16 Ways How To Know You Are Dating A Player (Girls Alerts)

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All women wants is a happy and healthy relationship. They are the center of their boyfriend's universe and get treated like a princess. Not in a dramatic or excessive ways, but women want to be loved truly. Having a relationship with a full commitment from both sides and moving towards a bright future.

Even though love is the most beautiful thing, bad luck sometime comes along with it. We met and date with a man for no good, and unfortunately it's a little bit late for us to realize that he turns out to be player. It's a bitter thing to accept, but you have to be going on with live. But before you come into judgement that he is a player, you better read the signs and make ways to find out whether he really is!

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1. Ask Him To Meet On The Weekend, Not Weekdays

Players are usually busy when weekends are coming. They would spend the time to hang out everywhere and flirt here and there. If your boyfriend always asked to meet you on the weekdays (only), and somehow he always said that he was mysteriously busy during the times where he should get rest, you have to be suspicious. He might saves his weekend for another woman. Indeed, this is the first way how to know you are dating a player.

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2. Ask Him About The Reason He Cancelled Your Date Yesterday

ask him about the reason he cancelled your date yesterday

A man is usually lost track of something you once told him, but a man who truly loves you will remember them naturally. For example, he never forgets where you first met. Things will be different for a player. He will has a hard time to remember the details because he is not only seeing you! When these kind of questions are coming, he would end up telling lies. He would mistake the place you two first met with the one he does with other woman. And, he will not remember what he told you about the reason you couldn't make it to the dinner tonight. Is it his friend's birthday or the overtime work?

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3. Your Relationship Is Progressing Fast, Physically

Players do not lose their time make a physical contacts with the woman they aim. After all, physically intimate is what they only look for in a relationship. If you find yourself progressing fast physically, tell him that you want to know him better and you are not so into physical contacts.

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4. Pay Attention To His Behavior With His Phone While You Are Dating

If there is one thing a player heavily attached to, it's none other than his own cellphone. When you are together with him, you will continuously hear it ringing with message from time to time. When you are away, it strangely took him a long time to reply for your message, while he never let go of his phone when you both meet. He probably busy replying the lining message from other women, as he is a player.

5. Ask Him For His Phone Password

ask him for his phone password

There maybe now other way how to know you are dating a player. Beside always busy with his phone, a player would be particularly protective with it. He puts extra protection to his phone with password only he knows, and he never let anyone touch his phone, including you. If your boyfriend shows this protective behavior, he might as well be a player.

6. Ask Him To Publish Your Relationship In The Social Media

In the social media era like nowadays, couple tend to brag about their relationship everywhere. Change their status from "single" to "in a relationship" and tagged their boyfriend or girlfriend. But this is something a player will never does. He somehow trying to hide his relationship with you. His social media profile might as well show his relationship status as "complicated", and never mention you as his girlfriend.

7. Tell Him That You Want To Meet His Friends

A man who takes his relationship with you seriously will be proudly introduce you to his friends. But if you have never met any of them, you probably being played at the moment. He doesn't want anybody to know that he is dating you, and he never mention you as his girlfriend to other people.

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8. And Ask Him Whether He Wants Some Get Together With Your Best Friends

Your boyfriend who truly loves you will be happy to meet your friends and make a good relationship with them. As much as they are important to you, he also feel that they are important. A true man will see this as an opportunity to get to know you better. But a player who is never committed to you will not see this thing as important. It would be better if your relationship remain a secret as long as possible.

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9. Talk About The Future Of Your Relationship With Him

talk about the future of your relationship with him

Commitment is never a thing for a player. He never think about a long term relationship that will continue to the future. There is not future for a player. He thinks about the current time only, as he feel he got a lot of options out there. When you ask him where you relationship will end up, he can't give you any answer and tend to avoid it. All he knows is to chase the girl that happened to pass by while you both are talking.

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10. Ask Him To Spend More Quality Time With You

A player who doesn't truly loves you won't be interested to spend his time with you. He prefer to hang out on his own, meeting some other girls, and if he remembers you he might see you for a short time. He treat you as an option, and never make you his priority. He doesn't bother to set a date with you, because there are still other women to please him. When he calls and ask to meet you one time, maybe it was just because he was bored and opted to calls you, not that he really mean it.

11. Try To Call Him Unexpectedly

A player will never pick up your phone. Instead, he will text you later saying that he was busy. Maybe he's busy spending time with the other girls? Of course it would bring him some inconvenience if he picked up your phone. You have to be really careful to this kind of man. He probably doesn't want to answer your call because he is in the middle of a date with his other girl.

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12. Show Some PDA To Him In Public

Not talking about excessive PDA that would put other people into shame, but just smalls contact such as a short hug, light peck on the cheek, or as simple as holding hands while you were walking. A player will never do these kind of things because he wants to keep your relationship a secret. PDA seems far away while he feels uncomfortable just because he is seen together with you in public. All the romantic and touchy things happened only in private when you are alone.

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13. Ask About His Reputation To His Surroundings

Okay, it's not always good to take something bad about our boyfriend seriously. But you have to really consider whether it's true or not. When his surroundings and your surroundings told you about his reputation, it might be true! It's not about they were jealous and intended you ruin your relationship, maybe they didn't want you to love the wrong person.

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14. Ask Him About His Life Story

ask him about his life story

When two people are dating, both will share everything about their live so their partner will know them better. It also show that they care about each other and curious about each other's life before their encounter. A player who never takes your love to their heart won't bother to share anything with you. He doesn't care with the ups and downs you had throughout your live and how you finally come to where you are at the moment. He flirt to you all the time and only saying sweet but sometimes ridiculous things.

15. See Whether He Cares About Your Feeling Or Not

In a real relationship where the man truly loves his woman, her feeling is the most important thing for him. He will never do anything to hurt her feeling and always consider what she wants and what she thinks. But a player who never cares about any of your feeling, will do everything as he please. He would cancel your date, reject your calls, and refuse your attention without thinking that it might hurt your feeling. If he did it, you will know how to know you are dating a player

16. Ask Him Not To Meet His Female Friends Too Often

One sign of a player is his love for women. His closest friends are female, he has a large number of female friends, and love to hang out with them. He talked about them all the time and seems to be more interested to them than to you. There is nothing wrong with a man having female friends, but if the amount is over normal, you should be really suspicious.

Those are the signs and ways to find out whether the man you are now dating is player or not. Do not blindly believe in love. Being suspicious towards our partner is okay, as its for your own good and peace. You didn't want to end up dating the wrong person, right?

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