Can Friends Kiss Each Other On The Cheeks - The Romance Begins?

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Kiss on the cheek, this habit is the usual thing we do when we meet up with friends or family. However, do you know what is the reason your friends kissing on the cheek? Below are some of the reasons your friends can kiss one another on the cheek.


1. It Is Reasonable

Can friends kiss each other on the cheek? Fellow women when they meet and then do a kiss on the cheek is a reasonable thing in the social sphere.

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2. Very Familiar

very familiar

A person male or female best friends who love to kiss the cheek signifies that he was already very familiar to you. You and he is the best friend you've ever met.

3. Nostalgia

It is all ready for a long time about 5 years ago, we parted with him (friend). When met him to express nostalgia you ever kissed his cheek.

4. Dropping Your Child Off At School

Sometimes kissing cheeks do parents while they are delivering her son to school. Other than as an expression of affection to the child, in this Kiss also contains a prayer, "May you learn with a good dear." 

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5. At A Special Event

When is your birthday, You kiss the cheek of a second? This is an expression of you that your friends now is growing up.

6. Awards

Sometimes, when a college student (female) are awarded based on academic achievement. She (female teachers) kissing her on her cheek.

7. The Expression Of Love

A mother or father who kisses you on the cheek or his son. They showed that your parents love you so much.

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8. Falling In Love

You may be wondering, can friends kiss each other on the cheek? Different things if a guy kissing on your the cheek, girls. He kisses you on your cheek five seconds longer than that means? If he kisses you. This is actually a sign if he wants to show how he feels to you.

The Types Of Kisses

What does it mean? If he kisses you. This is actually a sign if she wanted to show how he feels to you. Below here are the meanings of a variety of kiss that he did to you. 

1. Forehead Kiss

If a man kisses your forehead, this can be two meanings. First, he is very fond of you and the second is the first signs of romance between the two of you.

2. Kiss On Hand

Like a prince who admires a princess, he kisses gently your backhand. It is very romantic.

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3. Kiss On Cheek

A guy who kissed your cheek, it means he says hello, I really crush on you, babe. This is the beginning of a romance.

4. Leave Mark

Some women really like this, when she kisses a loved one, she often leaves a lip mark on the cheeks, forehead or even the neck. That's why women like to wear red lipstick.

5. Air Kiss

air kiss

Air kiss is commonly a friendship gesture. It is not special ones, but this air kiss is very cute and special ones like the kiss on the cheek.

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6. Kiss On Angel

He is kissing you deeply on your eyelids. Especially this is the kiss on the angle. This kiss is very sweet. Sometimes mothers or father do this for their beloved kids to shows love.

7. Butterfly Kiss

He brings his face closer to you and touches your eyelashes. This is called a butterfly kiss. A kiss that shows intimacy between you and him.

8. Eskimo Kiss

You are rubbing your nose with him. This is another romantic way that he can show you. A little unique, but you can try to do this.

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9. Kiss On Lips

The subtle kiss on her lips clearly indicates that she really wants to take you inside him. Really this kiss has a deep meaning.

10. French Kiss

This kiss is not easy to do, it needs an emotion and a tongue action between you two. This French kiss is full kiss combine with full emotions and romantic. 

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Kiss On Your Cheeks Friend

Kissing a friend's cheek is of course allowed as long as your friend allows you to do so. Then, how to kiss the cheek of a friend? See below these are tips, then you will know how to do it.

1. Start On The Right

The first step when you want to kiss on the cheek of your friend, try to start it from the left cheek then kissed the right cheek.

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2. Balance It

Balance your body, before you kiss your friend's cheek.

3. Turn Your Head

Try to tilt your head slightly, so you can kiss your cheek properly. Remember, just relax.

4. Take Your Time

take your time

Let your lips stick to her cheeks for at least 2 or 3 seconds. The longer you kiss her this means you miss her a lot, is that right?

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5. No Make Any Sounds

It would be better if you did not make any noise when you kissed her cheek. Do not you feel this is a bit tacky?

6. You Can Repeat It

You can repeat doing this if you like, kissing her cheek. Remember do not do too much, girls.

7. Hugs Your Friend

To get closer, hug your friend when you kiss on both cheeks. Women usually do this often when they meet their friends.

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8. Be Gentle And Soft

Do it slowly and gently. Remember do not too hastily, girls.

9. Jumps On him

Suddenly, when you are happy, you can kiss on the cheek with a little jump. A tiny woman should do this.

10. Smiles

When you meet your friend, put a sweet smile on him. This proves that you are very happy to meet him.

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Hopefully, the can friends kiss each other on this cheek can give you an understanding of what the reason you are doing this kiss on cheeks to your friends? Can friends kiss each other on the cheek? What do you want to show (a feel) to him? Behind this review, we hope you can find the answer.

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