What to Say When Your Ex-Boyfriend Contacts You Again

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After a breakup, there's a chance your ex-boyfriend will contact you again. By then, several things could have happened. You could have moved on, forget him altogether, even got yourself a new boyfriend.

In another case, you still can't get over him and missed him so much. The last case is when the breakup left no feeling other than utter hate towards him. Maybe he cheated on you and you won't talk to him ever again. Maybe he asks you out and you don't want to go.

Do, what to say when he contacted you again? This guide covers all possible circumstances. You can pick whichever works for you, depending on your situation. We recommend using neutral responses, it shows that's you've been coping up well with the breakup and you've moved on.

But you can also use the confrontational responses if you want to release that pent up anger. Lastly, there are responsive ones if you want to get back to him again.

The Neutral Talk 

1. Hello, how are you? I hope everything great.
2. Hey, what's up? Do you still have your stuff at my place?
3. Someone's died?
4. Everything is great in my life right now. I hope yours too.
5. Thank you for the birthday wish. (If he contacts you on your birthday).
6. I'm good, how are you? I've been dating lately. You should do the same thing.
7. My work has been great, I got a promotion last week.
8. Hey, thanks for checking out? How's your family? Your dad is alright now, isn't he?
9. Hey, I bumped into your new girlfriend last night. She seems nice.
10. I'm great. I'm dating this wonderful guy. He's so gentleman and everything.
11. I forgive you, Matt. But we can be together again, you know that.
12. I had a great time with you. It was not exactly a perfect relationship, but I learned a lot.
13. It's been hard. But I've been coping well. I went out with friends a lot.
14. It's been hard. But I have a lot of time for friends and family now. I also have plenty of time for my hobbies.
15. We can meet sometime as friends. You should meet Joe, my new boyfriend.
16. I heard that you're engaged. Congratulations!
17. We should have a double date sometime.
18. These past few years have been great. I can't believe I'm engaged now! I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

The Confrontational Talk 

19. I told you to never call me again!
20. Sorry, I'm busy, I'll call you later. (but you never call him back)
21. I can't talk to you right now
22. Please never call me again or I will block you
23. Stop sending me text messages, I don't want to talk to you.
24. I don't like it if you keep contacting me, I have a new boyfriend now.
25. I need to go back to work
26. I told you to never call me at work!
27. Are you lonely? Where's that girl you're cheating on me with?
28. I'm sorry I have my boyfriend now who's not a jerk.
29. I can't talk to you, I'm on vacation.
30. I don't believe anything you said, especially about how you missed me. So shut up.
31. Is it not enough that you hurt me once? Do you want to hurt me again?
32. I'm not gonna fall to your bullshit again, Joe!
33. I'm done playing games with you. Stop calling me!
34. No, I won't go out with you again.
35. I still can't forgive you. How dare you contact me again after what you did to me.
36. I know you only call me when you're lonely, not because you actually miss me!
37. Sorry, I don't have time for a cheating douchebag like you.
38. See? I told you you're never going to find a girl as good as me. You blew your only chance.
39. Sorry, not in a lifetime I will be going out with you again. Not even if I get paid a million dollar.

The Vulnerable and responsive Talk 

40. Hey, how are you? I missed you.
41. Want to catch up on dinner sometimes?
42. A remember one year ago today, we met
43. It's great to hear from you again, I've been wondering
44. Do you think we ever going back to what we were before?
45. I've been thinking about us a lot lately.
46. I can't stop thinking about you. I lost sleep over you.
47. I just miss the times we were together
48. Do you want to start dating again?
49. Let's meet again this weekend? What do you think?
50. I want to try one more time. Giving a second chance.
51. I want you to know that I missed you too.
52. I'm glad that you still think about me. Because I do too.
53. I'm great. It's just not the same without you.
54 Please come back, I miss you.

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