What To Do When Your Boyfriend Has Feelings For Someone Else? Check Out This Love Tips

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We all know that relationship issues are usually quite complicated. Being able to change your status from single into couple is just the start. Along the way, a lot of things might happen. Perhaps it’s your mother not approving your relationship to get any serious.

Most of the time, it’s the love that’s not strong enough that it faded along the way. Of course when such thing happen, you need to know what to do when your boyfriend has feelings for someone else. On top of that, take a peek on few signs that his feeling is not just for you anymore:


1. He Seems Distracted

When a guy has feelings for someone else, you’ll know that by the way he acts around you. If he seems like distracted and can’t fully concentrate, it might be because of that other girl that’s lingering around his mind. It can also happen because he’s busy with work and stressed out, though.

2. He Changes

he changes

If a guy changes drastically, something is wrong with him. It can also because of other matters. But we can’t deny that there should be particular reason that cause him to change.

3. He Starts Getting Secretive

Privacy surely matters even among couple. But, when he’s getting lot more secretive, then perhaps he got something to hide. This is one of most obvious signs of a cheating partner in a relationship that you could easily spot.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Has Feelings For Someone Else

Just knowing that he has feeling for someone else isn’t enough. Of course to then go on with your relationship you need to solve your problems first. You need to know every answer to the question what to do when your boyfriend has feelings for someone else when you want your relationship to then go on properly. Here are few things that you need to do in such situations:

1. Pay Close Attention

When you’re suspecting something from him, you can try to pay closer attention to him. Make sure that you’re observing him right, not just suspecting out of nothing.

This helps you to avoid being so negative when all that he’s thinking about is work. Of course you wouldn’t want this to happen. Before even doing anything on the list of what to do when your boyfriend has feelings for someone else, this step is very important.

2. Ask Him Directly

ask him directly

Communication is everything when it comes to relationship. Sometimes you might be wondering if your boyfriend flirts with another girl is it cheating? Suspecting one and another and making assumptions will never help your relationship to get any better.

You’d better know directly from him rather than ending with wrong assumptions. When the time is right and the atmosphere is also good, you should think of the proper way of asking him without offending him.

3. Make Your Statement

Of course no one would want this to happen, but if it turns out that he’s really falling for someone else, then you gotta do something about it. Make sure you spell out your statement through things to say to your boyfriend who cheated on you .

You know what you want, don’t keep it to yourself. Most girls wouldn’t want her guy to share his love with another girl. Let him know that you’re not okay with what he’s doing. This will remind him once more that the choice is in his hand.

4. Make The Decision

If he doesn’t want to let go of his significance other, then you gotta let go of him. Of course you’d hate it if your boyfriend takes you for granted.

It might hurts you, but it’s still better than having him not respecting on you at all as a woman. Let him go. No matter how deep is your love for him, if he had chosen to love someone else, it’s worth nothing to keep on going together.

5. Let Go

It’s not enough for you just to say it out loud to him that you want this relationship to end. Your heart need to let go first so that when you said it, you won’t regret it any longer.

Let go of him, he’s no good for you. Keep in mind that you’ve had enough joy and happiness when he’s yours. Now, it’s time to let him do what he wants and go wherever he desires.
If you're wondering about what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend , this point could be a great answer too.

6. Let Go And Move On

let go and move on

No points in holding on someone who doesn’t respect nor think of you. Move on with live. You know you’ll find someone better than him, someone who loves only you. It might be hard at first, but give yourself some time and you’ll find it’s easy to move on.

It’s not like you have to erase him from your memories, keep him there for he has given you precious lesson in life. However, don’t hold on him anymore. Find anything you can do about how to forgive your cheating boyfriend and a little tips on how to move on.

Dealing with relationship issues sometimes sucks because there are too many options and factors that could affect your decision. Sometimes we tend to compromise a little bit too much simply because we don’t want to lose this guy. However, that’s not what to do when your boyfriend has feelings for someone else.

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