Does Telling Little White Lies Causing Big Problems In Relationship?

Last updated on February 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

White lies are not an uncommon things in a relationship. It is something that people say to cover up the truth with a little lie that will either protect themselves or make the other person happy, or maybe both. As a kid, we told our parents often that we were already clean up our room, when the truth was the opposite. It was because we wanted to look good in front of our parents and we wanted them to be happy.

White lies sometimes can be a habit that people bring until they grow old. Sometimes we tell our boyfriend the opposite of the truth that will make us look good or make him happier. Maybe your boyfriend is the one who tells white lies. Either way, telling white lies can cause several things in a relationship. The question is, does telling white lies can really cause big problems in relationship?

There are no exact yes or no answer. However, white lies really can lead to other bigger problems that can result in big problems, as follow:

1. White lies can lead to another bunch of lies

Once people lie, it can lead to another lies next time. Now it’s only white lies, but later it can develop into big lies. A bunch of white lies lead to bigger lies. This is because to cover up small lies, people need to lie again for several times. Not telling the truth can stimulate the brain not to feel guilty and more comfortable to tell lies. There you go, honey, Should I Stay with My Boyfriend Even Though He Lies to Me All the Time?

2. Lying can break trust

Once we know that we were being lied to, we will become more suspicious. We will always looking for signs of lying. Before we know it, we expect that he or she will lie again. Lies break trust. It make difficult for people to trust each other. There you go, honey, Should I Give Up on A Guy Who Rejected Me Completely?

3. Lies are usually remembered

It is easy to forgive, but it is a lot harder to forget. People usually remember mistakes even though they already forgave the liar. People will always remember the told lies. It makes relationship become uncomfortable. Back to point number two, lying can break the trust.

4. Telling lies make other person uncomfortable and anxious

No one likes to be lied to. White lies seems beautiful and charming at first, but after we know that they all lies we will become uncomfortable and anxious. Lying to other person is one of the sign of disrespectfulness. It is like a ticking time bomb.

5. There are another way to say the truth without hurting the other too much

No matter what the reasons are, the truth will result in a more comfortable situation in the end. It is not easy to cover up lies, as you have to tell several more lies and then it will become harder and your lies can be uncovered. There are several ways to say the truth without hurting too much.

You can say it nicely while giving suggestion. You can say the truth when the mood is good. At the end, telling the truth is more comfortable for the long run. There you go, honey, Signs A Gemini Woman is Jealous with You and Conflicts Small Things Sometimes

You are the one who can actually tell how big your problems are. The exact answer of the question does telling white lies can cause big problems in a relationship can only be answered by you. The mentioned explanation will help you to realize the potential danger of white lies.

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