What Should I Do If I Still Have Feelings for My Ex and Want Them Back? Here are the Answers

Last updated on May 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

So it’s been a while after you broke up with your ex but their shadow doesn’t seem to face away. You still unconsciously staring at your phone, wondering when will they call only to realize soon after that you’re not together anymore. If you don’t know what it is, let us tell you – you still love your ex.

First of all, don’t feel like you fail to move on. There are 7 billion people in the world and more than half must be experiencing the same thing as you – or, if not, they had. It must be painful to only seeing your ex from far away, but you can’t tell anyone about it since you’re afraid they will judge you for being unable to let them go. Also read How to Talk to Your Girlfriend about Getting Back Together

Well, nobody feels what you feel. If you can’t move on then you have another choice left: getting back together. But is it possible? What should I do if I still have feelings for my ex and want them back? Yes, baby. It’s possible and there are many things you can do about it. All you need to do is digging down until the bottom of the article and figure it out.

  1. Give It A Break

You must understand that missing your ex is normal. So you don’t have to contact them in that instant. After realizing that you still have feelings for them, give it a break. Okay, you just going through a post-breakup break but this is another one. Think again if they really worth for you. Did they treat you well when you’re together? What makes you hard to forget them?

Find all the answer and be sure. Don’t get together with your ex just because you hate to get through a hardship in forgetting that. That is, my baby, would lead to another disaster in your romance history. Also read What to Do If Your Ex is in a Rebound Relationship?

  1. Don’t Reach Them First

No matter what, avoid to reach them first, especially when you want to talk about the relationship. Before you keep in touch with them, everything has to be cooled down first. Never contact them abruptly because you will ended in either they don’t respond to your call/text or they will tell you that you guys will never get together again. Boom!

It’s always bets to wait. Wait until you find the right time – or the right reason – to reach them again. Also read Reasons Not to Text Your Ex Right After a Breakup

  1. Don’t Spread Negativity

If you think you can catch your ex’s attention by spreading sadness and negativity in social media, you’re wrong. Nobody wants to keep any negative vibes around them, and it’s simply miracle that they haven’t unfollowed you just yet.

In case you really have a hard time regarding your ex or something else, meet the friends who care about you and cry hard in front of them. Remember that you ex will never sympathize – let alone getting back together – if you act negatively.

  1. Avoid Any Rebound Relationship

Honestly, trying to win back your ex can be hard sometimes. Really hard, in fact. However, you shouldn’t go for a rebound relationship just to show off your ex how happy you are without him. It’s not worth hurting yourself like that.

Moreover, you should not sacrifice other people’s feeling (your rebound lover in this case) to fulfill your wrong desire. Also read What Are The Signs Of A Rebound Relationship?

  1. Focus On Self Improvement

So you ask what should I do if I still have feelings for my ex and want them back? Well, during the space after breakup and meeting each other again, you have to improve yourself to be better, both physically and mentally. You never know when will you meet your ex or plan to meet them.

But when you do, they have to see you as a completely new person, someone they want to be around with. Make them feel comfortable and let them experience the new you, someone that they never knew before.

  1. Hang Out with Your Mutual Friends

The things is, everything need a push. After you shown your ex enough of the new version of you, now it’s time to let the news spread. Hang out with the mutual friends of both of you and have fun with them.

Also, leave a good impression about yourself so only good things will be heard by your ex. Upon seeing how much you have changed, your friends will be hurry telling your ex all about it. they end up thinking “Are you really that good?”

  1. Love Yourself and Be Happy

There is a saying that goes, “love yourself because you love someone else” and it’s never wrong. Just because you busy chasing after your ex, doesn’t mean you should abandon your own happiness. Chasing after your hobby is important too. Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

Do everything thing that you love, visit places you’ve been dreaming, or try a new menu on your favorite restaurant. How could that related? Well, unlike negativity, positive vibes is contagious. If your ex seeing you happy, they want to be part of your happiness as well.

  1. Be Active On Social Media

In the internet era, you can count on social media in almost everything. You can catch you ex’s attention through the pictures you posted on Instagram. That’s why you shouldn’t abruptly unfollow your ex soon after the breakup.

Post about everything you love, things you’ve been doing, and how happy you are. Even though your ex doesn’t see this photo, who cares? When you spread happiness, all the happy things will come to you.

So those are all we got to answer what should I do if I still have feelings for my ex and want them back. They may work, they may not. The world doesn’t end just because you can’t get back together with your ex again. Who knows while you are trying to reconcile with your ex someone’s better come along? Someone who will be the one for you. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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