23 Unseen Signs Your Boyfriend Is Gay For His Best Friend

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Friends are the ones who soothe us and make us feel the safest. People even say that these friendships are the best relationship to ever exist. But things can get overboard.

It is not difficult to see the difference between friendship and romance. But it can be hidden by our obliviousness. Maybe your boyfriend have a romantic interest towards your best friend. Know the tell tale signs by seeing the Signs your boyfriend is wasting your time:


1. He Chooses Him Over You

Whenever the time when he can choose his best friend over you, he always do it. This is because he is very attracted to his best friend

2. He Talks About Him All The Time

If you to get together, he does not talk about what you like or taking time to deepen the relationship between each other. But he talks about his best friend most of the time which gets boring.

3. Talking About You Makes Him Bored

talking about you makes him bored

When you open your mouth to talk about your day or anything about yourself, he start to get bored and even daydream. This is because he have no interest in you.

4. He Doesn't Want To Keep A Degree of Intimacy With You

Intimacy can be physical and emotional but he won’t commit to any of it. He gets weird when you get close to him physically and mentally but with his best friend, it comes almost too naturally.

5. He Is Scared To Make Further Commitments

Not ready to buy you a ring or even to meet your family because of an unclear reason may be one of the Signs your boyfriend is gay for his best friend. Especially when he can easily make a decision with his best friend.

6. He Doesn't Say I Love You Easily

Simple commitments like i love you scare him so much that he doesn’t even have the guts to do the (other ways).

7. He Compare His Best Friend To You

Whenever he compares you to his best friend, his best friend always win the comparison which makes you think that you are not enough for him.

8. He Always Criticize You

Criticizing you all the time only means that he doesn’t see the person he love inside of you. When he doesn’t put such judgements to his best friend, you know something is wrong.

9. Always Wants You To Change

Criticizing you is not enough, he always want you to change so it resembles his best friend. He doesn't love you. It is only the Signs of Conditional Love.

10. Remember Every Little Detail About Him

He forgets details about you but remember every little detail about his best friend like the way he smiles or how he walks.

11. Buys His Male Best Friend Romantic Gifts

Romantic gifts like chocolates, flowers, or other things should happen to you but instead it happens to his best friend which is kind of weird.

12. Showing Signs Of Flirting With His Best Friend

showing signs of flirting with his best friend

He shows the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush not to you but to his best friend which should raise some suspicion on your side.

13. He Pushes You Aside When His Best Friend Is Around

Whenever his best friend is around he doesn’t think that you are his girlfriend anymore. This shouldn’t be tolerated. 

More Ways To Know If Your Boyfriend Have A Gay Best Friend

Romantic Intimacy rarely shows but it can be there between your boyfriend and his best friend. To be sure, here are more ways to know the Signs your boyfriend is gay for his best friend:

1. Having Private Meetups Most Of The Time

When he and his best friends have private meet ups where you shouldn’t go for a lot of time, you need to start asking questions about what he is doing in that time.

3. Always Worrying About Him

You are never his priority but his best friend’s happiness and well being seems to always be in his mind. Respect yourself enough to walk away when this happen because you don’t feel the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly.

2. Keep His Things Privately

When he keep his best friend’s thing securely and privately, this raise some question into the relationship.

4. Store Many Photos Of Him

Photos of him are always stored in his phone, he even get protective over it. Watch out, this is one of the Signs your boyfriend is gay for his best friend.

5. Admits About Dreaming About Him

Of he dares to admit that he have been thinking about his best friend romantically, you really need to go away. 

Tips On What To Do To That Kind of Boyfriend

Love is an inevitable part of our life. Most of the times we are simply drawn to that person and stuck with forever adoring them. Here are the ways to deal with that kind of unchangeable thing:

1. Make Sure It’s True

There is no use to believe in false information. Take the time and courage to actually ask him about it. It will be hard but it is absolutely necessary.

2. Accept It

accept it

Love is love and there is no use to push your ideas to him. Accept who he is and how this is going. Be a better person.

3. Know Its Not Your Fault

Because love is such an unpredictable thing, don’t blame yourself for not being enough or for being a bad person. You are none of those things, it’s simply the matter of the heart.

4. Choose The Relationship You Want With Him

If you want to continue being friends then do it. But if you want to break up cleanly and without contacting each other again, it’s fine too.

5. Move On

Now, start to find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

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