What To Say to Your Boyfriend Before His Football Game (51 Encouraging Things To Say)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Does your boyfriend have a big football game coming up?

Do you want to offer some rousing words of encouragement?  

Do you feel like you need to say something relevant to show that you’re deeply interested in his extra-curricular activities?

Well, don’t you worry! I’ve got your back with this useful guide. I’ve listed a ton of potentially things for you to say to your boyfriend before the big game, so he sees how much you care.

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With that said, let’s now take a look at what you can say about this guy’s football game. These matters can mean a lot to a man, so take your time to pick the most suitable thing to say.


51 Things To Say To Your Boyfriend Before His Football Game

1. You got this

Saying this to your boyfriend shows you believe he'll do a good job. Because you've been in a relationship with him, you know his strengths, weaknesses, and skills; telling him this would be a great encouragement for him to play.

It naturally becomes a good luck message because it pushes them positively to get what is theirs. This is not only for footballers, but athletes too. Telling them this is a way of saying they've got everything it takes to win in the game.

2. I’m proud of you

i'm proud of you

When you say this to your boyfriend before a game, it means you're proud of him as a person, and you acknowledge every small achievement he has put in his effort to gain, which is a form of good luck to him before going in for a game.

He would be happy to hear this, even though he may not show it as soon as you make the statement. But, this is something you should say to him for more encouragement.

3. You’ll do greater than you think

Men love to be hyped, praised, acknowledged, and encouraged. If you tell your boyfriend he's greater than he thinks, it shows you know what he can do, and you believe he can compete in the game and win.

He will know you're aware of his skills better than he knows, and you are positive he's capable of participating individually and as a team member. It's a way of wishing him the best of luck.

4. Everything will turn out well

Like women, guys get anxious and nervous too. One of the great words of encouragement you can say to your boyfriend, whether he's a footballer or athlete, is, “everything will turn out well.”

The sentence is a clear way of telling him to calm down; whether he wins the game or not, everything will be fine. If you don't have a chance to say this to him, you could send it as a best of luck text.

5. Go out there and do your thing

Hearing these words could be that little push your boyfriend needs to hear to go in for a game. Sometimes they get intimidated by the strength of other footballers or athletes on the field, and that affects their self-worth. 

So it's left for you to remind him of how skilled, talented, and ready he is to play and win the game. If you're too nervous to say it to him, you could type it as a text to say good luck to him.

6. Relax and don’t feel pressured

Pressure has a way of destabilizing people if you can't handle it, especially when you're competing, and you know you'll be in the limelight as an individual or a team member. It could be unbearable.

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Say this to your boyfriend and watch his nervousness reduce gradually. You'll add to his strength, and if you're there with him physically, you may end up becoming his good luck charm for the game. That's the advantage of cheering someone you love.

7. Keep believing in yourself

Another positive thing to do is make your boyfriend believe in himself as a good sportsman as much as you believe in him. Remind him of how much he has sacrificed to get to that point and the goals he planned to achieve.

When you say those things, you're encouraging him even though he may not act like it, but you'll see a difference before he finally leaves to play the football game. That may just be your way of wishing the best of luck.

8. Break a leg

In simple terms, the phrase, break a leg is “give us the best performance and good luck out there.” If your boyfriend hears this shortly before he runs out to play his game, it‘s a good thing.

He’ll know you have him in the best interest of your heart, and you're expecting him to do nothing less than show his potential at the highest level possible. It's one of the loveliest phrases to wish your boyfriend luck before his game.

9. Make your family happy

Some guys love and respect their family members and try their best to make them happy, while others are driven by abusive words from their family and would do anything to prove them wrong. So they'll put in much effort to achieve the best.

Either way, saying this to your boyfriend is like telling them to do their best to make the people they love the proudest. These may not be direct good luck words, but they'll encourage him.

10. Remember, I’m here for you

Every good man out there wants to know their sweetheart is present to cheer them whenever they're competing. It's a different kind of encouragement, which makes it even better when you say those words to them.

They get an energy boost knowing somewhere in the large cheerful crowd, the woman they're in love with is watching and cheering them in her little way. This makes the game easy and worthy to compete in. 

11. Don't be shy

You may be in a relationship with someone who has skills and the potential to play well in a football game but could be limited by shyness or fear of unacceptance by his team. Of course, you know he's great at sports and would want people to see this. 

You could keep repeating this to him until you observe the necessary changes in his facial expression, tone, or gestures. This is another way to make your boyfriend know you wish him the best of luck.

12. I believe in you

If you want to prove to your boyfriend you're in it with him just like your relationship together, “I believe in you” is one of the words of support you should say to him before his competition. This, added to his skills, will boost his determination.

It doesn't matter if he's an athlete or a football player; those words will make him comforted and bring him luck, knowing that someone he's in love with has his back fully in the sports competition he's about to partake in, whether he wins in it or not.

13. Take a deep breath

This is one statement all kinds of athletes and football players need to hear before playing sports. “Take a deep breath,” or “close your eyes and breath.” Everyone involved in sports needs this to reduce pressure, which is why you should say it to your boyfriend before his football game.

It relaxes the nerves and calms anxiety. You could send it as a good luck text to remind them no matter what happens, it's not the end of life. That is one way to wish him the best of luck in his game.

14. Make your team win

“Make your team win” is what you tell or text to your boyfriend to remind him that he's an essential part of his team and his effort will not only contribute to their success but allow them to be appreciated by people.

This is not only a good luck text; it is more like a subtle demand you're making on behalf of his team, family members, friends, and everyone who would do anything to support his win in the game.

15. You’re one of the best players

you're one of the best players

These words show how much you've been watching him play and how well you notice little details when it comes to something. It means you've seen other players, and none seems to know how to play better than him.

An excellent way to say this is by sending it over as a good luck text to him. The reason being that you may not have access to see him before his game, depending on the nature of the sports or competition. It's another way of wishing him the best of luck.

16. I know you’ll make it

Sometimes, people don't trust themselves to part or even win a sports competition. Your boyfriend may be one of them even though he may not openly tell you, but as his girlfriend, you'll perceive it miles away.

When you tell him how sure you are, he'll make it; that's a good way to send him off for a football game. It's one of the ways to be his cheerleader. Because he has a special soft spot for you, he'll feel more encouraged. You could give him a best of luck kiss or peck after saying this.

17. Don’t think so much, everything is fine

This statement is another way of reducing the pressure and wishing them the best of luck in their sports. It doesn't matter if you're in a relationship with an athlete or footballer. They need these words from you as a form of encouragement to play.

It's a way to calm them a bit before the game. You don't have to be physically there with them; you could send it by text, through their coach, or other teammates. It shows you love, care, and are concerned about them.

18. Good luck and stay strong

Most times, athletes and football players go for training until the day or period of the competition. The best you can do is wish them the best of luck and tell them to remain strong till the end of the game, no matter how tough it is.

Telling your boyfriend “Good luck and stay strong” means you know they're stressed, but you still want them to hang in there. It's another way to tell him not to forget they're part of a team and good luck to them is; best of luck to everyone who's in support of that team too.

19. I’m your cheerleader

There's no better way than telling your boyfriend you're his backbone. “I’m your cheerleader” is an assurance that even if or when nobody cheers them in their game, you will always do that. And it shows that whether he wins or loses, you will have his back.

You could say this if his family members or friends are not present and you are the only person in the crowd there to cheer him. These are words of encouragement, and they show your effort to make your relationship work. 

20. Make me proud

This is a phrase that pushes him to put the effort in not only the football game but impress you as his girlfriend too. That's an indirect way of being his cheerleader without saying it. Tell him to make you proud and be serious but friendly about it.

You could hug him, rub his cheeks or pat him on his back to further relax his nerves. It will help reduce the pressure on him and express your love in many ways without stress. You could send this as a good luck text or say it seconds before his game.

21. Have fun

Life is not as serious or complicated as most people see it. Whether you're in a relationship with an athlete or a footballer, always advise them to have fun in any sports they partake in. You can even say this by sending a text.

The reason being that if they win or lose, it doesn't matter. What matters is their ability to display their skills, compose themselves under pressure, learn how to play with teammates, and still enjoy time spent on the field to the fullest.

22. Blow the crowd away

Support your boyfriend by telling him how much everyone, including you and his family members, anticipate seeing him on the field. It's like you telling him how great he is and how much you want the crowd to see him play.

That will make him feel more special, whether it's a little competition organized by the school, city, or an international one. That's another way to wish him the best of luck in his sports game because he'll do his best to impress himself and everyone present for the game.

23. I can’t wait to see you win

Sometimes it's good to make your boyfriend by talking as if you've already seen their future success. Let your boyfriend know how excited you are to see him play and win with his teammates. 

Send him a text when you know he's still with his phone while he's preparing to go for his game. It's a way to show how hopeful you are for him, and you perceive nothing less than success from the football game. Don't forget you're his cheerleader, and he expects it from you.

24. You’re a football star

One thing that you could say to support your boyfriend is to tell him how great they are. It's even perfect when you compare him to the greatest or most successful star that exists, whether they're that good or not.

“You're a star” is direct and proves how much you love and believe in the person you're in a relationship with. You may be surprised, but it's one of the best luck statements to say to your boyfriend before his game.

25. Do your best

“Do your best” means put in your best effort in the game, and let's see the outcome. It's something you tell your boyfriend if you feel or he knows his football skills are not as perfect as he would want them to be for the game.

That is what makes it more of an encouragement coming from you to him, as his cheerleader. It means you'll support him as long as he puts in the most effort in his football game.

26. I love you

i love you

I love you’ is one of the best statements that can melt a guy compared to many others. Love has a way of opening ways in a relationship, and at the point where your boyfriend is ready to go in for a sports competition, this is one of the best things to say to him.

It will be his good luck charm from start to finish. Even if he loses, your boyfriend won't feel as bad as he could have felt if he didn't hear that from you before the game. A don't forget to tell your guy you love him before his football game.

27. Be hopeful

You could send a video chat of you dancing or singing a beautiful, goofy song of hope to your boyfriend before his game. It's something that will reduce any tension, anxiety, or pressure. That's the magic love does.

Seeing the face of someone he's in love with is one good luck charm your boyfriend needs before he goes on the field to play his football game. You could send him a photo of yourself doing something funny or a funny text of a joke you both can relate to. 

28. When it’s done, I’ll get your favorite food

Telling your sports boyfriend you'll get his favorite meal, drink, snacks is a funny way to wish him good luck and make him laugh or smile before his game. This works on athletes a lot because they’ll have the freedom to bend some meal rules after the competition.

This could be the kind of support a guy needs to play a game, especially if he's a foodie. You can always text, call, or send a voice note. That's you trying your best to wish him good luck in his game.

29. Keep a positive mindset

In the heat of sports competition, an athlete or football player may feel a different kind of pressure and find it hard to maintain a positive mindset before they play their game. It's something that happens to most of them.

If you're in a relationship with a man that falls into any of these categories and they're about to go in for a sports competition, you should remind them to keep a positive mindset constantly until the end of the game and wish them the best of luck. Or, you can do this by text, too. 

30. You are made to be a football star

Saying this to a guy who is about to go on the field for his football sport is like invisibly unlocking all his potentials. These words of encouragement are enough to make him play a game without feeling much stress.

It's like a thousand words said in a sentence, and it will melt his heart. This is one of the perfect things to say to encourage your boyfriend before his big game. It will sound better if you say it physically or send it as a voice note over text.

31. It will be another great game

In the spirit of sports, athletes and football players believe in anything you say that will bring them favorable luck. That's because they need every form of encouragement they can get to play.

So, “it will be another great game” is a good way to explain how well you perceive his success in the match, not only as an athlete or footballer but as a member of a team. This, as a text message, will send him more of your support before the sports.

32. Your team is counting on you

This statement to an athlete or football player means “the whole world is counting on you, and you need to do great to make everyone happy.” That's because, before a game, his attention is on how to play and win, so everything you say to them will be exaggerated. 

But telling him this lets him know that if he succeeds, his team does, and if he doesn't, the opposite will happen. Be careful how you tell him this, so you don't make him panic before the game.

33. Wear your champion armor

“Champion armor” will make more sense to your boyfriend if he's goofy and a fan of superhero films or anime. You're telling him to wear his good luck vest before he goes in to play the game. He may not laugh, but it will make him smile and relax a bit. 

A good sense of humor is enough support for your boyfriend before his game, and depending on your relationship, it may just be the right text for him to read at that point.

34. Don’t forget to keep breathing

A “don't forget to keep breathing” text is one of the thoughtful messages to send to your guy before his game. It's your way of saying you still want him alive at the end of the competition, regardless of the result.

It's still a way to say good luck, but you're reminding him not to overthink or play beyond his ability, strength, or limits. This is a good way to support your boyfriend, hence increasing your love for each other.

35. Play like it’s your last

play like it's your last

You're telling him as his cheerleader to play the match as if he'll never have another opportunity to play a game like it anymore. In reality, it's the truth because no two sports or games are alike.

This means he should put in his best effort, enjoy using his time, play a good role on his team, use his skills to the fullest, and make everyone he knows proud of him. You could send it as part of your good luck text to him, so it’s the last thing he sees before going on the field. 

36. Be nice on the field

Of course, football sport has rules for the players and the team as a whole, on and off the field. “Be nice on the field” is more like reminding him not to play rough, which is for his benefit and that of his teammates.

That statement will motivate him and, at the same time, keep his attitude in during the sports competition. It's one of the things you should remember to tell your boyfriend shortly before he goes to play his game.

37. After this sport, we can take a vacation

One way to encourage your boyfriend is to promise him you’ll both do something he has always looked forward to doing. It could be a vacation, dinner date, an accessory he’s always dreamed of having, or something extraordinary to grab his attention.

Remind him of his favorite vacation location or restaurant, and strike a deal with him if he wins. If you say this, that little promise has a way of making a guy put in more effort into his football game and increase the love between both of you. 

38. You’ll always be a genius

A football player or athlete could be battling low self-esteem. If you notice your boyfriend is not too excited about a game or does not believe he can go in to play because of a specific reason, tell him he'll always be a genius.

That naturally brings a feeling of encouragement, high energy, and a boost of confidence to play the game. As his cheerleader, this is one of the things you should say to your boyfriend to support him in his sports.

39. Chest out

Saying “Chest out” to your boyfriend is you as his cheerleader telling him to be brave and ready for the task ahead. You want him to remember how prepared he is and how much he wants to face this with his might.

If you're in a relationship with a tough guy or a man you know wants to be scolded out of his weakness, you could say this to him before he goes on the field to play his football game. But, watch his face or body language to know how he feels about you saying it at that moment.

40. You’re soaring high

Another way to support your boyfriend is to tell him how much he's improving or succeeding. You're letting him know all he needs to do is take another step to play a football game you're sure he will win.

Saying this to your boyfriend is not only supportive of that game; it will encourage him even when you're not around to support him in future sports. You're telling him that no matter the circumstance, he's going higher.

41. Use what you've learned in training

This will encourage him to use everything he has learned so far in preparation for the game, from the training stage to the big day, including every amateur and professional sports tip he needs to win the game. 

It's a way to remind him he has a good foundation to fall back to if he's stranded on the field. You could mention his favorite to boost memory a bit.

42. Beat that world record

Your boyfriend needs to hear this shortly before his game to boost his determination to win. It doesn't matter whether he's on a team or not; it will modify his approach to winning the challenge.

His luck could increase, especially when you tell him he'll still be your number one hero at the end of the game, whether he wins or not. It will make him less stressed and have more fun.

43. Keep your confidence and energy high

keep your confidence and energy high

It would help if you encouraged your boyfriend to keep his level of energy, confidence, and faith in himself high to win the game, especially if he has all the necessary skills to succeed in it.

A combination of all these good factors will bring the best of luck to him. If you can't make it to the sports arena to encourage him physically, you can send it to him as a text message with “good luck in your game today” to summarize it. 

44. I’ll always be your number one fan

When you tell your boyfriend this, it means you don't mind how successful he is; you'll always be his best fan, whether he wins or not. It shows your love and patience for him to become great. 

You may not know it, but that could be one of the greatest good luck wishes he'll get as a footballer or athlete. Being his number one fan and the person he's in love with is one of the best feelings he needs before his game.

45. I’m happy you’ve made it this far

Sometimes it's not just about words of encouragement for the game they're about to play; it's about your boyfriend’s success story, even if they're minor or local wins; they all count.

Reminding your boyfriend of his past successes will give him a reason to be happy, making him know you love him and what he’s doing, and adding to his luck at a better game time for him. 

46. Remember the rules of the game

You'll have to say this if you're in a relationship with a tough man, especially on the field. Remind him of the rules he needs to abide by to pass to the stage of the competition. You'll be surprised how far it will go to encourage him.

It's not a common thing for a man to hear from his partner. It shows how much you've been observing them from training to the final stage of the competition. And, it proves how much you love them to succeed in their game.

47. Keep your light shining

At this point, you're assuring him you already know he's a star and exciting him to keep that light shining for the game and the future ones to come. This would push him to do better while competing. 

It doesn't matter if he hasn't won any award or will win the present one; those are words of encouragement to support him. To add more hype, you could say a good luck prayer for him before he goes out to compete in the field. 

48. Surprise yourself and everyone

Telling your boyfriend this positively exaggerates his skills. It may mean you both don't know he's better at sports than you can perceive, or you could say to bring out the best in him. 

You could tell him this a few seconds before he leaves or send it as part of your good luck wish to him in a text when you know he's still accessible to his phone. Either way, make sure you say this to him before his game.

49. This will be one of your best games

This is more of a prayer of luck to your boyfriend. You're optimistic about him, his potential, the outcome of the sports, and further encouraging him by saying it will be one of his best games. 

It will be more of a springboard to his success in the game. It doesn't matter if his skills are top-notch, amateur, or average; these words of encouragement coming from you are enough for him to compete. 

50. It’s your big day; make it worthy

It's sad for a football player or athlete to lose himself after so much training for a sports competition. The blame may not wholly be on them because game days could be overwhelming with large crowds and many competitors to challenge.

You don't need to notice that to be aware of the pressure they may be facing. So, a little uplifting statement to remind them of how important the day is and to remain focused and positive may be all they need to have the strength to compete. 

51. I’m proud to have you as my boyfriend

i'm proud to have you as my boyfriend

Men love words that boss their ego, whether you say it to them by text, call, face to face, or they hear you tell someone else. They like to feel on top of the world. Telling your boyfriend, you're proud to be in a relationship with him says a lot.

It means you love him for who he has been, who he is, and who he'll be in the future. And he'll feel happy knowing you accept his strengths and wouldn't mind managing his flaws. That's a great motivation for any football player or athlete.


How do you wish your boyfriend good luck?

There are numerous ways to wish your boyfriend the best of luck, whether he’s a football player, an athlete, generally into sports. You can be there to support him physically or send words of encouragement over text before the game. Supportive statements like “I know you can do it” are one of them.

What can I say to hype my boyfriend?

It depends on the kind of boyfriend you have and what is simple or motivating to excite him. You can remind him of the positive things he’s done and nicely exaggerate them, mention his strengths and how much you believe in him, or praise him with different names.

What to say to your boyfriend to make him smile?

Appreciate him for all he does to make you smile and make your relationship work. Tell him how special he is to you and how lucky you are to have him as your boyfriend. You could say how much you love him and how scared you are to lose him as your partner. 

What can I say to my boyfriend to make his heart melt?

There's a long list of cute things to say to meet your boyfriend’s heart. Tell him he's the most important person in your life, and his joy or sadness affects you in a way you can't explain. Mention the little unnoticeable things he does you feel are adorable and romantic.

How do you encourage a man with words?

All a man needs to hear and know is that you love him for what and who he is, his career, and you would do anything to push him towards his success. Remind him of his strengths and how well they’ll help if he uses them to achieve any goal.

In Conclusion

You don't have to be confused about what to say to your boyfriend before his game. All you need to do is tell him how much you love and believe in him. I hope this article has lighted up some tips for you. Please drop a comment and share it with others if you like it.

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