Warning Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend Material

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He may be the best boyfriend when you have just start dating. But as the time passed by, he is not who he was anymore. You start wondering whether he has lost his interest in you or it's the heartbreaking Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You. There can be many causes, but it also could be that it's the real him. Recognize the signs of a bad boy material from him before it's too late:


1. He Has No Time To Spend With You

Seems like he has plenty of time to do his hobbies and hanging out with his friends, but his time with you is limited. He always online for games and scrolling the social media feeds, but he never answer your call or text you. It's the biggest warning signs that he's that bad. If he's still into you, he will make time to you even if he's on a tight schedule.

2. He Hides Too Many Things From You

he hides too many things from you

Honesty is the strongest foundation of a relationship and what you look for the most from your partner. Being mysterious is cool but it's not good when you're dating. From any range of age, you should not keep many secrets from your girlfriend. Even teenagers know it's a Signs of a Bad Boyfriend in High School. Things will be worse if the secrets involving other girls and he refuse strongly to tell you any of it.

3. He Is Controlling And Manipulative Towards You

If your boyfriend even has the capability to control your thoughts and even twist it to the way he wants, you better leave him soon. It's very dangerous since he can make you feel guilty towards your own action even when you're right. For example, when you're seeing the Signs of a Cheater Guy, he turns the table around and making you seems like unreasonable instead.

4. He Is Abusive

You are showing the real you when you're angry. Some people just blow everything up when they're angry, but some are smart enough to control the anger. One of the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend when he's angry and being abusive to you. You might think that he has two different personalities. A minute ago he loves you so much but one minute later he's punishing for a little mistake you did.

5. He Never Say Sorry

Everyone has ego but they always more than willing to bow down in front of their girlfriend to say sorry when he make mistakes. It doesn't have to be necessarily like that. Apologizing simply show that you care about others. It's how relationship works. Not by refusing to admit that he make mistakes, let alone apologizing for it.

More Warning Signs Of His Badness

The bad signs wouldn't just stop there. Here are more and more warning signs you should be aware of bad boyfriend material.

  1. He keeps all his feeling hidden from you.
  2. He's unable to move on from his ex yet.
  3. He specifically wants another girls and say it clearly in front of you.
  4. He has a bad history on his previous relationship.
  5. He can't keep his words. 
  6. He never answer you call immediately. He always takes time and somehow there's always an excuse to each of it.
  7. He takes you for granted and never seem to be thankful for having you.
  8. He make himself busy to not see you.
  9. All he wants is making love.
  10. He shield himself emotionally from you.
  11. He keep in touch with too many girls, and even worse one of them is his ex.
  12. He talks way too smoothly as if all was staged.
  13. Your relationship centered around him.
  14. You are the one to blame in everything.
  15. It's always his way or the highway.
  16. He doesn't want to get along with your friends.
  17. He doesn't want to meet your family, too.
  18. He is selfish and never compromise.
  19. You meet each other on his decision.
  20. He's too moody and his emotion is unpredictable.
  21. He never pay respect to you as his girlfriend.
  22. He can't move on yet from his previous lovers.

Ways To Dump Him

ways to dump him

You have finally see that he has no Husband Material Signs for you to fight for. The rightest thing to do is dump him. You don't necessarily have to do it nicely. In fact, you can dump him in the most humiliating way possible. However, you better do the Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness, since you he's not worth your emotions at all. Now let's move to the steps to dump him:

  1. "I'm way too good for you and I don't think you deserve me at all."
  2. "I've been trying to keep up with you but always take me for granted."
  3. "I want to do this nicely but I see that someone like you can't be treated with kindness."
  4. "I think I have enough with you. Let's not see each other again."
  5. "You said you love me but I don't feel loved at all."
  6. "I can't date someone who can't treat me properly."
  7. "I want us to break up. That's all."
  8. "I'm actually sorry to say this, but I never know that you are that bad."
  9. "I'm always going low all these time. I hope you can change. But you can't."
  10. "There's nothing left to fight for. I don't love you anymore."

For your own sake, please notice right away all the signs of a bad boyfriend material. You only wasting time dating him since he do no good to you. There are millions of good boys out there so why should you sacrifice yourself to date the bad one? Go find your best Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

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