If A Guy Cheats On His Girlfriend With You What Does It Mean? (19 Things It Could Mean)

Last updated on May 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you in a relationship with a cheat? Did your lover cheat on his girlfriend to be with you? That’s great for you I suppose, but maybe you’re now wondering if he’s likely to do the same to you?

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ and want to know how true it is. Could it be that there were other reasons for him to cheat this one time? We’ll explore this question in the article below.

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When A Guy Cheats On His Girlfriend With You

When it is you being cheated on, it is very easy to feel betrayed, angry, and walk out of the relationship. When you are the other woman, your reactions would lean towards a huge measure of guilt and a small dose of hope. You’ll feel even more conflicted if you were ignorant of his girlfriend from the beginning. 

Being the other girl a man is cheating with has consequences even if the guy seems to bring so much fun into your life. When the ignorance is bliss stage passes and you know the truth about his other girlfriend, you can no longer pretend you’re not doing anything wrong. While you’re not a bad person for ignorantly dating a guy in a relationship, do you think you can be happy with a cheater?

There will always be issues in relationships, but a committed relationship means both parties decided to stay faithful no matter what happens. There are so many implications of why a guy would cheat on his girlfriend with you, but none of them makes him less of a cheat. Not only is he a cheater, but also he makes you a cheater by association. 

Did you recently discover that your ‘boyfriend’ has another girlfriend? Are you conflicted about what your next step should be, especially since he’s promising to break up with the other girl? 

Below are 19 things being the other woman means. Read to the end to know what decision is best in this situation. 

19 Things It Could Mean When He Cheats With You 

1. You are a temporary fix

Whether or not he grows to love you, you are a temporary fix to a guy cheating on his girlfriend with you. There are other ways guys can pass time if they are having relationship problems however, most guys choose to cheat with other women because it is an easy way out.

Imagine if you were the main girlfriend and your boyfriend cheated with a side chick, would you easily empathize with the other woman just because your boyfriend is a douchebag? Certainly not! Similarly, don’t expect sympathy from his girlfriend when you find out he’s in a relationship already. Accept that you were a fling and move on with your life.

2. He is using you to get over his relationship problems

he is using you to get over his relationship problems

Guys dating multiple women are very much aware of their behavior. When they get caught, they blame their relationship issues for their cheating ways. Guys naturally love ease. Already, they have to grind and hustle to provide for their families. As such, they don’t want to go home to personal problems.

This is why most guys usually turn to other girls as soon as they have issues with their women. After learning the truth about his relationship, ask him what problems led him into your arms. He will easily tell you both truths and lies, just to justify his actions. 

3. He isn’t getting good sex from his girlfriend

Guys who enjoy regular and good sex are more prone to cheat than guys who can stay celibate for a while. If he wasn’t getting good sex constantly from his girlfriend, he will have no problem getting a side chick. Guys who cannot control their sexual urges do not last long in faithful relationships. 

Except for open relationships where there’s no cheating, you shouldn’t stay with a guy who sees no problem with sleeping with someone else other than his girlfriend. The moment you learn he cheated on someone with you, break up with him.

4. He is so selfish

One of the reasons why a guy cheats is selfishness. A guy who doesn’t care about how his behavior will hurt his girlfriend is simply selfish. Such a guy doesn’t deserve more than one second chance either. Most such guys stop feeling regret after their second time cheating.

Some even accept that they cannot change, so they don’t stop cheating. If you have been observant, you will discover other selfish traits he possesses. You should break up with this kind of guy immediately after you know about his girlfriend. 

5. He is a serial cheater

A serial cheater jumps from one woman to another. He is the kind of man who can easily charm the pants off any girl because he has mastered the art of lying and seduction. If you had fallen in love with him before knowing about his girlfriend, it might take a while to get over the hurt. 

Just like his girlfriend you will feel cheated, but also battle with guilt. Break up with him no matter how hard it is. In the long run, you’ll feel better about your decision. 

6. His relationship just passed the honeymoon phase

Guys are mostly thrilled by the hunt for a new girl. After they get her, their interest is reduced and they start looking for fresh prey. At the beginning of the relationship, they are sweet, attentive, and respectful. The moment the honeymoon phase passes, they grow bored. As such, you’re simply a new prey or a distraction. 

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If you’re a new prey, the guy would probably dump his girlfriend for you. If you’re a distraction, he will keep you a secret. Either way, you’re at a disadvantage because he will still leave you. You should leave him first.

7. He is an immature person

Men can act like boys when they aren’t ready to settle down. They confidently flirt from one girl to another because they don’t promise commitment. When an immature man stays with one woman far longer than he intended, he starts itching to cheat.

Falling into the hands of a man who is simply not ready to be in a committed relationship can be hurtful. Such a guy acts like the perfect gentleman. He is so easy to talk to, and you think you’ve found ‘the one’. However, it will be wise to let him go just as he easily entered your life.

8. He thinks he can get away with it

he thinks he can get away with it

Some guys cheat just because they think they can get away with it. They have done it so many times, so they have enough practice. They no longer see it as a bad thing to do. They consider cheating a game they play to increase the number of women they sleep with. 

These kinds of men don’t deserve to be heard, not to mention being given another chance. If he makes excuses while trying to explain his actions, kick him out immediately. 

9. He will always be a cheater

A man who finds it easy to cheat with someone else more than once is always a cheater in other relationships. It would be best if such men avoid committed relationships but they know most women need the promise of commitment. And so, such a man will play along just to get the girl.

He will give her the idea that she is the only one for him until he finds another woman who intrigues him. Such men are the reason many women are afraid to easily trust or respect other men. It can be painful being the other person, but it is better to move on from that bad experience. 

10. You can’t trust him

The worst thing you can do after learning about the other girlfriend would be to trust the cheating guy you’ve been dating. No matter what he says, don’t believe his proclamation of love. 

Regardless of how convincing he seems while talking, disregard everything he says until he breaks off his relationship with his girlfriend. 

Even then, there is no guarantee that he will be faithful to you. He can explain his reason for cheating all day, there’s no excuse for doing so. If you do decide to stay with him after his relationship ends, you should keep an open mind that he can leave at any time. That way, you’re not hurt or surprised when he does. 

11. You are an easy lay

If it was easy for him to get your attention, and acceptance, it will be even easier for him to get you into bed. As such, his excuse for cheating would be that you were an easy lay. Rather than blame yourself for having a healthy sex life, fault him for being an unfaithful man.

Most men complain that women play hard to get. When they find one who is willing to accept them without stress, they still label her as easy. This is a silly thing to do and that silliness is on such men. Therefore, let him go and do so with a mind free of any guilt.

12. He is seeking the validation he lacks in his relationship

Generally speaking, men are confident beings. Some are downright cocky and full of themselves. However, even the most confident man seeks validation in some aspects of his life. For some, it is their career, for others, their sexual prowess. 

Some men even cheat because they feel deprived of affection. They want to know if they are undeserving of a woman’s affection or if their partner is incapable of expressing it. Whatever the reason for seeking validation, it is not enough reason to cheat on his girlfriend with you.

If he felt affection or sex-deprived, the right thing would be to break up with his girlfriend, then pursue you without any attachments. As such, get rid of him first before considering giving him another chance.

13. You are an excuse for him to end his relationship

Cheating men are cowards. There’s hardly any other way to see it. If a man is confident enough to pursue the interest of a woman till he gets her, he should have the same courage to tell her it’s over. Instead of going behind her back to cheat on her, why not say it to her face?

He knows that once his woman finds out he’s been cheating, she will end things. That is a coward's way out and you shouldn’t be with such a spineless man. Breaking up with him before he repeats the same pattern with you is best.

14. He might like or even love you

As irritating and dishonest as this fact can be, a guy could cheat on his girlfriend with you because he likes you. If he has been unhappy in his relationship, he would do what most men do; seek happiness in the arms of another woman. Something as simple as making him laugh can make a guy want to spend more time with you. 

From harmless hangouts, sparks will fly and then both of you are having sex. If he falls in love with you, he will want you to do the same before telling you about his other relationship. It is a dirty trick and you shouldn’t stay with him after knowing the truth.

15. The relationship will be full of troubles

Dishonesty is a wrong start for relationships, and it breeds mistrust which sets the tone for the future. If you decide to stick with him after discovering his other girlfriend, be ready for the unpleasantness that can follow. 

Starting a relationship based on lies doesn’t usually end well. Real life isn’t like the romcoms you watch where people lie so other people can fall in love with.

You won’t be forgetting that he lied to be with you anytime soon. As such, be ready for the possibility that the relationship won’t be all that peaceful. The question is, why stay in a relationship that might leave you unhappy?

16. Your self-esteem will take a blow

your self esteem will take a blow

One of the things you can expect to feel after learning that you’re the other woman is shame. Shame makes a dent in your self-esteem and you feel used. You even feel like a spare part people reach out for when they cannot afford new parts of a car. That feeling is not good for you or future relationships. 

The guy would probably go back to his main woman or move on to another person, while you battle with feelings of hurt, guilt, shame, hatred, and battered confidence. You might need to work on your feelings by seeing a therapist. You can also talk to a friend. 

17. He is only after the thrill of cheating

Some men need no reason to cheat. They just do it because they can. They think they are God’s gift to women, so why should they stay with just one? These are one of the worst kinds of cheaters because they cheat with no thought of repercussions. 

Such men are slick and easily apologetic. They won’t ask for a second chance because they don’t expect it. Such a double-whammy experience can leave you broken for a while. It is better if you confide in someone you trust rather than going through the recovery process alone.

18. You’re the next victim waiting to happen

You aren’t in a better position than his ex. You might seem like the winner of his heart and attention right now, but what happens when he finds another love interest to cheat with? You guessed right, he will leave you in the dust!

He might make it sound like you are the real deal, not his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, but that’s not true. He might still be believable if he admits his behavior was shitty and he means to do better. However, don’t imagine that you can’t be a victim waiting to happen soon. 

19. Love is never enough

Love wasn’t enough reason for him to stay committed to his woman. It is not enough reason for you to hold on to a relationship with someone who cheats easily. His claim of love for you is certainly not enough to believe he will stay faithful to you. He didn’t respect his girlfriend by cheating on her. He wasn’t honest by dating you while in another relationship either.

Why believe that he will be faithful or respect you now just because he said he loves you? It might hurt, but you should let him go. 


Can a man cheat and still love his girlfriend?

Yes, a man can cheat and still believe himself to be in love with his woman. However, love isn’t complete without faithfulness.

How do guys feel after cheating on their girlfriend?

Some feel remorseful while others just take it in a stride. The remorseful guy might confess or make sure he doesn’t cheat again. The carefree one just ensures he is not caught.

Why do guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends?

Some guys cheat on the most beautiful women because they are selfish, lack control, and simply immature. Some do it because their girlfriends lack other character traits that make a woman attractive.

How do you tell if a guy is cheating on his girlfriend with you?

He will avoid taking you to his house. He will prevent you from touching his phone. He won’t introduce you to his closest friends. You certainly won’t meet his family because someone will slip that you and another woman are being cheated on.

Should you forgive a cheater?

You can forgive a man who cheated on you, but you don’t have to get back with him. If he is your husband, you might be obligated to make your marriage work. If he’s merely a boyfriend, you’re not under any such obligations.

In Conclusion

Being the third party in a serious relationship is embarrassing, shameful, and painful. Discovering it when you’ve become invested in the idea of a relationship with the guy is even more devastating. However, the ball is in your court when you learn the reality. It is best if you choose to run away with your sanity intact before allowing him to do more damage to your heart.

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