Ways On How To Kiss Someone On The Cheek Without It Being Awkward

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It is easy how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward, you must let go of your awkward's feeling. Someone could be awkward to kiss her cheek because he could be embarrassed or maybe because this is his first time. Below are some reasons why kissing someone on the cheek becomes awkward.


1. He Is Not Confident

Someone becomes awkward because he does not believe in himself. He fears that his actions would destroy his relationship with her.

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2. Nervous


He has a sense of confidence but he is nervous about when will he do it. Until finally he is waiting for a long time, and until the end, he didn't do anything. His chance will be gone.

3. Feels Inferior

Someone becomes awkward because he feels inferior, he feels it is inappropriate for him to do this with her.

4. It Is His First Time

Maybe he is the first person to fall in love, it is very awkward when will you do something more like to kiss on his girlfriend's cheek.

5. Feeling Uneasy

He felt restless and scared. He will bear the shame if he fails, but if not, he will never know whether she loves him or not. It is very uneasy.

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6. Feeling Uncomfortable

Something like kissing on the cheek is something easy. But for some people it makes them feel very uncomfortable. They are afraid that the woman they love will stay away from them.

7. He Is Not Sure

He was in doubt with his choice, do it or not? This is really a difficult decision. So, as a true man, you should have the courage to face the risk, is that right?

A Sign That He Wants To Kiss On Your Cheek

a sign that he wants to kiss on your cheek

Someone who wants to kiss his girlfriend on the cheek has the following signs below. Try to identify the signs and prove it, ladies.

1. Smell Your Perfume

The first thing that someone wants to kiss you, surely he has been enchanted by the scent of perfume that you used. Perfume scents such as vanilla, sandalwood, lavender, musk, orchid, and orange can enchant anyone who smells it.

2. He Touches You

Either it just touches your hand or hugs your waist. Someone certainly wants to kiss you.

3. He Approached You

Contact between your eyes and his eyes are very close, he is enchanted with your perfume that is attached to your body. Someone who approached you is planning to kiss you.

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4. He Becomes Quiet

A person becomes quiet can have many causes. One of them is thinking about how to kiss your cheek without making you feel uncomfortable. He's staring at you, ladies.

5. There Is A Pause While Talking

Have you ever feel this, while the conversation flowing, is there a pause between you two? Do you know what he thinks? He is waiting for the right time to kiss your cheek.

6. Praise Your Beauty

This method is very classic, maybe some women understand this code. Where a man seduces or praises a woman. He must want something, it is like kissing on your cheeks.

7. He Looks Awkward

The most visible thing if someone wants to kiss you, he's doing a very strange thing. He looks awkward in front of you. When you find this, try to convince him to make him calm down.

8. Final Decision

This final decision depends on the person, whether he wants to do it or not. This decision may also be decided by the woman. It could be that the woman wants you to kiss her cheek, nobody knows.

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Tips On How To Kiss Someone On The Cheek Without It Being Awkward

tips on how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward

So, how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward? Read these following steps. It will show you how to do it without making her feel uncomfortable.

1. Topics Of Conversation Between You Two

Make your conversation and she as interesting as possible. Make sure your topic can last long until finally, she laughs. This sort of thing has to be done so there is no sense of awkwardness for both of you.

2. A Supportive Atmosphere

Make sure the atmosphere supports you to kiss your lover. Choose a place that can be a place of privacy for both of you.

3. Express Your Feelings Sincerely

Just tell her if you really love her. Express your feelings sincerely and make sure, that you really love her so much. 

4. The Right Time

Time or moment must be precise. Do not kiss her when you are in a place that is too crowded and noisy. Your plans would fail to kiss on her cheek.

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5. Make Her Feeling Good

Make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible so you are not awkward. Spice up by using a bit of humor, singing her favorite songs, and even doing activities that you like are things that can make you and she feel comfortable.

6. Set The Position

Arrange your seating position or standing position if you want to kiss your lover. This preparation is important for a kiss on her cheeks.

7. Praise Her

Still, in the preparation stage, praise her. Tell her that she is very beautiful today. Additionally, that you really like the sweet smile that makes you always stunned.

8. Say Your Love To Her

There's nothing wrong with declaring to him back, "I love you." Look at her eyes and let them be silent for a few minutes.

9. Hold Her Hands

hold her hands

At this moment of the moment, you can hold tightly his hand. Say romantic things that can make his heart feel the love you feel, "I love you, I like you, I want we are together forever." 

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10. Kiss Right On Her Cheeks

The last step, kiss her forehead. Look at the expression on her face, if she smiles you can kiss her chubby's cheek. Do not forget to whisper this more to her, "I love you so much."

Hopefully, the tips on how to kiss someone on the cheek without it being awkward can make you confident to kiss your lover. The above steps are a safe way without making your lover offended. However, if she shows rejection codes, you better do not do it any further.

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