Effects Of Drug Abuse On Society Family Friends Work And School

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In this modern era, cases of drug abuse or illegal drugs continue to increase from year to year. Many people have become addicted to these illicit goods because of their bad ways. This not only can have a bad influence, but it also has a bad influence on the country because the developed countries come from the next generation who are healthy, intelligent and of good character. adolescents become the main target for narcotics dealers not because of no reason but, this is all because of adolescents who are easily influenced by the lure especially in their age who have high curiosity and are still exploring the search for identity. No wonder the sale of narcotics among adolescents is selling well, making huge profits for narcotics sellers.

Narcotics come from three types of plants, namely opium, cannabis, coca. Drug dependence can be interpreted as a condition that encourages a person to consume illegal drugs repeatedly or continuously. If you someone who addicted at drugs and he don’t do consume drugs which results in feelings of discomfort and even a very painful feeling to the body.

Narcotics are substances or drugs that come from plants or not plants, both synthetic and semi-synthetic which can cause a decrease or change of consciousness, loss of pain and can cause dependence. The types of narcotics include papaver plants, raw opium, ripe opium, medicinal opium, morphine, cocaine, ecgonina, cannabis, and marijuana plants. Salts and derivatives of morphine and cocaine, as well as mixtures and preparations containing the ingredients mentioned above.

Effects of drug abuse on society family friends work and school

1. Changes in attitude or personality

Changes in attitude are very visible and the attitude changes become very negative which will change the personality of people who consume drugs themselves because people who have used illicit goods can no longer think clearly. This makes it difficult to sort out which are good and bad for him because his mind has been damaged due to excessive consumption of narcotics so that it is difficult to adapt in the community or school or workplace.

2. Reducing discipline and learning values

Declining discipline because of the influence of narcotics makes people reluctant to follow the rules that bind themselves. For them the binding rule does not exist and their love for high freedom makes them think the rule does not exist and the rule namely self-regulation.

This makes people who are still in school and have been addicted to illicit goods that have dropped in value because of decreased concentration and thinking power caused by damage to nerve cells in the brain due to excessive consumption of narcotics. and drug workers can reduce performance which should be maximized for the company.

3. Uncontrolled emotional nature

The uncontrolled emotional side often makes people who take narcotics irritable and irritable. The influence of narcotics is high and makes them highly hallucinating can often cause a high sense of emotion.

It happens when they wake up from hallucinations and see the reality that is not in accordance with their expectations or dreams will make them angry and upset and disappointed because they can not accept the truth.

4. Become very lazy person

They will be very lazy in carrying out any work because there is no effort to achieve their goals because for them narcotics and beauty are hallucinations.

High hallucinatory world makes them think too easily because there is nothing they want to achieve because what they want to achieve is dissolved in the world of hallucinations, making them lazy and have no fighting value

5. Can be dangerous from family’s health

As a result of consuming excessive narcotics will make their immune system become weak so that, it is very easy to be attacked by various dangerous diseases that may decrease to their families and themselves.

If attacked by a dangerous disease, of course, endanger their health and make their age meet death sooner because the body's immune system that is supposed to be strong to protect themselves from various diseases actually becomes damaged and helpless. Read more : What Should I Do If I Think My Neighbors Are Dealing Drugs

6. Willing to commit a crime for drugs

Quite often the teens are determined to commit criminal acts to get drugs like they are willing to steal when they are pressed and do not have money to buy bad things.

Efforts to prevent the spread of drugs should be our shared responsibility. In this case all parties including parents, teachers and the community must play an active role in alerting the threat of drugs to adolescents. Therefore, from now on we as health workers, educators, educators and as parents, must be alert and alert, of the dangers of drugs that can trap our children at any time. With the various efforts mentioned above, let us guard and supervise our children, from the dangers of these drugs, so that our hopes to channel an intelligent and resilient generation in the future can be realized properly.

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