How Do Guys Move On So Quickly After A Bad Breakup?

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When a breakup happen, both guys and girls going through the same pain, the same sorrow, and the same hard time to forget it. But how do guys move on so quickly after a bad breakup that it hurts you even more? This often makes you question their sincerity when you were in a relationship. They seem to have it easy and cheered up in a short period of time.

How Do Guys Move On So Quickly After a Bad Breakup

The fact that they move on way quicker that you do make you think they have all the signs of a bad boyfriend material and you shouldn't date him in the first place. However, it's not always the case. Guys surely have different way of thinking as well as coping with breakup. While women tend to complicate things, guys always simplified everything. No dramas in their life.

You can take some good lessons from the ways how do guys move on so quickly after a bad breakup.

1. They Hide It Well

Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. They don't move on easier or quicker, they just hiding it so well. They don't want their sadness to take over their life and they want to be in control of it. They hide it so that it looks like they have moved on while they're broken inside.

2. Guys Know How to Enjoy Their Life

To be honest, guys know better how to have fun rather than women do. It's why they seem very happy even after a bad breakup. They know how to enjoy life and dedicate all their time and self to get engage in it. It's a very good way to find a new happiness.

3. The Time Has Not Come Yet

For your information, women's life ruined when they just breakup but a guy's life starts right after the breakup or what it's what they thought. They find themselves free and have many ways how to cheer yourself up after a bad breakup with your lover in their hand. But after some time, when you have perfectly move on from them, they start to show some regret over the breakup.

4. They See the Future in an Optimistic Way

Women often feel pessimistic after a break up while a man never do. They never though that they won't meet a woman with the same quality as the previous one. In fact, they're very optimistic that a better woman will come and it keep them alive. They always eager to wait for the woman to finally come.

5. The Rely on Their Friends

Guys don't want to get through breakup alone. They call up their friends, share their story, and rely on them to find happiness once more. And in case you haven't know about it yet, friends are the best medicine you could have after a really terrible breakup. You'll forget about your sadness once you're with them.

6. They Don't Sincerely Love

It hurts but it's possible. When someone didn't love enough, why would they be sorry for the breakup. Instead, they find themselves set free from what they thought a cage all along. They don't need to find ways to move on since breakup is what they want. You must throw away this kind of guy and never give them opportunity to enter your life once again.

7. They Want to Appear Strong in front of You

Imagine what will you take them as if you see them going overly sad after the breakup. All they see is the smug, satisfy look in your face since you smell of victory in there. Guys won't lose so that they appear as strong as they can in front of you. It doesn't matter how broken they are on the inside as long as you don't know about it.

8. They Shift Their Energy to Positive Things

This is the lesson you have to learn from guys on how they deal with a breakup. Instead of locking yourself up in your room and spend the day crying, go outside and do things to waste your energy. It brings you more happiness for sure. You're not the only one who have the reasons why you don't need boyfriend to be happy. They have it as well.

9. Their Self Esteem Never Let Them to be Broken

Guys have a stronger image than woman and thus, their self esteem is higher. They will never let themselves appear broken and lose in front of anyone, especially their ex after a breakup no matter how bad it was. All they want is to look cool and reliable as if breakup is nothing for them.

10. They Hookup with New Girls

Who can make a guy forget a woman if it's not another woman? It's not wrong to get hooked up with other girls after all since they're newly single. So why don't you try this kind of ways to forget your ex too? Meeting up with new person help them to distract their thought from their ex. It's a bonus that they fall in love with this new woman too.

11. They Spend Their Time Meaningfully

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You must admit that guys are faster in finding new things to do to distract themselves after breakup. They know how to spend their time and gain enjoyment out of it. Since men hardly crying, they may throw their burning emotion in a meaningful way such as sport competition.

Going through the same thing but deal with it in different ways. It's how do guys move on so quickly after a bad breakup, or seems like so. Of course they have it as bad as you but they surely have different approach on moving on so that it appears easy for you when it's actually not.

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