How to Tell Your Parents You Used Their Credit Card - The Best Time to Tell Them

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You purchased something with your parents’ credit card and they don’t know about it yet. The guilt is killing you!

So here’s how tell your parents you used their credit card right now:

1. Tell the Truth

Come clean and tell your parents the truth. It’s the best way for them to know the truth.Don’t try to say a single lie about it.

Mixing up the truth with a lie won’t be good in this kind of serious situation. Did you know that an honest personality is also one of the Ways to Make Your Boyfriend’s Parents Like You?

2. Make No Excuse

Make no excuse for your behaviour. Trying to make yourself look innocent won’t work.

The deed is done and you just have to own up to it. Making excuses will only make you even more untrustworthy. It's also one of the best Ways to Tell Your Parents That Your Girlfriend is Pregnant at Sixteen.

3. Say You’re Really Sorry

Say you’re really, truly sorry about it to your parents. Mean what you say. Put on a serious face.

Using their credit card without their permission is a breach of trust. Show remorse and they’ll try to understand you.

4. Promise It Won’t Happen Again

Make a promise to make it up to them. Tell them that it won’t happen again. It was a one time thing.

They won’t catch you doing it again. You’ve learned your lesson.

5. You Did It Out of Desperation

Let your parents know that you did it out of desperation. Your money weren’t enough.

Or you had no other way to pay for what you wanted. So you decided to use their credit card without thinking too much.

6. There was a Good Deal

If you used their credit card because there was a good deal then say so. It’s understandable to want to save money. But the way you did it was not right.

7. You Were Curious

Was it the first time you ever used a credit card? Did your curiousity got the best of you? Tell that to your parents.

You only wanted to know what happened. Using it made you feel like an adult. Although now you know that it’s wrong. Perhaps your credit card usage was also one of the good Ways to Get over Your Parent’s Divorce for you.

The Best Time to Tell Your Parents

Your timing matters. These are the best times on how to tell your parents you used their credit card:

1. After Dinner

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Everybody’s feeling full. Everyone’s feeling happy. It’s the right time to drop the news.

Avoid telling them before meal time. Hunger could make them angrier with you. They would also lose a bit of their appetite.

2. On the Way to School

If your parents take you to school then now is the time to tell them. Before they could even get the chance to shout at you, get out of the vehicle. Run to school and deal with it once you get home.

3. When They’re in a Good Mood

Keep your eyes peeled for your parents’ behaviour. Do they seem like they’re in a good mood?

Go straight ahead and tell them what you did. You might ruin their day a bit. But at least they won’t lash out too harshly. This is also How to Tell Your Christian Parents You’re Bisexual.

4. In a Public Space

Why a public space? There are people around. When you talk to your parents in a crowded place, they can’t show their emotions too much.

You can lessen their anger a bit. This is also a good way How to Tell Your Parents That You Broke Up with Your Boyfriend.

5. When You’re about to Leave the House

This can also work in your favour. Quickly tell them what you did as you’re about to leave the house to meet some friends or for an appointment.

You’ll give them some time to process the news. They won’t be able to react negatively right away.

6. Before Report Cards are Out

If you’re worried that your report report card is going to be bad, then you have to tell your parents about the credit card as soon as possible. There’s no way that you would want them to receive 2 bad news for you.

Unless you’re pretty confident that you did really well in school. They might even be lenient about the credit card.

7. Before the Statements are In

You won’t be able to run away from the truth. Make sure you’ve talked to your parents before the statements are in. It’s always better for them to know what happened directly from you.

Don’t be scared and overthink of all the ways how to tell your parents you used their credit card. They might be nicer than you think as long as you’re honest with them.

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