Converting to Islam for Marriage, What to Expect?

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Islam is a strict religion when it comes to marriage. A Muslim is forbidden to get married to another religion. Which means, someone who is not a Muslim should convert first. However, converting to Islam is not something simple. There are a lot to be considered since being a Muslim means willing to worship Allah as a sole God and ready to do all His command, which many of them might be really different from the current religion.

Converting to Islam for Marriage, What to Expect?

Converting to Islam should be done with the right intention. If somebody is willing to convert because he wants to get married to a Muslim, his faith is questionable. For someone who convert to Islam without falling in love to Islam, the future will be really hard.

First of all, set the intention right so that there will be no regret in the future. Grow love for Islam deep inside the heart, learn to love Allah first, then convert.

Before converting to Islam, here are some things to consider:

1. The Religious Side

Don't convert to Islam only because you want to get married. Many people face problems in the future because he doesn't really love Islam. He loves a Muslim so he converted to Islam. While in Islam, your love for Allah and the religion must be bigger than your love to a Muslim. Consider about the life and future you will have if you convert to Islam. Also read Reasons Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy

2. Understanding Islam

Just because you want to marry a Muslim, things won't end once you convert and marry her. Heavier responsibilities followed afterwards. You should understand the true meaning of being a Muslim, which means you have to obey Allah's command and stay away from anything he forbid. It might be hard because most of Islam's rules are different with other religion.

3. What Your Partner Expect

Converting to Islam should never be taken lightly. It involves a lifetime commitment to a religion. And for your information, Islam doesn't tolerate converting. Which means once you committed to be a Muslim, you have to be a Muslim until your death. Converting to another religion considered a big, unforgivable sin.

Before converting, have a deep thoughts and talk with your partner. What would they expect from you. You should also judge how religious they are. Since they might expect you to be on the same level as them in terms of faith. Also read How is the Relationship After Engagement in Islam?

4. How Will Your Family Reacts

When you are weighing on converting to Islam, what to expect from your family? It's the most important thing to consider. You have to talk about this with your family. Not all families have a liberal view which they easily accept differences and doesn't think much about what God you worship. But if your family is devoted to your current religion, it might be hard for them to accept.

5. How Will You Raise the Family

Departing from different religion, even though one of you have converted, the difference is undeniable in marriage life. It's almost impossible for you to embrace your identity as Muslim right away. You may have a different way to raise your family, and it should be consider before you start the marriage. Having a realization that your marriage life would be different from others is a good start to anticipate of what may going on. Also read Relationship in Islam is Haram?

6. Receiving the Social Reaction

While your family is welcoming your choice, the society might think otherwise. Even though the probably doesn't have anything to do with your life, they will surely gossiping about your decision. Especially when you are joining a community at your church or something, some of them might be badmouthing you and provoke others to avoid you. Whatever it is, always be prepared for the worst.

7. Embracing the New Life As a Muslim

The real challenge begins not when you are making decision to convert. It comes afterwards. The life you have to get through after converting to Islam is entirely different with your previous life. Islam has some principal acts to do daily and some obligations that should be done in any condition.

It is including five times of obligatory prayers a day, starting from the dawn to the night. Fasting for the whole 30 days during Ramadan, and many more customs and tradition to follow. It will be better for you to do research about life as a Muslim before diving into the pool. Also read Relationship in Islam About Husband and Wife

8. Studying Islam Beforehand

If you decide to convert to Islam without giving much thinking, you might be in a big shock afterwards. Make sure you have done research about Islam, so that you have a general picture about the religion.

At least you should know who the Muslim worship, what kind of worship they did, and more of the main principal in Islam. You should also know about the Quran, what contained in the Quran and what roles does Quran play in a Muslim's life. Before converting, make sure that you know Muhammad, the last Prophet that Muslims believe as a Messenger of Allah. Those basic knowledge helps you set your heart and there's a big chance you'll be falling in love with Islam during those process. Also read Wedding Ring in Islam

When you are converting to Islam for marriage, what to expect is beyond your imagination. It's not as simple as getting hitched to a Muslim but you should embrace yourself as the real Muslim. Living a completely new life and shifting your belief from the previous religion. Islam doesn't know duality so you heart, mind, and soul must be devoted only to Islam.

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