Religious Things Couple Should Do Together During Ramadan

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For Muslims, Ramadan is one of the most beautiful moment. It’s the time where God’s blessing are given abundantly to all believers. That’s why everyone who believe in Islam want to do their best during the 30 days of the month. Most of Muslims agree that Ramadan is even better celebrated with the loved one.

Going through Ramadan as a couple, there are many recommended things to do. Moreover, every good deeds we do together will be blessed by God. Here we are going to give you list of things couple should do together during Ramadan to make it more romantic.

  1. Spiritually Connect to Each Other

In Ramadan, all Muslims look for spiritual blessings from Allah SWT. It’s important to be connected spiritually to each other during this month by doing as many religious deeds as possible.

Doing things such as praying together, eat suhoor together, break fasting together, going to mosque together, making dua together, and seeking for religious knowledge together are among the most recommended things. Also read Is Having A Boyfriend Haram In Islam?

It will draw you closer to Allah SWT as well as to one another. On top of that, you’ll be able to gain rewards and blessing from Allah SWT.

  1. Help Your Partner in Everything They Need

In Ramadan, you will be busier than usual. Waking up way too early to eat suhoor and prepare the food beforehand, going to work in the morning will tire you up. Even so, you have to assist each other in everything you need.

Husbands helping their wives to prepare food, the wives being considerate to their husband, and many more. Especially for husbands, just because the wives don’t work doesn’t mean they’re not tired. Also read How Young Muslims Define Halal Dating for Themselves Based on Islam Laws

  1. Do Charities Together

One of the virtue of Ramadan is that it’s a good month to do charities. Show your gratitude while enjoying togetherness with your loved ones by doing charity together. Giving food for others, donating money to nearest mosque or community, even sending money to old relatives is also form of charity.

Discuss with your spouse about when, where, and what kind of charity you’re going to make. There is also the simplest form of charity, by being a good spouse to your partner.

Show them kindness, say good things only, and avoid fighting with your spouse during Ramadan. Doing charity is among many things couple should do together during Ramadan. Also read Relationship in Islam is Haram?

  1. Seeking for Spiritual Knowledge Together

Ramadan is one special month to get closer to Allah. It is the month of all goodness, the time when Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, the month that is better than a thousand month.

Many Muslims become more devoted during the month, making the most of the benefits during the 30 days of fasting. Challenge your spouse, as well as yourself, to become spiritually better in Ramadan.

Seek for forgiveness, repent from your sin, and recite the Quran together. If neither of you is knowledgeable enough, study Islam together. Attend lectures, reading books, or watching YouTube videos.

  1. Make Fasting a Fun Activities

If you already have kids and they’re at the age to start learning about fasting, make it fun activities instead. When kids are just learning how to fast, they will feel extreme hunger and giving up in the middle.

So it’s your task to make fun activities during fast by involving your spouse as well. Playing games during the day, asking the kids to help preparing food for iftar and many more. This way you can be more connected to each other as family. Also read Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife

  1. Recite Quran Together

Ramadan is the best month to seek for blessing from Allah. Spend Ramadan doing many religious activities such as reciting Quran together. It’s a highly blessing deed which is more beautiful to be done together as a couple. You can get immersed in the beautiful voice of your spouse while they’re reciting the words of God.

You can do it comfortably at home, any time you want. Moreover, you may get double blessing by reminding each other to do good.

  1. Do Congregation Prayer with Them

Another things couple should do together during Ramadan is doing the prayer in congregation. Indeed, you can do this outside Ramadan but as many other deeds, this one will be specially rewarded by Allah.

Doing spiritual things together will draw you closer to each other, deepens each other’s love, and make you a better person. Also read Converting to Islam for Marriage, What to Expect

  1. Stay Romantic

In Ramadan, all Muslims must suppress all desire, especially sexual ones. You’re not allowed to have sex during fasting, as it may break your fast right away. But it doesn’t mean you have to stop being romantic with your spouse.

The beloved Prophet Muhammad was a romantic person, and he used to kiss his wife while fasting. Taking from the example, you have to remain romantic to your spouse.

  1. Make Time to be with Each Other

Whether you realize it or not, you may get busier during Ramadan. Waking up earlier, spending the night doing religious things, and still doing normal activities in the day. Your time to be together with your spouse definitely decreasing. Also read How is the Relationship After Engagement in Islam?

Make time to be together just alone, without the children. You can do whatever you want to do, though it’s better if you spend the time doing religious deeds together.

  1. Eat Iftar and Suhoor Together

One of the most romantic thing to do as couple during Ramadan is eating iftar and suhoor together.It’s something you rarely have in normal days. Make the most out of it and spend every break fasting with your spouse.

  1. Make Dua Secretly

Ramadan is the month where all prayer or dua is highly accepted. Make as many dua as you want. For your happiness, blessing for marriage, and health for your family. Make dua specially for your spouse secretly, so that it feels more romantic.

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  1. Prepare for Eid Al Fitr Together

Eid al Fitr is a celebration for all Muslims in the whole world. It’s when all families and relatives gathers. Prepare for the day together with your spouse. If you want to visit your parents back at hometown, pack the things together and prepare for the trip.

So those are all the things couple should do together during Ramadan. May Allah always bless us this Ramadan and allow us to meet the next Ramadan.

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