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How to Tell a Guy You Kissed You Don’t Like Him

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We know that a kiss is one of the ways on how people show their affection toward others. Most of the time we think if someone kisses you then they probably attract to you and even love you. Learn about this too How to Tell a Guy You Want to Kiss Him Over Text.


After one kiss, we really can’t certainly tell their intention. It is almost possible that they don’t like you that much.

Here are how to tell a guy you kissed you don’t like him

You seem feeling guilty that your kiss might lead him into thinking that you may like him when the exact is you don’t.

To help you out from this situation, here are how to tell a guy you kissed you don’t like him. Read this too How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Kiss You at the Movies.

1. Act Normal

If you show how awkward you are when you meet him the next day, he would assume that the kiss is certainly something special.

You should act normal and talk to him as usual. It helps you to tell him that you’re not into him.

2. Tell the Truth But Don’t Be So Mean

Here are how to tell a guy you kissed you don’t like him. If you want to clarify things up, make sure to not so mean yet tell him all of the truth.

Maybe you can tell him that he is a nice person but you don’t have any feeling for now. Yes, for now, you don’t what’s going to come in the future, rite?

3. He Is a Good Kisser, Just Not Your Type

It is okay if you want to tell him that he is such a good kisser. The compliment would make him smile.

But after that, to avoid he is getting his hopes up, explain your reason why you can’t be with him.

4. Never Talk About It

Here are how to tell a guy you kissed you don’t like him. It is almost impossible to avoid discomfiture.

Maybe the best way is just nevermore talking about that kiss. Check this too If The Guy Ask You to Kiss Him But You Don’t Want to Kiss Him Back.

5. It’s Only a Kiss

Try to explain that it is only a kiss and not to be intend any further. Even though he feels like it’s special, but you’re as plain as not overthinking about it.

6. You Didn’t Put Your Heart into It

Here are how to tell a guy you kissed you don’t like him. Maybe you love the kiss but it is within the lust.

You never put your heart into it from the start.

7. You Like Him As a Friend

Tell him that it’s normal for you to kiss a friend. Maybe you like him in person, but not as far as you want to date him.

He really needs to know this in case his high hopes hurts himself in the end.

8. You Have Someone Else

Here are how to tell a guy you kissed you don’t like him. Not to making him jealous or something like that, but it is better for him to know that you have someone else.

So, don’t bother thinking what’s your intention about the kiss. Learn about this too How to Tell Your Boyfriend That He’s a Bad Kisser without Offending Him.

Signs You Have to Tell Him You Don’t Like Him

Here are signs that you really have to tell him you you don’t like him even though you’ve already kissed. Check this too Ways on How to Kiss Someone on The Cheek Without It Being Awkward.

1. He Is Too Nice

He is basically a nice guy but after that kiss he is just being too nice. You need to tell him about your feeling so it doesn’t hurt him.

2. He Overreacts

He thinks that your kiss is something special. Stop it now by telling him that it’s not.

3. He Wants You to Be His Girl

If he asks you to go out with him, you better tell him the truth even though you’ve already kissed.

4. He Ignores Other Girls

You know that some girls have crush on him but he ignores all of them because of you. It’s time to tell him that you don’t like him and he needs to open his eyes.

5. His Hopes Too High

You can’t even stop him to not feeling that way. However, telling him what’s actually going on is better than let him drown into his own hopes.

More Tips to Tell a Guy You Don’t Like Him

Here are more tips to tell a guy you don’t like him. Check this too What Does It Mean When Your Crush Kisses You in A Dream.

1. Don’t Prolong Your Time

If you happen to have a chance, then tell him now and don’t try to prolong it.

2. Be Gentle

Even though you want to tell the truth, you should consider about his feeling too.

3. Know What’s Best for You

When you hesitate about telling it, remember what’s best for you. And if he’s not the one, then you better let him now.

4. He Deserves Better

If you don’t like him never try to just fooling around with him. He deserves someone better just like you deserve one.

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