What to Do When Your Boyfriend Cheats on You With Your Best Friend

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Are you have a problem like this, what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend? It is a serious problem. Why your boyfriend has a crush on your best friends? Well, let’s see these following reasons first.

1. Always hang out together

You, your boyfriend and your best friend always hang out together. Well, this is good but it could be worse too. Love can pop up anywhere even around the friendship, is it right?

2. There is a feeling

You three always together, even your best friend have a little feeling with your boyfriend. Perhaps your boyfriend sees in her too. Then, there are some ways to ignore someone without hurting their feelings.

3. Let your boyfriend with your best friend

There is a time when you busy, your boyfriend meets your best friend privately. This is how love is created.

4. Your boyfriend talks a lot about her

So, your boyfriend knows about your best friend lots. Someday, when he walks with you he talks about her lots. What are you thinking about this?

5. Stay together

Stay together both you three, well it seems beautiful friendships. However, we don’t know how everybody’s feeling right?

6. Your best friend's personality

She is not also beautiful, even she is a smart one. These things that make your boyfriend like her lots.

7.  The same feeling

Both your boyfriend and your best friend have the same feeling. You feel that too, that they are falling in love, right?
Moreover, you can see more some signs your best friend is cheating with your husband.


Signs that he cheats on your best friend

1. The status

Let’s see how is the status of your best friend. Is she single or she already break up with her boyfriend? You should make sure about that.

2. Sweet complimentary

Wow, you are lucky to have a handsome guy like him, your best friend’s said. This is a sweet complimentary but it has a meaning behind this.

3. Your boyfriend act weird

You look at your boyfriend’s act, it seems he acts weird when he sees you and when he sees your best friend. Moreover, see some ways to make your crush fall in love with you.

4. He looks nervous

You caught him when he talks to your best friends. When you ask him, what both are you talking about? He looks so nervous when he wants to answer your question.

5. He hides his phone

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It is very weird, he never hides his phone. But now, when you want to pick his phone up. He forbids you to do that.

6. Make a password

So, if he is an honest person he does not to make any password and hides his phone away from you. It makes you curious, right?

What to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend

After you see the reasons and also the signs, so what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend? Before we turn into the first rule, one thing that you should do. Please control your emotion first and keep it calm.

1. Investigate the truth

You hear gossip from your friends that your girlfriend is dating your own best friend. The first thing you have to do is first investigate the truth, it could just be air gossip.

2. Find out information from other friends

When you hear about the gossip,  find out accurate information from a friend from your girlfriend, try asking him or her.

3. Prepare a plan

If you have strong evidence that your boyfriend is cheating, remember do not to do something stupid. You better prepare a plan with your friend. It is to prove whether does he really cheated on you?

4. Invite them to dinner

You can invite them to a dinner together, even though you know what really happened. Stay still and behave as usual. Stick on your plan and focus.

5. Prepare one person to supervise

Next, prepare one or two of your friends and tell them to disguise themselves, their job here is to monitor whether is there a cheated between your boyfriend and your best friend?

6. Hidden camera

You can use the hidden camera to help you and you can also save your prove accurate.

7. Take time to talk with them

Take the time and invite them to meet at a cafe or restaurant, just say what is the point is, why you invite them to gather at the cafe.

8. Ask for clarity

In here, you can provide proof and ask for clarity both for your boyfriend or your own best friend. If one of them get angry or leaves, leave it alone. This is clear that your boyfriend having an affair with your own best friend. Maybe you could see some tips on how to get what you want from a man without asking.

9. Asks your boyfriend

Go and ask your boyfriend if he chose you or your best friend. In here, you have to prepare be strong. Besides, you can try to do these tips on how to make your boyfriend jealous and want you more.

10. Leave it or stands with this relationship

If you feel betrayed by your girlfriend and you want to separate, leave it. However, if you want to keep it, fight for it. The choice is in yours.

Hopefully the above on what to do when your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend could be useful for you. Do not panic, if you hear or see that he was cheated behind you. Stay watch him, and you can start to make a plan. You can discuss with your other friends to discuss this. Keep your heart strong, and do what you must do.

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