35 Hidden Signs If A Girl Likes You At Work (#1 Workplace Romance)

Last updated on June 27, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There is this girl at your workplace that steals your attention. You want to know if she likes you or it's just you. These signs if a girl likes you at work will help you find out.

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1. She Buys You Snacks And Drinks

This girl at your office likes to buy you snacks, cold drink, or any thing that can please you. She likes to give you something you need to keep doing good at work. This kind of behavior shows that she cares about you. When a girl cares about someone, it's mainly because she has feelings for that person.

She will make that person happy and comfortable with what she does and give to him. If you know a girl who often gives you many things, you should feel very special cause there's a chance that she likes you.

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2. She Asks You To Have A Lunch Together

she asks you to have a lunch together

You can find more signs if a girl likes you at work by the lunch time. Lunch break is a time for being free from the duties for a while. People at work will use the lunch break time for grabbing a lunch somewhere nice. They like to ask their counterparts to go with them. It's also time for a person to get close to their love interest. There is this girl who asks you to grab lunch, but there's only the two of you. This makes a lunch become more intimate. That's what she tries to have, an intimate lunch with the person she likes.

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3. She Calls You When You Didn't Attend

There's something that makes you not present to work. That girl at your work calls you and asks what was going on with you. She says that she's worried that you're sick or having a bad situation. This thing should not make you feel less special. The way she cares about you is clearly a proof that she cares. She calls you just to make sure that you're okay, not because she needs to remind you about your tasks. It's clear that she likes you more than a partner at work.

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4. She Tries To Pull Your Attention 

Whatever she does seem to make you're concerned about her existence. Through the way she walks, she types, she writes or the way she talks to another staff whenever you're around, it seems like she wants to pull your attention. She wants you to know that she's around and she wants to make sure that you know what she's doing. This is the number one signs that she is your partner at work who likes you.

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5. She Asks You How Your Day Was

It's a work day and you meet this girl who works at the same office as you. Instead of talking about work or anything related to the job, she asks about your day and any other particular things about you. She tries to come closer by getting to know more about you. Through the simple conversation between the busy hour, she wants to keep in touch with you. This one signs if a girl likes you at work can be less obvious but if you look closely, it's clear that she sees you as more than a work partner.

6. She's Willing To Help You

she's willing to help you

When a person is having a crush on someone, they are willing to do anything for their crush. You have plenty things to do and you're not sure that you can do it on your own. That girl in your office gives you her hands so you don't have to worry you will ruin everything. Even though it's not a simple task, but she's doing it wholeheartedly. You find it so helpful when she helps you. The truth that she's willing to help you is a sign that she wants to be someone who means something to you.

7. She Warns You To Get Some Rest

It's been a busy week and you haven't got enough time to take some rest. She knows how you have worked hard and she gets worried about your health. She doesn't forget to remind you to get some rest so you won't get sick. It means something when a girl at your work reminds you to take care of your health. She does this mainly because she has a heart for you. What happens to you is her concern even though you barely know about it.

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8. She Cares About Your Future

You're a grown man who has to decide where you want to go in your life. Someday, you're going to have a big responsibility as a husband and a father. What you do today will impact your future. You don't want your family to suffocate, so you must work hard. That girl at your work seems to want to know your future plan. Seems like, she wants to see if she can fit in. Through a moment like this, you will see if she actually sees you as more than just a partner at work. She wants to be in your life.

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9. She Can Tell If You're Having A Rough Day

There's always a time when you get low cause you're not doing great at work. Your boss didn't accept your new idea and the presentation that you've been preparing. It brings you down how things don't always go the way you expected. It seems like the world is closing down on you and you don't know what to do. You thought you don't have anyone until you see her. She can tell by your eyes that you have a hard day at work. She convinces you to keep going and everything's gonna be alright.

10. She Comes To Work Every Single Day

There's not a day where she doesn't attend to the office. She doesn't even come late to work. Everyone is supposed to come to work every day indeed, but she makes it a mandatory thing to go to work every single day. Seems like, there is something or someone that motivates her to come to work every day and on time.

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11. She Waits For You

she waits for you

There is a time when you spend more hours at the office before you can go home. You know you get used to this business, but you catch this girl staying at the office when she should've been home already. She's waiting until you're done with your stuff. Nobody will do such thing unless she likes you.

12. She Frequently Comes To Your Desk

Whether it's to share her snacks, show you funny memes, or just to have a small talk, she always comes to your desk. She likes to check on you every time she passes you by. Seems like, she doesn't want to miss anything about you.

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13. She Asks You To Drive Home Together

The work day is over and you're about to go home. You think you're gonna drive home on your own until she asks you to drive her by. Along the road, she asks many things that she wants to know about you. She seems to enjoy the moment with you.

14. She Knows Your Schedule

You always make a cup of coffee at 11 p.m in the pantry. Every time you come to the pantry to make coffee, she is there too. Whether she's brewing a tea, take a glass of water, she seems to be there when you are there too. She seems to pay attention of your schedule.

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15. She Supports You To Do Great At Work

You've been working for some years and you want to achieve a higher position. In order to get promoted to a higher position, you need to hard work and gain more achievement. She knows how you have such passion for doing better at work. She tells you to keep your spirit and make your dreams come true.

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16. She's Happy When You Succeed

she's happy when you succeed

You finally got a chance to show your boss about your work and you're trusted to fill the position you have wanted. She tells you that she's happy for everything you achieved. You can't deny the signs if a girl likes you at work and may have a chance to date her soon.

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17. She Warns You When You're Doing Lazy

The pressure and the deadline at work make you tired. You want to leave your work and go have some fun. She knows how you seem to leave your duties just to follow a temporary fun and warns you to put your work as a priority. She reminds you to stay in your lane and avoid things that can ruin your hard work.

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More Signs That You Can't Deny

The more you wonder if she really likes you or not, the proofs are getting clearer if she does. These signs if a girl likes you at work will make you believe

  1. She knows your favorite song that you always play
  2. She knows your favorite cafe
  3. It worries her when you come late to work
  4. Every night she sends a message to you to say goodnight
  5. She always gives you a ride when you don't bring your car
  6. She asks you to come to her place
  7. She prepares a special lunch for you
  8. She sends you a fancy card to congratulates you for the new position
  9. She stares at you while you're busy in front of your computer
  10. She smiles at you when you look at her way
  11. She gets nervous when you stare at her
  12. She wears nice dress when you have a meeting with her
  13. She thinks that you're good at your presentation
  14. She helps you to call another staff for meeting
  15. She helps you to convince your boss to give you more time before the deadline
  16. Her friends tell you that she looks for you while you didn't come
  17. She likes to listen to your crazy ideas
  18. She's always there when you need someone to have your back

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Those are signs if a girl likes you at work. You shouldn't let her pass by cause the one who truly loves you only come once in a lifetime. In case you ever heard, always spread love wherever you go.

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