21 Unknown Signs Of A Sagittarius Man Cheating On You

by Michelle Devani

Are you scared about a Sagittarius being unfaithful? 

Perhaps he’s losing interest in you, and you sense there’s another woman on the scene? If so, this is the best guide for you.

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Top Signs Of A Sagittarius Man Cheating

A Sagittarius man enjoys experimenting new things and relationships in their life as they are notorious for their keenness on spontaneity. In fact, they’re the sign most likely to cheat on their significant other. It does take a lot for a Sagittarius man to commit to one woman, and it’s pretty easy to spot the signs.

First he showed the Signs that A Sagittarius Guy Likes You. Now, you wonder about the signs of a Sagittarius man cheating?

1. He Suddenly Alters His Appearance

Be it a sudden change in clothing taste or a drastic hair makeover, he gets it without you knowing or giving a logical reason. This might be a signs of a Sagittarius man cheating as the reason behind it is another woman you probably don’t know of. A man who dresses when he wants to impress girls may show the Signs of a Man Who is a Player.

2. Unexplainable Charges On Your Credit Card

unexplainable charges on your credit card

3. He Doesn’t Dress Up For You

Whenever you go out on dates, he never cares to dress to impress you anymore. But he takes the time to look clean-shaven and nice before going out with his ‘drinking buddies’ or ‘colleagues’. In short, he wants to look his best for other people, not you.

When the monthly bill arrives, you notice weird charges on your credit card. Like flowers you never received or Uber rides to locations you’ve never heard of.

4. He Bails On You For His ‘Guy Friends’

Back in the days, you had always been his number one priority. But lately he’s been cancelling dinners with you and putting off date nights to go out with his unnamed guy friends. Who may or may not exist.

5. He Randomly Bursts into Anger

Is he angry and irritated more often than he used to be, as well as more volatile? That may be guilt eating him up. He may feel a sense of guilt for cheating on you, but he’s not brave enough to tell you the truth.

6. He Tries to Get You to Change

Whether it’s an annoying habit or the way you dress, he’s constantly trying to convince you to change the things that he once thought were sweet and quirky. Maybe he wants to make you resemble her, so that he can stop cheating on you when you’re more to his preferences now.

7. He Becomes Excessively Nice

Contrary to the previous signs, a Sagittarius man might also treat you with extra care when he’s cheating. He buys you brand-new things and compliments you all the time. Sometimes having an affair just boosts a man’s overall mood, or maybe it’s the guilt and he is sub-consciously trying to make it up to you.

8. His Friend Warns You

Because a Sagittarius man is often infamous for his affinity to one-night stands and summer flings, his friend is probably used to his infidelity. They might also want to protect your feelings by warning you of his late night rendezvous.

9. He Slacks Off At Work

he slacks off at work

If it’s unlikely for him to slack off at work but does anyway, there’s probably a unique reason for that. Like a secret woman he’s been seeing during work hours when he should be on his office desk.

10. He Daydreams A Lot

You often notice him being lost in thoughts and looking out the window of your dining room. There’s a slight chance that he is showing a signs of a Sagittarius man cheating, because he might be dreaming about the next time he can see his secret lover. 

11. He’s Not Present In The Conversation

And when the two of you are talking, you feel that his eyes are not focused and his mind is always elsewhere. It’s probably because he’s not into making small talks with you anymore. He’s thinking about her instead of you.

12. He Picks Up Drinking And Smoking

Naturally this doesn’t count if he’s always been a drinker and smoker. But if he suddenly picks up these bad habits, you have the right to wonder where he learned it from. Perhaps a woman unbeknownst to you who has been seducing him into those nasty stuff, slowly working her way into him that he dares cheat on you.

13. You Can’t Unlock His Phone Anymore

He used to be open about his phone, email and Facebook passwords, but is suddenly secretive about it. Worse of all, he refuses to type in the passcode and unlock his phone for you. It might be worth looking into as he’s probably hiding something you’re not supposed to know about.

14. He Stops Noticing You

He doesn’t notice the new lingerie you bought, or even the new hairstyle you’ve been wearing every day. It’s like he doesn’t care enough anymore to notice the small changes and details which he used to point out all the time. This might be because his attention is occupied by somebody else, a different woman perhaps, entirely.

15. He Doesn’t Want To Have Sex

he doesn't want to have sex

Another telling signs of a Sagittarius man cheating is his avoidance of physical intimacy. For the first few times, his excuses might seem reasonable and normal. But after some time he stops sounding sensible and flatly refuses to go to bed with you.

16. Your Intuition Tells You So

Your intuition can’t pinpoint the physical evidence or convey clearly what it is saying. But your intuition doesn’t want you to stay with this man and is screaming at you that he’s cheating. It gathers up from the numerous subtle clues that can’t exactly be substantiated. 

Tips On What To Do When A Sagittarius Man Is Cheating

After knowing the signs of a Sagittarius man cheating, now what you need to do:

1. Give Hints That You Know

Sometimes a Sagittarius man cheats because he thinks he can get away with it. Don’t let him. Drop clues that like the Signs Your Wife Knows You’re Cheating. Once he realizes this, he may admit his mistakes and you might be able to work it out better.

2. Outright Confront Him

Or else, you can confront him and outright tell him that you know. If you catch him off guard this way, he won’t be able to make the excuses to cover up his lies.

3. Talk It Out

The next thing you can do is talk it out. You have the right to be angry, but don’t let emotions cloud your rationality when it comes to talking it out. You two need to be able to reason and judge well in order to figure out what’s next for your relationship. You may also have stopped showing the Signs She Cares.

4. Get To The Root Of The Problem

get to the root of the problem

Once you’re in calm conversation, find out the root of the problem and what drove your man to cheat in the first place. Once you do, it’ll be easier to determine what would be best for the two of you: whether you should stay together or not.

5. Take A Break From Each Other

Another alternative is to for each of you to get some space. Take a break from the relationship and clear your head, maybe then you’ll be able to determine if he is the right man for you.

After reading these signs of a Sagittarius man cheating, does it confirm or negate your suspicions? Furthermore, you may also want to recognize the Signs of Wife Having an Affair.

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