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Last updated on May 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Thank God, there’s Instagram! One of the best things why we all should be thankful is because we get so see our favorite celebrity closer than ever before.

In the past, all we can do was to wait for them appear on TV or reading their interview in magazine. Well, now we can hear directly from them even see the photos they took themselves.

Yes, Instagram has demolished the barrier between celebrities and friends. Chances are, they might notice your existence through the social media. Is it possible? It highly is.

You must have heard stories from people around the world who could get in touch with someone famous through Instagram. Some of them even get a follow back! Who in the world doesn’t want it?

But, let alone get followed back, how to make someone famous notice you on Instagram? We’ve got some useful tricks only for you. Let’s check them out.

  1. Follow Them First

Okay, it’s impossible for you to get noticed if you didn’t follow them at the first place. You can follow as many famous people as you want. The thing is, the more followers they have, the harder for you to get noticed. Also read Ways to Get a Man Like Noah Centineo

For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has 148 million, Selena Gomez with 144.5 million, and Ariana Grande wraps up the big three with 138.8 million.

We have a good suggestions: start from somebody with less followers.

  1. Share Your Photos with Them

Who said you can’t send your pictures to your favorite celebrity? This may sound random and absurd, but you have to hear this story about Kylie Melbourn. The teenager from Chicago, USA is such a huge fan of Austin Mahone and she wanted him to notice her. Guess what she did?

She edited many of her photos using Instagram filter and got them sent to the singer. She initially did that because she want to photos to be saved to her camera roll and had no other choice but send them to other people. She chose Austin Mahone because she’s a fan. And, yes, the singer replying back to her!

  1. Be Kind

Kindness is touching, and it’s no exception for someone famous. This is another story from a fan you can learn from. Elvira Nordstrom luckily get noticed by Chris Hemsworth for her kind act.

She accidentally received more than 216 private photos from the star’s iPhone due to the mistake of a photo shop staff in Australia. She can easily sell them off for money but she chose not to hurt her favorite celebrity.

She posted a shout out on her Instagram’s story, directly mentioning Hemsworth and telling him that she’d returned her photo. It took less than 24 hours for her to get DM from the Thor star, thanking her for protecting his privacy. Also read Why You Should Love BTS

  1. Leaving Comments on Their Photos

Feel free to make comments on a celebrity photos. Many people do that, though. But if you want your comment to get noticed – through like or reply – you should make the extraordinary one.

If you write “You’re gorgeous” or “I’m your big fan”, you likely will not get noticed. Why? Because first, they know they’re gorgeous and second, they have millions of big fans.

How to make someone famous notice you on Instagram? Leave a funny or sarcastic comments on their photos. Well, you might not be successful in the first try but it’s worth to. We never know which comment will they like so you have to try various kind. Also read Taylor Swift Best Breakup Songs to Listen After a Breakup

Just try not to leave hate comments. You will be noticed and even got replied – like the one Justin Bieber did the other day – but you will be bashed by everyone and you won’t be able to brag it to your friends.

  1. Be Quick!

You know Instagram has a “turn on post notification” feature so you must make the most out of it. Be the first person to comment their photos. Every time. After twenty-something photos – or less – they should have notice you. But making strike as the first commenter would really tough, though.

On top of that, you have to make sure your comment is interesting enough for them to reply. Don’t write something like “first comment” the way you did to your best friend because they won’t reply it.

  1. Show Your Talent

Another way to get famous people notice you on Instagram: display your talent. The one that related to them. Say you like a singer, do a cover of their songs, post on Instagram and make sure they are tagged.

If they don’t notice you at the first try, don’t give up. Well, you might have to do a full album cover for them to notice but if it’s your crush, it definitely worth it. Also read Why Should You Never Date a Musician

  1. Engage in an Organization They Promote

Many celebrities have their own foundation or promoting certain organization to encourage everyone for kindness. Participate in whatever campaign they’re in so you can use the opportunity to get noticed by them. You’re this kind of exemplary fan they can brag to other fans.

  1. Give Positive Messages

If you really like a celebrity, let them know they’re more than just entertainer, but they have inspired you in certain ways. For example, you can thank Jonas Brothers for their comeback as their songs used to pump your spirit. These celebrities will be glad if they know they have left a positive impact to their fans.

So those are all the ways how to make someone famous notice you on Instagram. There are many other ways for sure. You can also invented one that you think would trigger their attention. Wish you a big luck then! One more thing, don’t give up.

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