Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend

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When being in a relationship, most of the time you are in the grey zone of feelings. You’ve shown the Signs You Are Falling in Love with someone which is your boyfriend. But what do you do if you want to break up?

Sometimes there are just some tell-tale signs that a relationship is over and you need to break up. AT least it is clear to you. But what you need to do first is to make sure that that feeling is right. so check it out with these signs.


Signs That You’re Falling Out Of Love

The clear sign that love is weakening in your relationship;

1. You Are Not Excited To See Him

you are not excited to see him

When you no longer smile when he is around, feel butterflies in your stomach, and no longer feel excited when he enters the room, your love needs to be questioned.

2. You Don’t Care About Him

You don’t care if he comes home late or even that he is with someone else. To you, his life is separate from yours.

3. You Are Better Off Alone

It feels like you are better off alone most of the time. When you are alone you can finally breathe and feel positive, which is not a good sign in this case.

4. You Want To Harm Him

You want to harm him intentionally. This does not come from a place of love towards your boyfriend.

5. You Want To Change Him

Your boyfriend is no longer the perfect man he is in your mind. To you, he has a lot of weakness that needs to be changed. It’s definitely a Signs of Conditional Love

Why You Need To Move On

Now that you’ve known the signs in your heart. You need to do something about it. Plus, here are more reasons why you should break up with your boyfriend.

1. He Belittle You

He intentionally makes you feel insecure and small because of his words. He is doing this because he knows he has control over you. If this happens, find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship

2. He Does Violence Towards You

he does violence towards you

Your boyfriend is violent towards you both emotionally and physically. Don’t try to hide this. Seek help immediately and leave that guy for a better and healthier relationship.

3. He Wants You To Constantly Change According To His View

Unconditional love is definitely not being felt towards you. He thinks that you have lots of flaws that need to be fixed. This means that he doesn’t love you but only the fake image of you.

4. He Is Not Comfortable Being With You In Public

When a guy is not comfortable being with you in public it can happen because of one or two reasons. Either he is a shy guy, or he is not proud of your relationship. It can also happen if he is actually hiding your relationship!

5. He Leaves When Things Gets Rough

When things get a little bit rocky, he leaves. No explanation, no effort to make you feel better, this is a guy that doesn’t care about the relationship or you. 

6. He Mocks You In Public

He intentionally mocks you in public, calling you names, or plainly criticizing you harshly. He knows this will damage you. Why stay with a guy that does that?

7. He Doesn’t Believe In You

Your guy doesn’t believe in what you are capable of and doesn’t support you in any way. He thinks you can do anything. This is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

8. He Is With Someone Else Too

You start to see the Signs Of A Cheater Guy. Follow through with your intuition and you might discover that he is nothing more than a player.

9. He Chooses His Friends Over You

When it comes to choosing you or his friends, his friends come first. Start to leave when he shows that his friends are more important than you.

10. He Isn’t Sure About His Love

His love towards you is wavering in the wind. He can’t say ‘i love you’ in a hundred percent certainty.

11. He Is Not Excited To See You

He thinks you’re another face in the crowd. When he sees you, he doesn’t feel butterflies and doesn’t even pop a smile.

12. He Doesn’t Contact You Often

Letting you know where he is or just communicating with you is not his forte. He doesn’t even try to reach out to you.

13. He Blames You A Lot

When things go a little bit out of the dream relationship scheme, he rages. And usually, all fights end in the conclusion that you are wrong.

More Tips Why You Should Let Him Go

more tips why you should let him go

Not sure about all the signs? Or you just want to reassure yourself? Here are more tips on reasons why you should break up with your boyfriend:

1. He Untags Photos Of You And Him Together

When you post a picture of you and him together as a couple, he immediately untags himself. This might seem normal but it is actually a sign that he is not at all proud of the relationship. You should be concerned.

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2. He Is Self Absorbed

In the relationship, he doesn’t care about you. All he cares about is his ego. The signs that he is self-absorbed is he doesn’t want to know a bit about you when you do tell him something he doesn’t listen to, and all of the conversation topics are mostly about him. A relationship like this is only to nurture his ego and not about love.

3. He Thinks He Is Better Than You

He thinks you lack everything and you are inferior to him.

4. Doesn’t Try To Make You Feel Loved

Your guy doesn’t try to find the How To Tell Someone You Love Them Without Saying I Love You Over Text.

 Sometimes the signs that a relationship with your boyfriend should end are blurry. But you need to be sure to see the reasons why you should break up with your boyfriend. And also see the signs that you are falling out of love. Then, the only thing to do is to leave.

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