Why Is My Scorpio Man Trying To Make Me Jealous

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It might sometimes happen that why is my Scorpio man trying to make me jealous. Whether through having conversation with another girl, or by telling you that somebody else crush on her. There are many ways to created that shows he try to look for how to make gemini girl jealous. Of course, there will be several reasons behind it. If you want to know further, just check below some reasons and tips on why is my Scorpio man trying to make me jealous.


Reason Why Is My Scorpio Man Trying To Make Me Jealous

There are several reasons of a man making his mate feel jealous. Some man were only checking, but some man might get serious on this. Therefore, check below several reasons on this issue.

1. Looking For Reaction

It can absolutely conclude that he is looking for a reaction. He wants to know what is your act when he chat with other girls. He needs to make sure any signs your hookup has feelings for you or what is your following step after finding that he is in deep communication with other girl. Therefore, he can make conclusion whether you loves him or not, or whether you ready to be serious with him or not. This is important for you to define your step when see him trying to make you jealous. Hence, think it carefully about your want.

2. Doubting Your Love

doubting your love

He might feel doubt about you. He might find you with another guy and feeling that his chance with you may decrease. This is why he try to see your response when he went out with other girls. He might needs to know whether you okay with it or give complaint. Therefore, it will be better to act wisely, mainly if you feel that you love him and want to be with him for longer time. It is suggested you talk with him not to do this anymore and convince your relationship with him.

3. Dig Your Feeling

Another reasons on why is my Scorpio man trying to make me jealous is that because he wants to know whether you will show signs of a friendzone with him or not. He can not ask you directly and hard to believe what you say. Therefore, he needs actual act from you when seeing him with other girls. Through your reaction, it will help him to understand whether you want to be with him or not. This is why it is important to show that you are jealous with the situation and wish that he don't repeat it again.

4. Feeling Insecure

If a man try to make you jealous, he might also feel insecure with you. He might find you chat another guy or hang out with other man that interest with you. If this happen, then you need to decide whether you want to stay with him or not. If you wish to get close with your Scorpio man, the best is to explain to him that other man means nothing to you. Try to let him feel that you love him so much.

5. Get More Serious

get more serious

When he try to jealous you, he might want to say that he wants to keep you in a serious relationship by choosing you rather than other woman. If this the case, then you can straight away mention that you want to be in serious relationship with him. It might also a sign that he wants you to engage with him.

Tips To Make Your Scorpio Man Loving You

There are several things to do to convince your Scorpio man that you loves him so much. Therefore, there will be no reasons of trying on how to make your crush jealous on snapchat. To deal with it, try to follow this tips.

  • Convince him that you love him so much. Have a deep conversation or go for a date and tell what your feeling. This will make him understand that what he done is make you feel not comfort and he doesn't need to do it again.
  • Tease him and seduce him, when he feel romantic with you he can confident that you love him so much.

Those are several explanations on why is my Scorpio man trying to make me jealous. It is something common that you will react and show on why do I get upset when my boyfriend goes out with his friend. Of course, a man needs to know your reaction when he try to make you jealous. However, the point is that he wants to make sure that you are still in love with him. Therefore, never feel doubt to say it to him. Mention that you are not comfort with his act and get him believe that he's the only man you love.

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