Top Reasons To Date A Writer (The Sexiest Partner)

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By any means, society needs writers. Who will provide you article to read in the newspaper every morning? Who will create some good books to read? A writer does it all. Just as much as society needs them, writers need to date, too. They are creative, living in art, and always come up with new ideas. However, they need someone to share their romantics thought with. They are passionate and intelligent as well. What're more, reasons to date a writer? Here comes the list for you:

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1. You Will Never Get Bored

The writer is someone full of ideas and inspirations. Their occupation makes them too. So if you date them, you will never get bored since they will always have some new things coming up. Their bank of ideas will never empty.

2. Good Morning Texts Will Never Be The Same

Writers tend to stay up late or wake early in the morning because inspiration comes best during that time. After a long night of work or waking up with thousands of inspiration, they don’t forget to text you a good morning. Their inspiration may also pour in their romantic words follows the “good morning”.

3. Conversation Will Run Smoothly

conversation will run smoothly

Writers have a good linguistic ability, not only when they type it but also when they speak. Whether it's a casual lunch date or a romantic dinner, they always know what to talk about. Thus, there will be no empty spaces or awkward moments in your date.

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4. They Are Positive And Optimistic

A writer should never have negative minds or pessimistic feeling. It affects their writing style badly. They always can see the silver linings in every situation. Being together with such a bright person will affect your life in a good way.

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5. Thus, They See The Best In You

Writers always see the best in their partners. Given their optimistic nature, they will keep up with the worst part of you and turn them into some romantic things. Your bad traits or bad habits will never be the reason for failure in your relationship.

6. They Can Help You With Some Writing

When your deadline reports come near and you are stuck with the inspiration, or you need the help of someone who can type fast, call your writer partner. This particular skill will help you a lot.

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7. Writers Are Effortlessly Romantic

With a countless stock of words and beautiful diction, writers are romantic to the blood. Not to mention their ideas of love who always fill in their mind every day, your relationship with him will never be bored. A romantic dinner or flirty texts will soon be your daily dose of happiness.

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8. Small Surprises Appear Every Other Day

The writer's romantic nature is shown through their actions. You may find a bouquet of roses in front of your doorstep or good luck notes on your working desk. Or even a sudden movie date! Get used to this kind of a small surprise since they are effortlessly romantic.

9. Everything Is The Inspiration For Them

Writers should be thinking outside the box. They should not see something the way it is. That is why they have a different view on anything, even when bad things happen to you. For example, the rain started to pour when you are walking down the street, instead of having a bad mood, it was another inspiration for them. They could just write, “On the sudden heavy rain, it was the first time he saw her. A girl with a painful smile, walking slowly towards him...” and continue it to a bittersweet romantic story.

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10. Communication Will Be Much Simple

Writers exactly know what they want and how to say it. They prefer to make it simple, so there will no exhausting drama in your relationship. They will openly speak up their mind to you, and will never mind if you disagree or reject her ideas. Communication is an easy thing when it comes to writers.

11. Nerd Is The New Sexy

nerd is the new sexy

Sexy could be defined in many ways. It's no longer a hot chick on the summer beach. A nerd girl whose best friend is books and a laptop is the new sexy. Their broad knowledge makes them sound smart and you will be more and more interested in them!

12. You Will Learn About New Things

Writers always learn about new things every day. Learning will improve their knowledge and ability to write. Being by their side a lot of times will make you learn about those things as well. Every new thing she has just found out or mastered would be shared with you.

13. They Are Meticulous About Little Details

Writers have to be meticulous. They have to do a double check on their job and it makes them meticulous about every little detail. Your writer's partners will notice even when you just change your perfume!

14. They Will Adapt To The Surrounding Well

When you date a writer, don’t be worried that she won’t get along with your peers. Writers speak rather well with everyone. They will know how to speak and what to speak with everyone. They have a broad knowledge, remember?

15. You Will Live Inside A Fairy Tale

When writers write a love story, it was a visualization of how they want their love story to be. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly have a romantic stroll by the beach, or a simple homemade dinner is as romantic as if it’s in the restaurant. You probably living inside their dreamed fairy tale.

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16. Giving Up Is Not Their Style

One particular trait that makes writers special is, they never give up. They are experienced in rejection, whether from their editor or publisher. However, they seem to be unfamiliar with giving up. They will try again and again, no matter how many times they got rejected. This persistence makes them somehow very strong, aren’t they?

17. You Don’t Have To Compete With Their Schedule

If you date a writer, one of the benefits you will get is she doesn’t have a fixed schedule. She can work anywhere and anytime so that you don’t have to match your schedule when you want to go to date. She can adjust her schedule easily.

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18. What’s More To Say? They Are Creative

Writers are people working and living and art. Their work itself is an art. Art people are always creative and full of ideas. Their creative minds will bring you to a whole new level of thinking, and every simple thing will turn out as an artist in their hands.

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19. They Will Take Your Side No Matter What

Writers are naturally subjective. They see everything based on their point of view, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be objective. But because of this, they will take your side no matter what. You are the main character in their life story, and she will do everything to help you survive until the end.

20. They Will Write A Story About You

they will write a story about you

You will be the source of inspiration for your writer partner. Every little thing you do, how you look, and how you make her feel will come as an inspiration for them. Soon you will find her write tons of stories about you.

21. They Are Smart

Writers surely have high intelligence. Their brains never stop working, and it’s interesting. They always come up with some new things, as they love to read. Dating someone smart is much more challenging than dating one who is not so intelligent.

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22. Writers Are Pretty Independent

Writers usually found their inspiration in a quiet place. The crowd will drive away their focus and it will difficult for them to gather ideas. They can enjoy their solitary moment well. Writers won’t bother you now and then, and they will never mind if you say you are busy. They will spend your absence doing their job.

23. They Have A Million Ways To Say “I Love You”

Writers are rich in vocabulary, and their word bank will never be empty. You may not hear I love you every day, but you will surely hear sweet things come out of their mouth about you. They have their own way of saying I love you.

24. You Won’t Have A Headache When Their Birthday Is Nearing

Every time your partner’s birthday coming up, you will be confused thinking about what to get them. But if you date a writer, you can say goodbye to the syndrome. The kind of gifts they like is the easiest when you think about what to get for birthdays. They are happy with the little things you give. It doesn’t have to be expensive. New notes and a pen to write down their new ideas will do.

25. They Are Not Money-Oriented

Writers are usually not money-oriented. Money did matter for them but it’s not the most important thing. Passions rule their life, not money. Thus, there are many reasons to date a writer, you can't let them write for themselves.

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More Things On Dating A Writer 

more things on dating a writer

Indeed, here are more reasons to date a writer, you can't miss them:

  1. Once they are in love with someone, they will love forever
  2. You will see your self in another romance works of them
  3. They can love someone till the end of time
  4. They are naturally romantic
  5. They have nice senses of everything
  6. They can read your eyes
  7. They seem to know everything
  8. You will wake up next to a classical poem
  9. There will be great bookstore dating
  10. They are smart and hot, triple hot
  11. They will blow your mind

Have you finished reading the long list above? If you did, there will be no more reason not to date a writer. Writers are sexy in their own way. Thus, if you found one near you, catch them. The writers will love you like no one ever did.

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