How To Tell Your Ex You Miss Them Without Sounding Needy (7+ Smart Ways)

Last updated on June 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you miss your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend deeply? 

Do you feel the urge to let them know just how much you're missing them?

But maybe you're worried that telling them this will sound overly needy?

It is a bit of a catch-22 situation, because neediness can be a turn-off. But not telling them you miss them might mean you miss an opportunity to get back together.

Thankfully, there are some nice ideas telling your ex you miss them without sounding too needy, and these are explained for you in the guide below. 

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We'll take a look at what this best way might be right now.


How To Tell Your Ex You Miss Them Without Sounding Needy

1. Say It Seriously

say it seriously

How to tell your ex you miss them without sounding needy? If you say it with a serious, your ex will not bear to make it into a joke. Maybe there will be a bit of a mockery or he would be a little upset, all depending on the past you guys. But certainly, say seriously and you will not regret it.

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2. Full Of Confidence

You will probably be faced with the bitter reality, but it could be even sweeter than you might expect. Say with full conviction, at least he knows that you are serious. You guys will be fine after you said you miss, and the feeling of longing is not a thing wrong. 

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3. Say With A Casual Touch 

You do not need to feel full brunt or greatly burdened to say if you missed with your ex. you said it better than you just save yourself in the heart because it is much more burdensome. Say in the hearts that you can do well and relaxed because this is just convey the feeling you are being missed. All would be heavy if you make it heavy, but it will be lighter if you make it mild.

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4. Give Yourself A Little Break To Relax

How to tell your ex you miss them without sounding needy? You need a bit of time to calm your mind and your heart. Don't be in a hurry, look for a time that fit and you will get a good moment. Make sure that you will be just fine and don't mind negative. Your miss flavor could have been only temporary and nostalgia just want delivered as a friend. So look for the right time and find believe it yourselves. 

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Signs That Your Ex Still Wants You Back Too

signs that your ex still wants you back too

You surely will analyses first whether you would be taken whether or not by your ex. Following some signs if he will give good response :

1. Not The Quick Emotion

If you know if your ex is the one who's not easy emotions, it means you're in luck because you will not directly seen from the feelings in conveying your miss with negative later. However, when you know if your ex is an easy emotions, people can just later he will directly assess the negative the intent of your Word. not always seen from the character indeed, back again to your ex's feelings.

2. Glad You Are Talking To

The form of feeling pleased when you are talking to is the sense of if he will accept whatever you say. Because he's been very like the situation where he could talk again with you. Let's say that you miss him and convey apologies you because already miss her. May be she has had another lover, then you don't deserve to say miss.

3. People Are Understanding

If you have an ex that sense like this you don't need to be afraid to reveal the feeling of you who missed it. In fact maybe you will regret the relationship you guys that ends because it is difficult to find people who are able to understand you as your ex. However, since all this has happened and maybe you've found a better one then you can only say miss to him. 

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4. Patient And Happy If You Miss Her

You will know all these signs because you had once with him even though it now has ended. You will easily say that you miss him without having to worry he was upset or don't like your attitude. If you kept going until your ex, your best choice is you should really let go of him. At least you know how response was when you said that you missed.

Tips To Get Your Ex Close To You Again

tips to get your ex close to you again

If you feel that way given does not work, here are a few more tips that you can use to convey a sense of longing: 

1. Be A Friend

Make it with you friends, you and he will get used to talk like friends who enjoy joking around or not serious. If you have trouble finding the confidence, you can use this way of saying if you missed her aim chat then you told him, "No. It's just kidding ".". that way you know the bias response was, if you felt the response was good then maybe next time you biased to say it seriously, when three better forget to convey a sense of missed again.

2. Leave A Message Through A Friend

You may be the type of person who does not dare to State directly what you feel, this is indeed the point friend. When this friend in action to get even the Affairs of feelings. You can ask your friend to convey on your ex a matter of feeling homesick you feel. Try starting from searching for which friends who can you trust and began to ask him to help you.

3. Ventured To Start

Unlikely all will be stepped as drama on television. Suddenly your ex will know if you missed her and she was also miss you then you guys back together, it's impossible. You need to be ventured to start to say it first, think it is okay because no one knows what will happen between good things or bad things after you say it. That's how to tell your ex you miss them without sounding needy!

4. Say With Mediocrity

If you feel too scared or have already crossed the line confident you can say it with, you have to accept with good response from your ex. But this way is the best way because you so can more easily respond to what the reaction of your ex. You have to gracefully accept a response from him.

In Conclusion

That's a couple of tips and signs to tell if your ex misses you accept it or not. No need to have you take heart because it's all just a revelation that must be delivered so that you are not depressed. That's how to tell your ex you miss them without sounding needy!

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