Tips on How to Get Brendon Urie to Notice You (100% Works!)

Last updated on June 16, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Who doesn’t love Brendon Urie? Having been around for about 15 years, our love for him never fade out. Aside of his charming voice, ridiculously handsome voice, and great performance on stage, he has many more to love.

In addition of all of those above, he is humorous. When a guy is handsome and capable of making us laugh, what’s more we look for? If you are not so familiar with this good looking human being, go check out his latest collaboration with Taylor Swift for her new album entitled “Me”. A hundred percent you’ll find out about him more.

For those who have been crazy with him, we’re going to give you these most useful tips on how to get Brendon Urie notice you in any way possible. Let’s find out what are those. Are you ready?

Fast Profile About Brendon Urie

Easy, guys. Before we’re getting into the main course, let’s warm up a bit. Just to refresh your mind and giving little information for those who’s not so familiar, Brendon Urie is the lead vocalist of Panic! At The Disco.

The band made their debut back in 2004 and is still going until today. The members changed several times, leaving him the only original one.

He plays instruments such as guitars, pianos, keyboards, bass, drums, and percussions. Just one of the reasons why we love him. Not only he’s active as a musician, he’s also becoming an actor. Also read How to Make Someone Famous Notice You on Instagram

From 26 May 2017 to 6 August 2017, Brendon Urie starred in Cyndi Lauper’s Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Kinky Boots. He’s gotten to play as Charlie Prince, the leading role. He’s also a notable composer, wrote a song for SpongeBob Squarepants musical back in 2015.

Not only in showbiz area, Brendon Urie also works to spread kindness. June 2018 he launched Highest Hopes Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocate human rights, as well as supporting discriminated communities. He funded the foundation by donating USD 1 million. Also read How to Get Ellen DeGeneres to Notice You

How to Get Brendon Urie to Notice You

Now here’s the real deal. Below are the possible ways on how to get Brendon Urie to notice you by any means.

  1. Write to His Official Fan Mail

This might be a very traditional, old fashioned way to reach your celebrity crush but who says this didn’t work? You can definitely get Brendon Urie to notice you by sending him letter to his official fan mail address.

Letter, as in papers and envelope. And, yes, they are all sent to the star himself. There are an occasion where Brendon opened all the fan mail he’s got with journalist Dan Harris in a show named Nightline. Also read Why You Should Love BTS

Feel free to send him whatever (nothing harmful, though). Here is the address for his official fan mail: 901 N Fairfax Ave. , #176 Los Angeles CA 90046-7203. Good Luck!

  1. Watch His Live Stream on Twitch

Another way to find Brendon Urie and get him notice you. Yes, y’all, he is on Twitch. Twitch itself is the “world’s leading live steaming platform for gamers and the things we love”, according to the description on its official website.

Get yourself a Twitch account and never miss the livestream from your favorite singer. You can find Brendon Urie on Twitch by going to During his livestream, make sure you leave comment and you’ve got a big chance for him to notice you! Mission accomplished.

  1. Mention Him on Twitter

Thank God there’s social media. This magical phenomenon of the 21st century has bring tons of benefits to our lives and it continues to do so. One of them making us easier to connect with our favorite stars, something that is almost impossible in the past. Also read Tips on How to Get Shane Dawson to Notice You

So the next answer on how to get Brendon Urie to notice you is by mentioning him on Twitter. His official account is @brendonurie or you can reach through his band @PanicAtTheDisco where Brendon serves as vocalist. Make sure your mention worth replying.

  1. Attend His Concert

Panic at the Disco is a famous band with number of hit songs and they’re still going from concerts to concerts until today. It’s where you can see him in person and listening to his perfect voice.

Attending the concert alone is not enough since there will be thousands of people. You can get him notice you by standing out among other spectators. You can bring neon banner, dressing up interestingly, or anything that might caught his eyes.

  1. Leave Comments on His YouTube Channel

Not exactly his YouTube channel. His group’s YouTube channel to be more exact. Panic! At The Disco channel regularly shares update and videos, which are treat for their fans. All you have to do is subscribe to the channel and leave comment.

Once again, make sure your comment stands out. We can’t really know which one will caught their attention but it’s always worth to try. Also read How to Get EXO Notice You During Their Concert

So those are all we’ve got on how to get Brendon Urie to notice you. We wish you lucky again so that the handsome Brendon would notice you in any way possible.

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