Still Thinking About Your Ex? Here are 10 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you just experienced a break up and you feel bad about losing them, there are chances that you are not over them and still want them back. You might have heard about what they say if people come and go. It's that when you have to let go of someone, there will come a new one.

You try to move on and count the reasons why break up is actually good for you. But, is it that easy to move on? In case you're wondering if you're still into them, you need to check these Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex.


1. You Think About Them Everyday

you think about them everyday

It's normal to have your heart broken after you break up with your lover. Whether you dumped them or they dumped you, you couldn't just forget it the breakup. Then, by the time you move on, you'll be okay.

But this time, long after you broke up with them, you still think about them. You think about them when you eat that food you used to eat together. When you watch TV, you think about the time you two watched your favorite TV shows together. If those little things remind you of them, it's very likely that you are not over your ex.

2. Memories About Them Make You Sad

There must be so many sweet moments you two shared while dating. Ever since you two broke up, remembering those moments can make you sad. If memories of them bring you sorrow, it's a sign that you are not over your ex.

3. You Wish They Were There When You're not Feeling Good

While you were still dating your ex, you went through many things together. When you were happy or sad, they were the one who was there. Now that you two are not together anymore, when things are not going well you wish they were there and would make you feel better.

4. You Wish They Know First When Something Good Happens to You

You try to live your life normally after you two separated. There are times when you feel like everything is going well and you want someone to share that feeling with. If at those times your ex is who you wish to be there in your best moments, there is no doubt that you are not over them.

5. You're Worried If They Might not be Okay

you're worried if they might not be okay

The next sign you are not over your ex is that you're still worried about them. While you were still with them, it made you worried when they didn't call you.

Now that you are not their lover anymore but you're still worried if something bad might happen to them when they are not around you, it's clear that you are not over them.

6. It Feels Weird to do Something You Usually Did With Them

If you find it weird doing daily things without them cause you usually did it with them, you clearly still care about them. If you try to get over it and just keep moving on but things just don't go well for you, it's safe to say you're not over your ex lover.

7. Hearing Good News About Them Makes You Sad

When feel sad instead of happy when you hear that something good happens to your ex, it's because you can't stand knowing that you're not there for them in every moment.

You may feel this way if you are still not over them. That's also probably because you don't know how to maintain a good relationship with your ex after the divorce

8. You're Scared to See Them With Someone Else

Seeing your ex with someone else can be bad unless you have moved on. But, if someone asks you how do you move on from a breakup when you’ll probably see your ex with someone else everyday and you feel bad about it, it's probably because you are not over your ex.

9. You Always Seem to Compare Someone New With Your Ex

you slways seem to compare someone new with your ex

There are some other people try to get close to you but you can't help but compare them with your ex. This will happen if you still can't replace your ex.

10. You're not Ready for a New Relationship

You don't think you're ready to open your heart cause you know there's still a place in your heart for your ex. You haven't seen in yourself the signs you are already ready to start a new relationship after a heartbreak.

Those are 10 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex that you may feel when you're still into your past lover. If turns out that you still can't get over them, you may find it helpful to check What Should I Do If I Still Have Feelings for My Ex and Want Them Back.

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