27 Worst Reasons Why Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to be Friends

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There must be good Reasons Why You Should Break Up with Your Boyfriend before you decide to end things with him. Going through the aftermath of a break up is not easy, let alone finding the Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up. Since you have to move on, you stay away from him and cut off all the contacts with him.

It comes to you as surprise when he contacts you again one day. One thing that appear in your mind first that it is the Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Get Back Together with you, while it's not always the case. Here are other reasons why your ex boyfriend wants to be friends with you.

1. You Have the Same Circle of Friends

It's hard to stay away from him while you have the same friends. It could be due to your long term relationship that his friends become your friends and vice versa.

2. He Feels Sorry to You

The break up was probably due to his mistakes. He is afraid that he might hurt you too much, and he comes back saying that he is sorry. The worst is, he says he want to make it up. Ugh!

3. He Wants to Keep Up with You

So that he won't miss any update to your current life. He is curious about who you date next after him, and how that person is any better than him.

4. He is Lonely

And yet to find another woman. He could only uses you to fill in blank.

5. He is Not Happy with His Current Relationship

Finally he realizes that you are a good lover. Unfortunately it's way too late.

6. He Wants to Use You As His Parachute

In case that his next relationships aren't going well and he can't find someone better, there's always you in the reserve team.

7. He Regrets the Break Up

Regardless of who initiate the break up, he clearly regrets it. Breaking up with you do no goods in his life.

8. He is Tired to Stalk You

Seems like he couldn't find anything even though he has scrolled down your Facebook timeline. Some people come to you because they are curious with your life, not that they really care. It's a fact.

9. He Still Loves You

You may want to pass him and move on, but it seems he is not agree with it. He still loves you and he wants you back.

10. He Want to Use You

For anything. Maybe you're too advantageous to be let go, and he doesn't want it to happen.

11. You are a Reliable Person

You always ready whenever you call him, and you provide him with all he needs. Maybe he has become sort of dependent to you.

12. He Has Completely Move On

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What To Do When He Wants to be Friends

Seeing how he crawled his way back to you after the break up might freak you up. Not to mention that you haven't fully move on from him, here are what you should do when you see it coming:

  1. Don't be panic. Keep your mind right on track, cool down and think what to do next.
  2. Keep away from hilarious thoughts. Such as "Did he want to get back together with me?" you high expectation will hits you hard one day.
  3. Think about what you want. Do you really want to be friends with him? And why would he do that?
  4. Ask yourself whether you are ready. Because if you haven't find the Ways to Forget Your Ex, things will be harder for you.
  5. Remember why you broke up. Think carefully whether his past mistakes were forgivable or not.
  6. If you have decided to be friends with him, respect each other's privacy.  
  7. Don't be nostalgic by revisiting old memories together. Things have changed.
  8. You don't have to be available for him as he is no longer an important person to be prioritized anymore.
  9. It's okay to reject his friendship request. Nobody know what you have been through.
  10. Cut off your contact with him if you have decided to leave him only in your past.

Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with Him

Many people said that they just can't be friends with their ex. Well, indeed there are good Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with Your Ex:

  1. You broke up with him for good reasons. It's a prove that you shouldn't keep that kind of person around.
  2. Both of you need time to settle down your emotion. It's natural to be wanting to get back together shortly after break up.
  3. Don't fall into the same trap twice. You have a hard time to find Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship only to be screwed by him.
  4. You are not meant to be together and you must accept the fact. It's hurtful at first, though.
  5. You need to find someone new and start things over again, instead of trapped yourself with the same person.

Those are the complete explanation as to the reasons why you ex boyfriend wants to be friend with you. It's okay to be friends at the end, but doing it right away after the break up do no good to you. You need to move on, and becoming friends with him is indeed not a good choice.

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