How To Tell Your Parents That You Broke Up With Your Boyfriend

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Having a break up is very hard. It makes you loss your appetite. It makes you stressed. It seems like everything you do is wrong. It leaves a big hole in your heart that seems like no one could ever fill again.


How To Tell Your Parents That You Broke Up With Your Boyfriend

While facing a break up is hard, it's harder when your family is involved. They might ask you "why is your boyfriend not coming over?" Or, "it's been so long since the last time I saw your boyfriend." You just cannot tell them that you are no longer together with him. But worry not, we have prepared some good tips to tell your parents that you broke up with your boyfriend;

1. Have A Good Dinner

It would be weird if you just tell your family about the break up. They might ask you more things when you are not facing them directly. Instead, invite your parents over for a dinner. You can start by a light topic like how is your feelings this week, what makes you feel that way, etc.

2. Don't Be Too Specific

don't be too specific

After talking about your feelings, tell them directly about the break up. They might give you different reactions depending on how intense your relationship with your ex was. If it was intense enough that your mother expects him to be your husband, they could show you that they are disappointing. But don't worry, all parents just want the best for their children.

3. Tell Them You're Better Off Without Him

If they look worried, tell them that the break up is for the best. Tell them that this is what you want because you just cannot handle him anymore. Tell them that you are able to get your freedom back after the break up. You have to make them understand that the break up is your choice, your best choice.

4. State The Reasons Why You Broke Up

If they still cannot understand , state the reasons why the break up happened. You could tell them the habits you cannot handle of him. Or maybe the shady text messages you read on his phone. Tell them that leaving him is the best thing you have done for your self.

At the end of the day, it's your relationship, not theirs. Don't let their opinion affects your choice in your relationship. That's how to tell your parents that you broke up with your boyfriend.

Tips To Get Over Your Break Up

The result of your break up could be devastating. Especially after you tell your parents that you broke up with your boyfriend. Even the strongest person will have a hard time when they broke up with the loved one. That's why we prepared some tips to get over the break up quickly; 

1. Allow Yourself To Cry

allow yourself to cry

Ending a relationship could leave a big scar in your heart. What you have to know is it's okay to not be okay during that time. Instead of holding back all your emotions, you can just let it out. You can scream, cry, listen to a heartbreak playlist, whatever you want that can help you to relieve your sadness.

But remember, don't overdo it otherwise it might be hard for you to get over the break up. After crying your heart out, you can always do the things to make yourself happy after a break up.

2. Stop Stalking Him

Stalking their social media will do you no good. You will just wonder how can he moves on that fast while you are still grieving over him. That's why, you need to stop.

You can even block them if you think the urge to stalk is too hard to resist. That way you can enjoy your day without being reminded of him. If later you feel that you are ready to have them back as a friend, you can always unblock him. You have to stop loving someone who doesn't love you anymore.

3. Remember The Bad Memories

Sometimes the one thing that makes it hard for you to forget about him completely is the memories you had with him. Everything you do will remind you of him. So, instead of reminiscing the good memories, remember the bad one.

While drinking coffee, think about that one he spilled his coffee on your favorite dress. While you're about to sleep, think about how he always snores out loud in his sleep. Imagine if you have to go through all of that in your life, that way you can be sure that the break up is the best choice.

4. Go On A Trip

go on a trip

Allow yourself to enjoy your life. Visit new places you have not visited before. As you know, fresh air can help you to clear out your mind. You can even meet new people there. This will help you to realize that you have many people and your ex is not the only one that you have. You have to move on from your relationship.

5. Rely On Your Friends

When you are faced with a break up, you might feel unworthy of yourself. This is not good for you. You can reach out to your friends who appreciate you. That way you can be reminded of what a good person you are. Not only that, it will also help you to get over the break up quickly, because you have someone to rely on.

After all, you need to get through a heartbreak in your life. Getting over a break up takes time, what you have to know is that no matter how slow your pace is, you will always able to get through it. Aside from these tips, there are more things to do after your partner breaks up with you.

That's all the tips you can do to tell your parents that you broke up with your boyfriend. You have to remember that whatever they have to say, the choice is always in your hand. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start to invite them for a dinner.

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