38 Filthy Signs of a Bad Boyfriend in High School (#8 the Worst)

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High school is often said to be one of the golden days in your life. You are in the last stage of teenage, and entering the world of adult soon. Your hot-boiling young blood always eager to try everything, and dating is one of them. As you feel that you are finally "big" enough to date, you don't reject it when a boy confessed his feeling to you.

As you may have read many Reasons Why You Should Marry Your High School Sweetheart, some are not lucky enough with their high school relationship. You may end up dating a bad boy that doesn't deserve you. Look at the signs of a bad boyfriend in high school:

1. He Tells Lie to You

At any age, honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. It's no exception even if you're dating in high school. While you're busy learning the Tips On How to be a Good Girlfriend in High School, he tells lie to you about everything. There's too many things he wants to hide from you.

2. He Never Pick You Up

What's make dating in high school different and memorable is to go to school together. He picks you up in the morning and you are either walking together, taking the bus together, or take you school with his car. It's something you can only experience in high school.

3. Or Take You Home

Not only he never pick you up but he also never take you home as well. You never see him waiting for you outside school in the afternoon. He never know how bad you want to grab some burger together on the way home with him.

4. He Flirts with Too Many Girls

Young boys like to flirt. But it doesn't seems right when he treat every girl like girlfriend, and things become worse when he turns out to be your boyfriend. He makes the Ways to Make New Friends at School as his excuse.

5. He Never Visits You in Class

If you and your boyfriend happen to attend the same school, he will be at least visits you in your class one only to ask you to have lunch together later. But why he never do that? Is there something he want to hide?

6. He Doesn't Introduce You to His Friends

To make you a perfect girlfriend, he wants you to be friend with his friends too. Many questions will arise if he never introduce you even to his closest friend. Do they hate you?

7. He Doesn't Admit That He's Dating You

You must be wondering how could he freely flirting with other girls? Well, it's because he never admit that he's dating you.

8. Your Grade Decreases Since You Date Him

A good boyfriend should be a motivation for you to be better at your study. But the bad one makes you lost your focus and end up decreasing in grades.

9. He is Not Supportive To You

As you have many dreams to pursue, he will support you in anything you do. Not trying to bring you down and doesn't care about your dreams at all.

10. He Never Care About Your Feeling

He just doesn't give a shit whether you're happy, sad, disappointed, or angry. That's it.

More of the Bad Boyfriend Signs in High School

Here are more to come of the signs of bad boyfriend in high school, which give you the best reasons Why You Should Not Date in High School and better focus yourself in education:

  1. He never compromise with you.
  2. He wants to be the one who is right.
  3. You never feel happy with him.
  4. He never say sorry or apologize
  5. He never meant what you say.
  6. This may look simple, but he never say "I love you."
  7. He makes you choose over him and your school.
  8. He makes your grade decrease.
  9. He never helps you with homework.
  10. He doesn't like your friends.
  11. His friends don't like you.
  12. He never make any surprises for you, even on your birthday.
  13. Your friends don't like him and they think he's a bad influence for you. It's a good Reasons Why Your High School Best Friends are for Life.

You Better Not Dating in High School Because

As you're still young enough, there will time to date later. The right man will come in the right time. Rather that busying yourself with broken heart, you may want to know why you better not dating in high school.

Do you feel like he kind of takes you for granted?
Unfortunately this is one of the most frequent complaints we get from our readers, where they feel they aren't a priority for their boyfriend or husband. They always seem to have some excuse as to why they can't spend some quality time with you like they used to.

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  1. Take time to discover about you more. What you want to do in life, what is your life goals and how you achieve it.
  2. Young age is too good to be ruined with tears over some ugly boys that doesn't deserve you.
  3. You can flirt with as many boys as possible. Something impossible to do if you're dating in high school.
  4. You're just too young to experience the heart break.
  5. Having boyfriend never help you grow to an independent woman. You will always someone to rely on instead.
  6. Students main duty is to study, not dating. You better focus on your education first.
  7. You can be yourself in high school. No need to worry about looking pretty.
  8. You need to be more mature to understand what is love. High school relationship is mainly for fun.
  9. Why should you gave your first kiss to a bad boy? Save it for a better person later.
  10. You're not (really) ready yet for a relationship.
  11. You can hang out with your girl friend as much as you want.
  12. All of the high school immaturity will make you exhausted.
  13. You can have all the fun to yourself, free to do anything you want to.
  14. You will have plenty of time to date later.
  15. Single in high school is much more fun as you have no string attached.

So those are all you need to know about the signs of a bad boyfriend in high school. You may find a good boy in high school, but bad boys are also exist in there. If you have read all of the bad signs in him, then restrain yourself from dating him no matter how cool, handsome, and famous he is.

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