How to Tell Your Boss You're Overworked and Underpaid?

Last updated on May 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Working in a reasonable amount of time and with a huge pay is the dream for every employee. But sadly, that’s not always what happens in a working environment.

What happens instead is being overworked and underpaid. Being in this condition continually can lead to a burn out. That is why you need to do something by knowing and applying these ways on how to tell your boss you're overworked and underpaid:

  1. Know The Standard Of Working Hours

Search up the maximum standard of hours people are supposed to work. Then, compare it with the amount of work you have, both the work at the office and the one you’re taking home.

  1. Know The Standard Of Wage

How much is a worker supposed to be paid? Do your research so that you can make a concrete argument to your boss.

  1. Evaluate How Efficient You’re Working

Is it really your boss’s fault that you’re being paid less or is it because of the quality of your work? It’s a hard question to ask but you still have to answer it.

  1. Asking Your Friend About The Problem

Ask your friend if they have the same problem. Having an ally will make you more confident to fight back.

  1. Preparing An Argument

First, build up confidence with Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World. Then, gather some prove to make your argument more believable.

  1. Booking An Appointment With Your Boss

Finding a time to say all your idea is the most important. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes to talk about it.

  1. Dress Sharply

When you dress sharply, you’ll see the Signs if a Girl Likes You at Work  and your boss will even want to do as you wish more.

  1. Practice How You’ll Approach Your Boss

Practicing in front of the mirror or with a friend increases confidence and make your boss show a professional

  1. Know What You’ve Done For The Company

Know your contribution to the company so that your boss will believe that you’re truly a valuable asset.

  1. Talk Calmly

Using a loud voice or an intimidating one won’t necessarily get you what you want. Use a calm and professional way of talking instead.

  1. Be Confident In The Standard You Are Expecting

Know that it is your right to ask for a fair working condition. Don’t let your boss waver your will.

  1. Allow Your Boss To Explain

Listen to what he have to say on the reason why you’re overworked and underpaid. It might actually make sense.

  1. Make Room For Negotiation

Negotiation might start with an atrocious bid. But you can build it up so that it matches your expectation. You can do this by saying the things to say to your crush to make her smile to make your boss like you a little more instead of thinking of ways to get revenge on someone

Words To Use When Negotiating Work Conditions With Your Boss

It might sound really intimidating to talk with your boss using the ways on how to tell your boss you're overworked and underpaid. But really, all you need to do is to use these simple words :

  1. In My Point Of View, I’ve Been Working Too Much
  2. With The Amount Of Work I’m Handling, I Believe I Should Get Much More Than My Salary Now.
  3. I Feel Like I’ve Really Been Putting In The Work And I Deserve A Fair Pay
  4. I’ve Been Taking A Lot Of Responsibilities. I Do Believe That I Deserve A Pay Equal To The Amount Of Work I’m Taking On.
  5. With All Due Respect, I Feel Like You’re Not Treating Me Fairly.
  6. I Believe That There’s Some Way For The Both Of Us To Win. I Can Guarantee You A Satisfying Job As Long As I Have A Satisfying Terms Of Work.
  7. It’s Not Fair If I Continue To Work Hard To No Avail.
  8. If I Keep Doing This, I’ll Burn Out.
  9. I’m Not Comfortable Working In A Condition Where My Work Is Valued Less Than It Is Supposed To Be.
  10. I Believe Both Of Us Will Be Happy If We Can Negotiate The Rules Regarding My Wage And The Work I Have.

Turns out it’s not that hard to use the how to tell your boss you’re overworked and underpaid. All you have to do is try!

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