22 Ways On How To Not Get Played By A Woman

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Everybody needs a love in their lives. A man wishes he can see a happiness in his loved woman's eyes. No man wants to see his woman suffers. A real man will do anything for the woman he loves. He will give the moon and the sun just to see his beautiful lady smiles. But sometimes, a woman asks something more than her man can give. Whether she wants to test him or she only plays with his love, a woman can make a man world's upside down. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if a woman really loves you or she just wants to play your heart. She plays with your love and heart to get your money, your company and your sacrifice.

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Within your journey to find a true love, you may find any kind of women along the road. You try your best to see if the one you like is the right one for you. When you think you have a real feeling to a woman, you want to work it out. But, does she have the same feeling as you? Or, she just wants to play with your heart and love. So, you really need to check these ways how to not get played by a woman:

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1. Don't Do Everything Just For Her

You want to make her happy, so you're willing to do anything for her. You pick her up, accompany her everywhere, dress the way she wants you to, and do other things. But actually, are you a boyfriend or a body guard? Just let her do her things on her own. You have your world that she should disturb.

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2. Don't Give Your Everything

You may think that giving your everything is a proof that you really love her. You give her your money, credit card, car, apartment's key, and maybe your pet. When you give your everything to someone to show your love, doesn't it sound like you buy a love? You give her material things and she gives you her love. By some means, it only makes her need your money rather than you.

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3. Don't Forgive Easily

She makes a mistake like she lied about where she was. You forgive her easily because everybody makes mistake. Take note that if it could happen once, it could happen twice. She might lie once and then apologize. Next time she may lie again cause she knows you will forgive her anyway.

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4. Avoid Drama

Somehow, a relationship is never really far from a thing called drama. When a man and a woman bond in a love affair, there may be something that doesn't always go well. At one point, one of them may misuse the trust from another. The man or the woman may betray their partners for some reasons.

5. Don't Get Jealous Easily

don't get jealous easily

You catch her seeing another man. Don't just come right down to them and blast out your anger. You will only look worse in front of her. Just be cool. Let her explain first. If she can't seem to get things right, you better walk away.

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6. Don't Believe Easily

Don't believe easily when she tells you where she's going. She may say she's going with the girls, but who knows. Keep an eye on what she's doing. If you catch something weird, you'd better check on it and see if something's really going wrong.

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7. Make Her Jealous Instead

To see if she's really into you, test her jealousy. When you bring another girl into the conversation, look how she will act. If she acts okay, she probably has been seeing someone else behind your back. For the next try, go out with another girl in front of her. This way, she will know how it feels like to be in your position when you caught her with another guy.

8. Don't Get Attached To Her

You and your girl are in a relationship so you think you can lay yourself to her. Seems like you can't do anything without her. Straight up, man, don't be silly. You got your own way to live your life. Don't hang onto someone else.

9. Make Her Respect You

make her respect you

Be the kind of man who women respect. Dress like a pro, act cool. Don't be such a loser that makes the girls look down on you and treat you badly. You deserve to gain respect, not get down on your knees begging to a girl.

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10. Hang Out With The Boys

Sometimes, boys need a boys day out. You can just hang out with the boys and forget about girls for a while. There are so many crazy things you can do with the boys. Going out with the guys will bring much more fun cause they aren't as complicated as girls. You guys can go hiking, surfing, fishing, etc.

11. Talk To Other Girls

Boys need to know more about girls from the girls' perspective. Have a talk with your friends who are girls and ask her about girls. This will make you understand more about girls through girl's perspective, not only from what you see on your own. You can probably learn about some girls personalities that you need to know when you look for the right girl to date.

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12. Control Your Emotions

You’re not a little kid anymore. You have to know that however you act will impact your surroundings. To keep everything goes in the right lane, you need to control your emotions. Don’t let your anger ruin the whole situation.

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13. Be More Productive

be more productive

You have so much to do in your life rather than love and women. There's so much you can do that brings you to more positive life. You can make yourself be busier by reading books, writing in a blog, volunteering, exercising, traveling, starting a business and any other activities. Being more productive will make you give benefits for yourself and your surrounding. Being more productive will give less chance for the girls to play your heart cause you don't give the opportunity to them.

14. Care For People In Need

You have so much to be grateful for. You have a big family, house, car, phone, money, etc. It will be better that you take a look at other people who aren’t as lucky as you. You actually have a lot to do to help them. So, express your gratitude and return the favor by helping out the people in need. If you can afford to, donate money to orphanages, poor people or any other worthwhile organization. If money is short, spare your time by volunteering for a charity or mentoring a child.

15. Ask Your Dad Some Advice

The first man who loves you is your father. He’s the one who protects you and keeps you safe. You need to learn from him how to be a real man. Ask some advice from the one who got more experiences. He will tell you how to get a girl and how to avoid getting played by women.

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16. Tell Your Mom Your Love Life

Your mother is the first woman who loves you and will always do forever. She is the first woman you should respect and obey. You need to open up more about your love life to her. Tell her about your love interest. Tell her about how your relationship going. She will support you for your happiness sake, but she also will warn you to be careful when looking for true love. She hopes that you’ll find the right woman that you’ve been looking for.

17. Spend More Time With Your Family

spend more time with your family

You’re not in this world on your own. You have a family that always have your back no matter what. Spending more time with them will make you feel the warmth of the family that nothing in this world can replace.

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18. Play Your Own Games

Occasionally, you shouldn’t take things way too serious. Take it easy and you’ll get through everything well. You either play or get played by. You choose your way.

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19. She's Not The Only Girl In The World

When you seem to find a girl to date, keep in mind that there are still other possibilities. If you act like she's the only one, then it will be easier for her to play your love. Maybe you will see some other girls who will treat you better. Don't stop looking for the right one.

20. Don't Chase Girl, Let Girls Chase You

Be somebody that makes girls want to get closer to you. It's not always the guys who chase the girls. Somehow, when guys chase girls, it only makes the girls play hard to get. By some means, girls who play hard to get have bigger chances to play guys' hearts.

21. Chase Your Dream

chase your dream

You have a dream that’s been waiting for you to make real. Don’t waste your time on something useless.

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22. Have Fun

You only live once. Don't cry over stupid love. Just have fun, let the past behind. Boys will be boys. True love will come eventually.

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Those are the ways how to not get played by a woman you should've known earlier. It's really good to do your best to a girl you love. But, you need to be careful of how she may treat you. You give her all your heart but turn out that she's not really sincere the way you thought she was. Don't let the wrong woman take advantages on you. The right woman will not treat you like she only needs your material things. But instead, she will give you everything and love you unconditionally.

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