Exhausting Signs A Cheating Ex Wants You Back

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Are you a victim of cheating? 

Are you thinking about giving your unfaithful boyfriend a second chance?

Maybe you’re not sure how he feels about you these days?

If so, keep reading this guide. It reveals the most common signs that your unfaithful ex-boyfriend is trying to weasel his way back into your life. 

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Read on for my list of signs that he wants to try again with you.


Signs Your Cheating Ex Wants You Back - Will He Cheat Again?

signs your cheating ex wants you back will he cheat again

Love life doesn't always go the way we wish. The betrayals, broken promises, and misunderstanding can sometimes get in the way. You thought your boyfriend was loyal until you caught him going out with someone else. The relationship you two had built had to come to an end. Now when you've already had enough of him messing in your life, he comes back. Thinking of how much he had hurt you by cheating with somebody else, his comeback seems like a joke. Doesn't it piss you off to see him again after what he did? The worse thing is he acts like there's still something between you and him.

Letting him again into your life isn't an easy thing, so don't be fool for the second time. Get to know exactly what he means by coming back into you after he betrayed you. This time you shouldn't easily be a fool for fake love. Pay attention to his attitude and you will see if he wants to get back with you or he just likes to play with your heart. These Signs a Cheating Ex Wants You Back will help you find the meaning behind his comeback.

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1. He Regrets That He Used To Hurt You

The moment you caught him cheating was never a good thing to remember about. It hurt so bad that the one you had trusted turned out to be the one who broke the promises. You were so disappointed cause he couldn't keep his love for you only and still looked for another girl. He was definitely doing a ruthless thing to betray your love. By the time you two meet again, he tells you how much he regrets that he hurt you. One of the signs a cheating ex wants you back has been confirmed.

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2. He Confesses That It Was Such A Big Mistake To Cheat On You

You were wondering why he cheated on you when you already tried your best to treat him right and make him comfortable. You tried to accept the truth that maybe you made him bored so he looked for someone new. When you see him again after the break up, he confesses that he never meant to cheat on you and it was a big mistake that he wishes he never did that to you.

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3. He Says That He Has Changed Into A Better Person

Realizing that he has been such a jerk to ever hurt you and betray you, he wanted to change into someone better. He wants you to see if he has changed so you will not have to hate him anymore. When you stop hating on him for cheating in you, there are bigger chances for you to open your heart to him. That's possibly what he intended to. Your suspicion that he wants you back grows bigger here.

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4. He Promises He Will Never Betray You Again

Since he claims that he has changed into a better person, he wants to make you believe that he won't do those things he did to you again. If he promises that he won't hurt you again, the possibility is that he wants you to give him a second chance. A cheating ex who wants you back will try to gain your trust back so he can start all over again.

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5. He Misses Those Days When You Two Were Still Together

He brings back the memories of you and him to reminds you that you two were so great together. The main reason he does this is he wants to make you believe that he still got the same feeling just like when you two were still a thing. You have to see if he tries to steal your heart again by telling you that he can't forget all the good things you two had before.

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6. He Calls You Every Time

he calls you every time

Winning your heart back again after hurting you isn't easy. If he really wants you back, he won't let the chance slips away. He will not let you go easily, so he keeps contacting you.

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7. He Keeps Coming After You

To show you how much he needs you, he does whatever it takes to reach you out. He wants to prove you that he really meant it when he says he still has feelings for you. Let's find out more signs a cheating ex wants you back when literally hate them now.

8. He Does Something He Failed To Do When He Was Your Man

Although you don't seem to let him in again, he hasn't given up. To make you believe that he's for real, he proves you that he really still cares about you. When he was still your man, there were some things he failed to do. Now when he comes back again, he turns into someone you really needed. For examples, he quits smoking when couldn't while he was still dating you.

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9. He Realizes That You're The One He Needs

Now that he has told you that he still feels the same about you, he tries to let you know that you're the one he needs, not the girl he cheated on you with. He wants you to know that he was better when you're still with him.

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10. He Thinks That You Look Prettier

He acts sweeter than he did before. To flutter your heart over again, he compliments you that you look prettier. Through the way he looks at you, you can see if he wants to make you fall for him again. Making you fall for him again is a clear sign a cheating ex wants you back that you should be careful of.

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11. He Confesses That Breaking Up With You Is A Mistake

He wants you to know that he's not over you and it was a mistake to broke up with you. This way, he wants to show that he still wants to be in a relationship with you.

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12. He Gives You Something He Never Gave You Before

he gives you something he never gave you before

Another effort to take back your attention is by giving you what he couldn't before. If he used to be so busy and barely made time for you, now he tries to be there for you always. He buys you your favorite food, dress, cosmetic, or anything that he couldn't give before.

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13. He Texts You All The Time

To show you that he cares about you, whenever possible he asks you how your day was, asks you what you're gonna do, reminds you to eat, or just to say goodnight and good morning. Huh, there are many signs a cheating Ex wants you back when you don't need them anymore.

14. "I Am Sorry" 

You can even see in his eyes that he felt guilty for breaking your heart. This is his number one way to come into your life again. He feels sorry about what he did so you can forgive him and let him back in. When he has gained your forgiveness, it will be easy for him to connect with you all over again.

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15. He Made That Act Again

Most of all, he tried to make it feel like it's his fault that he cheated, not because you made him bored. By making you understand that it was never your fault that he cheated, it will be easier for him to make you feel like you're still the one to be wanted. This supports his guilty feeling for betraying you.

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Ways To Know If Your Ex Wants You Back

ways to know if your ex wants you back

There are few ways to tell if your cheating ex wants you back. You need to be careful to see if he's sincere or he will hurt you again.

1. Ask Him About His New Girlfriend

You may want to know what is up with that chick he was having affair with.

2. Tell Him About Your New Love Interest

See his reaction when you tell him that you're seeing somebody.

3. Remind Him Of Those Things You Two Had Before

When you remind him those things you two had before, see if he still remembers the details or he just wants to gain respect for not forgetting them.

4. Tell Him How Hurt It Was To Know That He Cheated On You

After all he did to you, he should know that it hurt you so bad and you have the reason to hate him.

5. Ignore Him

If the pain isn't really gone yet, you better ignore him to see if he tries to reach you or not.

6. Make Him Jealous

You deserve to be with someone else better and you should let him know how you're much happier when you're not with him.

7. Play Hard To Get

If he really wants you back, he will do whatever to steal your heart right back again.

8. Tell Him That You're Over Him

You should be strong enough to say that you don't have any feeling for him anymore and you will see what would he do knowing that you're over him already.


Those are signs a cheating Ex wants you back that you should be aware about. Although he has realized that he was wrong and asked for your apology, you shouldn't just let him into your life again. Nobody can guarantee that he won't do the same mistake again. Remember if it could happen once, then it could happen twice. There's no denying that the fact he cheated on you has given you the trust issues. That doesn't mean that you can trust somebody else. All you have to do is be careful and don't stumble upon the same rock.

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