Good Luck Text Messages to Boyfriend for Sports (51 Cheerful Texts)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you have a boyfriend who Ioves to play sports? 

Perhaps you feel the need to feign interest in them? 

Guys like to have supportive girlfriends - and it’s the thought that counts, after all.

As far as what to say to show this support, don’t worry! I’ve got your back! The guide below suggests some sweet and loving text messages you can send to say ‘good luck’ to your boyfriend in a sporting context.

However, before I reveal these beautiful text messages, I want to share this quick story which might make your boyfriend feel even more loved and supported by you. 

The story surrounds a little-known area of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. I have been studying this part of the male mind in great detail lately. 

When a woman can learn to trigger it, she can release intense feelings of joy, pride and purpose within a man. Naturally, he will begin to fall emotionally closer to a woman who can make him feel like this. 

I have used this skill to strengthen existing relationships and attract amazing new men into my life. If you would like to learn how to do this, you can read my personal account on how I discovered the ‘Hero’s Instinct’.

The partners of athletes might be particularly interested in how this psychological trigger works. After all, when a woman can make her man feel like a champion off the field, he tends to perform like one when game day arrives. What man in his right mind would give away a partner like that?

So, with that in mind, I’d urge you to go and read more about the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ right now. 

Then, you can take a look at some of these super-sweet messages to send your boyfriend.


Good Luck Text Messages For Him

It can be tough coming up with good luck text messages to send your boyfriend for sports. I mean, after saying, “good luck,” what is there left for you to say? 

Luckily, in this blog post, we are going to give you 51 awesome text messages you can send your boyfriend to wish him the best of luck as he plays the sport he is going to play (and win)!

While we all hope our boyfriends will win their sporting events, so they are in good mood afterward, it doesn’t always happen. It’s important to be there for your man even when he’s not the winner of the sport. Your guy still deserves your support regardless of his winning status. Because of that, make sure you send him sincere good luck wishes and hugs afterward!

There’s always the chance his team won’t win the game or sports event. You need to make sure you have his back, even if that is the case. Your boyfriend needs to know you have his back in the relationship, win or lose. Show his support by sending him a nice text message!

Text Messaging Tips to Kick Start Your Boyfriend’s Day

According to Psychology Today, there are five types of text messages that you should send your boyfriend or partner every day of his life! Did you know what? These are words you should send in text messages to support him while he is at work, school, or wherever he hangs out during the day. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for him is to just be there, but try these out, too!

1. Send him a compliment

send him a compliment

Everyone wants to hear how great they are, right? Don’t we all want to hear that we are the best at something we do in life? 

It’s an ego boost to hear you are great at something, especially when you get messages from your partner. You value their opinion and want to know what they truly think of you, right? If not, maybe you have a bad bond!

A good relationship is built on trust and support. If you send a brief compliment, you’ll make his day! And, what’s so great about this trick is that you can do this every single day and have the same result. No one gets tired of hearing how great they are or that they are the best lover you have ever had! Enjoy this playful time in your relationship.

Relationships are a lot of work, so if you have the chance to build yours up by sending a brief text message with a compliment on it, you should do it. It doesn’t take a lot of work to write a little message, telling your loved one what you think of him or her provided it is a positive message. If it’s negative, you should speak about it in person. Work it out!

2. Show appreciation

As mentioned, relationships take work to survive! An important part of keeping your love alive is showing your appreciation. I know when my man fixes my drink or changes the oil in the car, I tell him thank you for what he’s done because I appreciate the work he’s put forth. He’s done something for me that I didn’t want to do. It was nice of him to do it!

When someone does something nice for you, you should let them know how much you value what they did. After all, they didn’t have to do it. Instead, they did it out of the kindness of their heart. It doesn’t hurt to show appreciation, so go ahead and text your partner right now, letting him or her know that you are thankful for something they did.

If you tell your partner that you appreciate the work he puts forth in the relationship, you may just receive a message from them saying something similar. If you do get a “Thank you” text, you should make sure you know all the different ways you can respond. There are many answers you can give to stellar words of appreciation.

3. Describe a fond memory

Maybe they are having a rough day and need to think of a good time they had had in the past, a time when they really had fun. If you bring up a great memory the two of you shared, you might just change the course of their entire day. You never know until you actually give it a shot! Just think of something you hold dear to your heart.

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When was the last time the two of you had a blast? When did you laugh so hard that you nearly peed your pants? When did you look at each other and smile because you both knew something that no one else in the room knew? 

Share one of those memories with him or her to brighten up their day and remind them of good times that they can have.

You might even talk about upcoming great plans the two of you have in store! If you have a surprise planned, you could play dumb and ask them what they would like to do in the future. Maybe then you will be able to narrow your plans down to something specific that you know your partner will truly enjoy! The point is to make them smile!

4. Ask a curious question

This is a GREAT way to get your partner to send you a message back. If you are trying to cheer them up but have no idea what’s currently going on with them, you might need some clues. Ask them a question that really keeps them engaged in the conversation. You might try to find out how their day is going, whether things are good or bad.

It’s important to show interest in your partner’s affairs because it shows you really care about them. You want them to know that you aren’t sending them a message just because you feel obligated to do so. Instead, you truly do care about the status of their day. If a kid is picking on them, you want to know about it! It affects you, too!

Plus, how can you send them good wishes and fond thoughts if you don’t know what is going on with them? It’s important to be a real part of their life, to show them you mean it when you ask how they are doing, and to demonstrate you listen when they talk about the events of their day. You do listen, don’t you? Make sure to work on that if you don’t.

5. Share some joy

share some joy

Don’t you want to make your lover’s day wonderful, blessed, and joyous? You can fill their heart with love if you send the right message to them during the day. Just think about what you would want to hear, and then turn the message around to be applicable to them. If you would want to hear how great you are in bed, say something similar.

Being empathetic is about thinking about what you would want to hear and trying to tailor your communication to be about what your partner would want to hear. So, if you want to hear about how great the breakfast you made was, you want a compliment on something that happened in the morning. Perhaps, you could say thanks for the coffee.

If you don’t have a clue what to say, just go ahead and say what you would like to hear. Explain how much you love and care about them. Say that you miss them dearly and cannot wait until you get to see one another again. You might think about what would make them smile or even laugh. What do you need to say to change their day?

Remember that you also like to hear positive quotes, sayings, or Bible verses. You could look up some motivational quotes online to find something really great to share with your partner. Be sure your mood is positive at the same time!

Sometimes, you can just search online for motivational things to say to your boyfriend, and a whole myriad of results will pop up. Look for the best motivational life quotes or inspiring Bible verses that you can share with your partner. I’m sure whatever you send will be great in your partner’s eyes, as he respects the effort you are making!

Tips to Kick Start His Sports Day with Love Messages

It’s important that your text messages come from the heart, that you really mean them, and that you want to wish him luck. Good luck text messages that are insincere may not work well with your boyfriend. If you send him a good luck text and don’t mean it, he may be able to tell the truth to you, especially if he has been in your life for a long time.

When you send your boyfriend good luck text messages, they should be heartfelt and sweet. Think about what you would want to hear if you were in his shoes. What are the best ideas of good luck text messages that come to mind when you think about what you want to hear? What are the sweetest and best text messages you have ever received for support?

If you are unsure how they might work on your boyfriend, practice sending your best messages to a friend. Test it out on them to see if they think they’ll work. Sometimes, the best messages are those that come from careful consideration and planning. Alternatively, many of the best messages come from the spur of the moment. Think about how you can support him now.

What would make your boyfriend feel better before he goes out to play the big game? Think about how he’s feeling right now and what he needs to hear to build up his confidence. If you want to really make him think about you and what you will give him afterward, tell him you plan to give him a big kiss after the game, whether he loses or wins, because you love him!

51 Good Luck Text Messages to Boyfriend for Sports

51 good luck text messages to boyfriend for sports
  1. I believe in you! Good luck, winner (though you don’t need it)!
  2. Have no doubts! Good luck, baby!
  3. You can do this! Best of luck!
  4. You are so talented! Good luck, babe!
  5. Just WOW them the way you do me! Good luck, too!
  6. Don’t sweat this! Sending you good luck wishes!
  7. You were MADE for this! Good luck!
  8. You are ready to kill it out there! Good luck, hon!
  9. Stay confident, honey, and good luck out there!
  10. Take a few deep breaths, and you’ve got this! Good luck!
  11. Everything is going to be alright, babe! Don’t forget that I’m your good luck charm!
  12. Be strong at your football match, hon! Good luck!
  13. Good luck ~ though you don’t need it!
  14. I’m SO proud of you! Good luck, baby!
  15. I can’t wait to see you after the game! Good luck out there!
  16. I love you and believe in your abilities! Good luck, honey!
  17. I know you’ll be brilliant with your team! Good luck, sweetie!
  18. You can overcome anything, babe! Good luck today!
  19. Blow your team away today! Good luck!
  20. You are astounding, love! Good luck out there!
  21. Break a leg, honey! Don’t forget your good luck socks, too!
  22. You are such an amazing player! Good luck!
  23. I support you completely ~ no matter what the outcome! Good luck, honey!
  24. You are my extraordinary boyfriend who needs no good luck!
  25. You can do anything you set your mind to! Best of luck, baby!
  26. You are going to ace this, dear! Good luck!
  27. No matter what the outcome is, I’m right here for you!
  28. You will succeed, dear! Best of luck, my loved one!
  29. Walk out there with confidence, baby! You are the best!
  30. You will succeed! You are already a triumph in life! Good luck, hon!
  31. You are the best out there! Sending good luck wishes your way!
  32. You’ve got this, dear, but good luck, anyway!
  33. Believe in yourself. Your confidence is everything!
  34. You are going to be amazing! Good luck, babe!
  35. I have complete faith in you, love! Good luck!
  36. Can’t wait to see you! Think about how you want to celebrate!
  37. Best of luck to you, my love! You can do anything in life!
  38. You can overcome anything (including sports)! Good luck today!
  39. Your talent in the game amazes me! Good luck out there!
  40. Hold on to your confidence. You’ve got this!
  41. Knock ‘em dead! I wish you the best in the world, love!
  42. Just do your best, love! Good luck, too!
  43. You’ll do great out there! You’re the best! Good luck!
  44. Break a leg, honey! You are my world!
  45. You are the man! Good luck out there!
  46. You will work through this challenge, love! Sending you good luck wishes!
  47. Keep believing in yourself, babe! I believe in you!
  48. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, love! Good luck out there!
  49. You handle everything in the world with grace. There’s no difference here. Good luck, love!
  50. I see a victory for your team in your future! Good luck, love!
  51. Go score a win today! I wish you the best, my love!


What should I text my boyfriend before a game?

Before a game, you should let your boyfriend know that you have all the faith he will win the game for his team. Consider sending him a text message with encouraging words that will make him feel confident and supported in what he’s about to do.

How do you wish your boyfriend good luck?

Before the big game, let your boyfriend know he will be on your mind while he’s out there playing his sports. He needs to know you have his back in life, regardless of the circumstances. Send him good luck wishes to let him know you want him in your life.

How do you encourage a man with words?

The most encouraging words you can share with a man are words of meaning. Talk about things that you are sincere about. If you want him in your life or enjoy the relationship you share in your life, talk about those things. Let him know he rocks your world!

How do you send someone luck?

Keep the person in your thoughts. If your boyfriend is playing a game, you can send him wishes by texting him support. You might tell him that he is the best part of your life or that your relationship makes you weak in the knees! That’ll make his day!

What is the best message for your boyfriend?

Show support to your boyfriend by telling him how important he is to your life, not in sports. Explain that it doesn't make a difference if he wins or loses his game because you will still be a happy part of his life. Explain that sports won’t change your feelings.

To Sum It All Up

If your man is about to play the big game, you should send him good luck wishes by sending him text messages that show love and support. Do you have any original good luck text messages not mentioned in this article, other than “good luck”? Please share!

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