriend

  1. Ask yourself why is she cheat? It could be a bad habit of her, but it could be because you are too ignorant of her.
  2. Talk to your friends and ask about their advice. But don’t talk to anyone or her side like her mother, her sisters, or her best friend.
  3. Cool down for a moment and take the time to think about what both of you want.
  4. Ask directly to her, but make sure you didn’t rage out.
  5. Listen to her explanation cautiously.
  6. Don’t judge on her too early without listening to her.
  7. Prepare yourself for the worst thing possible.
  8. Let her go if she wants break up. There is no use of holding on into vulnerable thread. Cheating is one Reasons for Your Boyfriend to Break Up with You anyway.
  9. Move on and forget everything if you decide to forgive her and start over the relationship.
  10. Try to trust her again.

So those are the sneaky ways to catch your girlfriend cheating. One thing you must remember. Before doing all of these, prepare yourself for the worst. You never know what you might find and there is a big possibility of you become shocked and disappointed. But a naked truth is better than a best dressed lie, they said.