How to Tell Someone You're Gay Without Saying It - Make Them Respect You

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being gay is not an easy identity to carry because people can look at you differently because of that and it makes our heart break every time it happens. But it is still extremely important to be honest with who you are to make your life better.

Coming out is never an easy matter. It requires courage and strength. But even if you haven’t mustered up all that needed courage and strength to expose your identity to the world, there is always a better way. The answer is by not saying it directly. Sounds interesting?

Try these ways on how to tell someone you're gay without saying it :

  1. Gush Over How Hot Someone Is On Text

You can non-directly tell someone that you’re gay by suddenly gushing over how hot a guy is through text. Simply send the guy’s pic to the chat room and talk about how great he is.

  1. Like Posts Of Men On Social Media

People can see what you like in social media. That is why it is the perfect Signs of a Guy Being Gay 

  1. Follow Men Models On Social Media

This is another way to let your social media foot steps to do the work for you. Men models is a clear hint and it’s not a bad account to follow anyway, right?

  1. Post A Story In Instagram With Your Boyfriend

If you already have a boyfriend you haven’t introduced to the world, show them through social media with Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend  as the caption to that post.

  1. Join Pride Parade

This doesn’t say that you’re gay but it shows that you are open to this idea. In the end, small acts like this accumulates to their understanding that you are gay.

  1. Show Support For The LGBTQ+ Community

Showing support can be done by saying it clearly in social media, using the lgbtq flag in some things in your life, and many more.

  1. Get Drunk And Play A Truth Or Dare Game

This is an easy way to confess. Being drunk has an advantage of you pretending to forget what you said that moment, meaning you can get away with what you said.

  1. Comment On How Gorgeous A Man Is Nonchalantly

When walking in the street, casually say how hot a men is or use the Real Signs He Likes You .This is a simple act that will certainly open a conversation.

  1. Have A Conversation With The People In Your Life About LGBTQ In General

Frequently having a conversation about LGBTQ lets you know what people thinks about that topic. It also lets them know that you’re excited about that topic a little more than normal.

  1. Say No To Dates With Woman

When you are presented with a choice to date a women, simply say that you have no interest in them because deep inside, you’re searching for signs he's boyfriend material.

  1. Make Up Excuses As To Why You Are Not Dating

Too much excuses for a man like you will soon be suspicious. Are you really enjoying this loneliness or is there something you are not telling the world?

  1. Like A Lot Of Coming Out Video On Youtube

Another tips on leaving trails on the internet. Liking a lot of coming out videos on Youtube reveals your inner desire to come out. Make this more clear by sharing the link to that video in your social media.

Signs That Other People Are Understanding Your Hints

If you’ve done the ways on how to tell someone you're gay without saying it the right way, you’ll soon see the signs that people are understanding and even accepting your identity:

  1. They Ask You About It

The simple thing they’ll do is to ask you about it. This will probably be done privately and finally you can come out to them.

  1. They Show Support For LGBTQ

The other non-direct way they understand your hint is by showing support for LGBTQ and claiming that they can accept everyone for who they are, which includes you.

  1. Showing Their Openness To Be There For You

They suddenly say that they’ll be there if you need to talk and they say Sweet Things to Say to Your Best Friend 

  1. Meeting You With A Date

This time, the date is exactly your type which is men.

It really doesn’t take much to start being honest with the world about who you are. All it takes is for you to use the ways on how to tell someone you're gay without saying it. Then, you’ll soon see how great it is to experience life confidently with your whole identity.

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