Fast Ways To Move On After A Bad Relationship

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People who are trapped in an bad relationship will find themselves struggle a lot. Love life gets harder and happiness is nowhere to be found. Yet you still hold on in the name of love. You gradually feel that is just not right anymore. At some point, break up was unavoidable. There are also many Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend you should know. Did you find your relationship related to it?

The next thing after a break up is how to move on and continue living. A bad relationship can left a trauma for the victim and make them afraid to start a new relationship. But life goes on and all the bad things should be good lesson, not a stone that hold you back. You have no choice other than moving on and start the whole new thing over without him. If you find it difficult, here are some useful ways to move on after a bad relationship.


1. Take Your Time To Grieve

take your time to grieve

Feeling sad after a relationship ended is normal. Some people even feel like their world is over. Give yourself time to feel sad. Cry out loud, scream, or anything that you think can relief the pain. You may remember about all the good things that won’t be happening again, and you will be reminded of the bad things he’s done. By being sad, you bring yourself to accept the reality.

2. Stay Away From Him

No matter how bad your relationship was, whether he’s abused you or cheat on you, you loved him. On the beginning of a break up, it’s hard to resist the urge to call him. Someone who is usually fill your day suddenly gone. But it’s important for you to keep a distance from him, so you will get used with his absence.

Even though if he contact you first, saying that he missed you or asking how you are doing, it’s better to ignore it. You think of it as Signs That Your Ex Still Cares about you. Do not be shaken and ended up contact him back.

3. Remember What He Did To You

There must be a reason that worth a break up. Even though letting go is hard, you have to do it so you can move on. Every time you feel sad about the break up, wrote down how he treats you so badly that you want to give up. This will not only help you to move on from a bad relationship, but also set a new standard of what you like and you don’t like about the guy you date.

Sometimes you will miss his laugh and his love call at night, but when you remember how he cheat on you you will be relieved that you have cut your bond with him. Talking about cheats, it's better for you to learn some secret Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend.

4. Keep Yourself Occupied

Breaking up will leave a big chunks on your heart as well as your daily life. You will have unusually plenty of free time. During this empty period, the sadness from the break up will appear and make you sad again. To avoid this kind of thing, keep yourself busy with positive things and positive people.

Do anything you never be able to do before. Go travel abroad, watch some music concerts, hang out with your friends. You will be surprised of how much you enjoy this moment, and you will fall asleep as soon as you get home out of tiredness. No time to cry!

5. Meet A New Guy

meet a new guy

Billions of men in the world and you cry over one! Come on, it’s really not worth it. A man gone, thousands more coming. If you feel too soon to start a new relationship, you don’t have to. But meet a mew guy will bring a new thing to your life. You don’t necessarily have to end up as a lover, you could be best friend! This new guy will make you realize that there so many good guys around.

6. Be Grateful Of The Situation

Regrets often follows a ruined relationship. Sometime people who break up considering getting back together again just because they feel to have something to fight for. Brace yourself and leave all the regrets behind. Instead of regretting what you might have become, be thankful that you are no longer with him.

There’s no guarantee that he won’t be cheating again in the future, or that he will stop abusing you just because he showed deep remorse. Take it as if you save yourself from many Signs of Conditional Love.

7. Forgive Yourself And Forgive Him

Forgiving means accepting of what may not become and not to regret it anymore. Every time you feel guilty, forgive yourself. Every human make mistakes, and you are no exception. Forgive him for what he has done to you as well. Left all the hard feeling behind, locked it in a box and throw the key far away.

8. Value Your Alone Time

In a bad relationship, it’s impossible for you to do anything that you want. Look for happiness by valuing your alone time. Do everything you like to make yourself happy. Pamper yourself and love it as there will be no tomorrow. After all the distressing moments, some time alone is all that you need.

9. Define Yourself

Moving on means left your old self and becoming the new you. Following the break up, you feel yourself alone and empty. He may left a big space that hard to be filled. It feels hard for you to survive this and you become stress out of it. Use this time find the new you. Think again about what do you want in this life? How would you like your relationship to be? Start a new life as if it was the first day in school.

More Ways To Move On Fast

more ways to move on fast

Here are more ways to move on after a bad relationship:

  1. Throw away anything that will remind you of him. Photos, gift, movie ticket, couple rings, couple tee, and everything. Keeping the out of sight will keep your away from him as well.
  2. Do not visit the memorable place such as the restaurant where you have your first date, his office, your favourite park.
  3. Write it down every time you feel sad or reminded of him. This will heal you a little.
  4. Bear in mind that not every relationship will turns out similarly bad. Different person brings a different story, left a different memories, and give a different feel. Don't let your past stop you from going on.
  5. Empower yourself by join a new club, visiting the library and read books that good for your self improvement.
  6. Enjoy your time as much as you can and do something that make you happy.
  7. Share with your friends, you don’t have to take it all alone.
  8. Be happy. It’s the only way to be.

Tips To Start A New Relationship After A Bad One

A bad relationship left trauma to the victim. She has this fear of starting a new relationship because of the trauma. Will her new boyfriend not cheat on her? Will he treat her well? This paranoia is understandable for them who has experience a bad relationship. So how can you heal from the trauma and get ready to find the new love? Here are some useful tips.

  1. Set a new standard of how you want your relationship to be so you won’t repeat the same mistake. Find the signs that a man loves you unconditionally in your next relationship.
  2. Do not set a high expectations or else you will be disappointed. Just let it flow and enjoy while you can.
  3. Find the best in everyone and left all the trauma behind. Paranoia will never make you stepping forward.
  4. Know him well before you officially start. Make sure you didn’t find many similarities between him and your ex lover.
  5. Be sure of want you want and be sure that you are all ready to start over.

So there are useful ways to move on after a bad relationship. Do all the things that makes you happy at all cost. People who are breaking up is very vulnerable, and no one can help yourself but you. Don't let yourself suffer with the past. Avoid anything that bring sadness to you. Moving on may not happen right away in the short time.

Don’t worry because time heal everything. You get better by the time and fully move on eventually. Find the silver linings from this unfortunate events. If a relationship doesn't bring happiness to you, then it comes with something else. It’s important to learned some lessons from the failed relationship and have a better one next. Good luck!

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