This Is How To Make Gemini Girl Jealous

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Are you currently having a crush on a Gemini woman and been wanting to make her jealous? Or you want to revive the feelings in your relationship by making your Gemini woman a little jealous? Gemini woman are known to loves variety in a relationship, so a stable and platonic relationship might make her easier to leave.


How To Make Gemini Girl Jealous

In order to get your Gemini woman, or keep your Gemini woman, you first have to know what makes a Gemini woman jealous. If you want to get a control over her heart or add some spice to your relationship, here are some things you can do on how to make a Gemini women jealous!

1. Show That You Can Be Happy With Others

show that you can be happy with others

Often times, Gemini woman’s jealousy comes from her own guilt and thoughts. Being the reflective and introspective sign, Gemini woman can rethink about her action and words.

By giving a glimpse that you can also be happy, or happier with others, they can get jealous thinking that they can be replaced. This can result in a healthy jealousy feeling, as it can encourage your Gemini woman to treat you better. You may also know the ways on how to make and keep your Gemini woman happy and interested.

2. Lessen Communication With Her

With its intelligent mind, Gemini woman constantly needs stimulation of the mind, and communication is essential. When you don’t talk to her as much as you used to be, your Gemini woman can get worried and jealous, because it gives her the impression that you are talking to anyone else but her. But, aside from that you also need to know how to tell if a Gemini has lost interest in you and want to leave.

Be mysterious and unpredictable, as lack of information can also trigger jealousy. For example, if she catches you being with a friend that you never talk about, she may become jealous as she doesn’t know anything about this friend. Your Gemini woman’s imagination can run wild when she lacks information, and it can cause her to invent new ideas that threaten her.
Under this reason, you will understand the reasons why you will never forget a Gemini woman.

3. Flirt With Someone Else

Gemini woman likes to be the center of attention, and be the only woman that you love and take care of. Just like any other woman, another way on how to make a Gemini woman jealous is by flirting with someone else.

When you start flirting with others, she can start to pick the sign that she is no longer the only one that get your attention, and this can trigger her jealousy. She can also sense the possibility of you moving on from her with someone else, making her feel jealous and want to keep you as hers. Also know about reasons why Gemini is simply the best 

4. Spend Less Time With Her

Gemini don’t always know how they feel, so you might need to spend less time with her in order for her to feel how precious you are to her. Be it with a new hobby, by playing games, or hanging out with others, spending less time with your Gemini woman can provoke her possessive nature.

Being a possessive sign, Gemini may expect you to be there with her at all times, and can get jealous when you are not doing so. If you don't spend enough time with your Gemini woman, her connection with you can deteriorates. As this connection gets less-strong, your Gemini woman may become more insecure in the relationship. This insecurity will manifest itself as jealousy.

5. Talk About Other Person In Front Of Her

Gemini woman loves it when you’re focusing on her and her only. If she noticed that you’ve been focusing and talking about other person repeatedly, and choose to avoid the conversation or change the subject of discussion, then you have managed to make her jealous.

Jealousy can also happened from her side, when she notices that people talk about you, or noticing that you are likable. Gemini woman will notice that she is not the only one who wants you, and therefore can become even more jealous. As an example, try to talk about other person, and share to your Gemini woman what this other person talk or feel about you.

6. Be Less Affectionate

be less affectionate

Even if your Gemini woman doesn’t catch you with another woman, when you’re being less affectionate Gemini woman would start being insecure. This could develop further into jealousy, as when you become less affectionate, Gemini woman can think that something or someone may distract you from giving her the attention that she usually receives.

Gemini woman also hates overly clingy mate, so you being less affectionate would trigger her into wanting to keep you more, and therefore she is more prone to feeling jealous.

7. Keep Her On Her Toes

When a Gemini woman plans to open up to someone special, she would be careful not to get deceived or hurt. Gemini’s duality makes her need constant attention and care, as well as constant stimulation and something that constantly tick her interest.

By being alert about you, and keeping her interested about you, it would be easier to make her jealous. If you can make her jealous, you are on the right track on getting your Gemini woman!

So those are some of the things that you can do on how to make a Gemini woman jealous. If she gets jealous when you’re in a relationship with her, it can mean that she is already attached and have the same feelings towards you. Though Gemini woman can be loyal, they also need to have some spice on their relationship, as they can fall in and out of love easily.

By tugging at her feelings a little bit and making her jealous, you can keep the relationship going without her getting bored. Being jealous can also makes your Gemini woman realize how important you are to her, and she can be more considerate and loving towards you.
You can also learn more about Gemini by the articles that we provided here such as signs a Gemini woman is jealous with you and conflicts small things sometimes.

All in all, how to make gemini girl jealous, jealousy can help two partners respect one another even more, but you need to keep it under control and not too much in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Make sure you don’t do anything that you might regret later, and hopefully by doing all these things it will end the way you want your relationship to be. Good luck!

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