How To Tell If A Guy Wants To Kiss You At The Movies

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Movie-date is still one of the classics yet fun ways to hanging out around. Going along with it, we may see this guy tries to take a chance to get closer to you such as by giving you a kiss.


Here Are How To Tell If A Guy Wants To Kiss You At The Movies

You can see the signals whether the matter you're going to accept it or not. So, to help you see through it, here are how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you at the movies.

1. He Suggests A Romantic Movie

If he tells you about some romantic movie, you can make an assumption that he is going to do it. So classic, isn't it?

2. Get Foods To Share

There is no way he goes in without buying some foods. The freshly new popcorn would pop out your first kiss.

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3. See Where You Sit

see where you sit

Here are how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you at the movies. He probably chooses the most comfortable seat for both of you so he can stick to the plan.

4. Being Playful

Here are how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you at the movies. He looks incredibly happy before going in.

That must be something on his mind at the moment--thinking about the kiss, for example?

5. Giving You Compliment

Does he tell you something like, "you're pretty tonight" or "I love your dress"? It could be a sign that he wants to kiss you later.

6. Whispering To Your Ear

Here are how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you at the movies. While watching the movie, he may sometimes whisper something to your ear like asking about the movie or stuff.

It is a good way to make you in the mood then he can kiss you after that.

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7. Making Eye Contact

Doing a romantic thing always works with making intense eye contact. If he's doing so while talking about how good the movie is, there you go he might land a kiss on you.

8. Glancing At Your Lips

Here are how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you at the movies. Not only eye to eye, but you should also see where does he look.

Glancing at your lips then looking away can be his count before he kisses you. He is shy but still wants it.

9. Holding Your Hand

While you're too busy watching the movie, he holds your hand and put his arm around you. The intimacy would lead the kissing scene on the movie into real life.

10. Chewing Gum

Here are how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you at the movies. He thinks through it therefore you'll see he ate some gum before going in to the movie because he plans to kiss you.

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What Should You Do If He Kisses You At The Movies

what should you do if he kisses you at the movies

Here is what exactly you should when he kisses you at the movies.

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1. Keep Your Head Cool

You'll ruin your romantic kiss if you're not keeping your head cool.

2. Don't Be Nervous

You may get kind of shocked when he kisses you suddenly. But still, don't show how nervous you are when he does.

3. Try To Get In The Mood

Instead of worrying about it, you should enjoy yourself and try to get in the mood.

4. Don't Rush

Even though you don't want to prolong the kiss, don't end it up rushly.

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5. Respect Him

It is still your own decision to decide what you're going to do and you have rights to not dig into it. However, don't just push him away and still respect him.

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More Tips To Notice If A Guy Wants To Kiss You At The Movie

Here are more tips to notice if a guy wants to kiss you at the movie.

1. Learn About The Movie

learn about the movie

When the first time he mentioned about the name of the movie, you may want to learn what's the movie about.

2. Listen To What He Says

You'll find that he is talking about his intention if you listen to what he says carefully.

He might get the idea to kiss you after learn about it.

3. See His Body Language

You can see it clearly that he is into it. Moreover, his body tells you so while you're enjoy watching the movie.

4. Prepare Yourself

It is kind of a common sense when boys ask you to the movies and he probably thinks about kiss you. So, at least make yourself well-prepared.

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