11 Reason Why You Should Date A Black Girl (Lovely Babes)

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Every girl is unique. Whoever they are, whatever they do, they're just amazing the way they are. Among the girls all over the world, there is a black girl who's ready to steal our attention and hearts. These are all reasons of why you should date a black girl who will let you know how a black girl isn't someone you should let go.

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1. Black Girls Are Aware Of Education

black girls are aware of education

Data census in the United States reported that 43 out of 50 black women graduate from high school and the percentage of black women in college (9.7%) surpasses all other groups in the U.S. Only 15% of Black women over 25 did not complete high school, based on research, which is only slightly higher than ‘all women’ at 13 percent. However, more than 50% of black women between the ages of 18 to 24 are pursuing higher education.

Black women have excelled the rest of the other female groups at some points. When it comes to college degrees, black women have made it in closing the gap. About 22% of Black women have a bachelor's degree, the fact is, while there is 30% of ‘all women’ with the same achievement. Finally, National Association of Education Statistics figured that black women are the most educated segment of the U.S. population.

Education plays an important role in developing human and its life. The most fundamental education comes from a mother. An educated mother will raise the excellent children. After knowing their huge awareness of education, you need to believe that black women will make a great mother for your children.

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2. They Are Good At Entrepreneurship

Since the black women are the most educated group in the U.S., there will be no surprise that they have such a big part at entrepreneurship. Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States, to be sure. This sounds really great, doesn't it? Between 1997 and 2013, the number of businesses started by African-American women increased more than 250%. This makes them serious job creators and moneymakers. In 2013, the estimated 1,119,400 companies owned by African-American women employed 272,000 people and resulted in $44.9 billion in revenue.

Being good at entrepreneurship means that black women have a really good management. This quality will make them have a great self-esteem. They do not wait to get a job, they create one. You will love how they don't want to depend on someone else but stand on their own feet. Their capability of money making is going to amaze you.

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3. Black Women Are The Central Figure In African Civilization

Early African civilizations understood the power of the woman as the one who brings life into existence. Matrilineal societies run in many African civilizations. That is where the woman plays an important role in the kinship. It's not that women dominated the men, but rather that men learned to respect and appreciate the importance of the Black women. The black women also take part at legislature

The black women's part at legislative is not something to look down. In 2016, 259 black women are in charge of 41 of the 50 state legislatures. At the national level, black women are also getting the job done. Of the 32 women of color performing duty in the U.S. House of Representatives, 18 (55%) are African-American. See, black women rule.

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4. Black Babies Survive Better

black babies survive better

University of Florida researchers reveal that black baby girls born weighing 2.2 pounds or less are more likely to survive two times as white baby boys born at the same weight. They could survive when many premature babies are still too tiny to make it on their own. Within more than 5,000 premature births, the researchers discovered a link between gender and race and the survival rates of babies born at extremely low weights. Although sometimes being inferior to whites, black children show superior psychomotor development over European children.

The baby's strength depends on the mother. Strong black baby comes from a strong black mother. Get yourself a black girl and she will be a great mother for your children.

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5. Black Babies Learn Faster

A study found that black babies are able to do things faster than white babies. In each highlight from lifting the head to grasping, recognizing mommy, rolling over, crawling, walking, feeding themselves, black babies are a couple of months ahead of other races. It only takes the black baby 9 hours to be drawn in a sitting position to prevent the head from falling backward. But it takes a whole 6 weeks for the white baby to do the same. By the time black babies were 11 months old, they were able to climb the steps alone while white babies typically didn’t manage to do so until they were 15 months old.

Finally, there is no doubt that black people are incredible ever since they were young. You will regret it if you don't give it at try to get along with the black girls.

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6. Black People Have A Lower Chance Of Skin Cancer

Black people are physically very different from the white people. One of those differences is the constancy of their skin. Black skin is much thicker and drier than white skin. It does not cut or bruise so easily. Hence, it is far more resilient to thorns and brambles.

That makes it perfectly suited for living naked in the wild under this very hot sun. Black skin is black due to the higher amount of melanin. Melanin is an effective absorber of light. The pigment is able to dissolve more than 99.9% of absorbed UV radiation. Because of the melanin abundance, black skin has a superior protection against the effects of ultraviolet radiation. The radiation is what potentially causes the skin cancer.

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7. Black Girls Look Younger

Want to know more reasons why you should date a black girl? They always look younger than the rest blondies. The high amount of melanin can also protect skin from the signs of aging, such as age spots, deep wrinkles, and rough texture. This cause black girls look younger than their lighter-skinned peers. Girls who look younger than their actual age will look cute and adorable. Who doesn't like a sweet baby girl to date with?

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8. Black People Are Good At Sports

black people are good at sports

We've seen so many black athletes top tracked and championed the Olympics. The author of The Physique of the Olympic Athlete, James M. Tanner, pointed out the major racial differences among athletes in the Olympics. He discovered that there is a reason so many of the top track and field competitors are of African descent. Studies uncovered that the muscle anatomy of West Africans genetically allows them to be “the most anaerobically efficient athletes” due to the way their bodies process energy.

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The low body fat provides blacks of West-African origin with an advantage in sprinting, as well as in football and basketball. East Africans are good at long distance running. They excel due to their lack of a fully developed Gastrocnemius, also known as the lower calf muscle.

The black people genetics and culture have gotten the black people faster and have more endurance, so they can be better at sports. It's good to have a girl who's good at sports, isn't it?

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9. Black Girls Have Stronger Reproduction

The dark pigmentation protects from DNA damage and absorbs the right amounts of UV radiation needed by the body. Hence, it's a protection against folate depletion. Folate is a water-soluble vitamin B complex. It occurs naturally in green, leafy vegetables, whole grains, and citrus fruits. Women need folate to keep healthy eggs, for proper implantation of eggs, and for the normal development of placenta after fertilization.

This is exactly something to be grateful of as a woman. Having a healthy and strong reproduction system is really important to start a family. Beside of keeping the nutrition, being a dark-skinned girl who has more melanin can actually bring advantages. So, be proud to have a black girl as your lover, boys.

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11. Michelle Obama Is A Black First Lady With Pride, Panache, And Polish

If there is a black woman we can be proud of, it's an amazing Michell Obama. She is the wife of the 44th President of The United States, Barrack Obama, that has inspired us in so many ways. The former first lady has encouraged young people around the world to work hard and become future leaders. Michelle Obama is a star in her own right. She defines herself rather than being defined by her president husband.

She has always held a high level of self-respect and respect for others, reflected from her use of words such as decency, integrity, dignity, and pride in her speeches. That makes her personal story inspirational and thus being able to make an impact on hundreds and thousands of people.

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10. Black Girls Are Hot

black girls are hot

There are many black women that have stolen the world attention of how beautiful and talented they are. Some actresses, singers, athletes have shown the world that they aren't someone to look down on. Some of the hottest black actresses we can't get over are Halle Berry, Lupita Nyong'o, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Paula Patton. Black singers also have stolen our hearts, like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Vanessa Williams, Rihanna, and many others.

Let's not forget how talented these girls at sports. There are some hottest black female athletes to name, such as Serena Williams, Marion Jones, Candice Parker, Christine Arron and Laila Ali. So, do we need any more proofs that black girls are hot?

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So, these are the reasons why you should date a black girl you need to know. Somehow, dark skin and curly hair will make a girl look several times hotter. Even the sun approves that she looks shiny under the sunshine. Her sweet smile can light up the whole room when she walks in. Just by looking at her eyes, she will make your heart races.

There may be a lot of girls around, but you can't deny that she is the only one that steals your attention. Once you find that one black girl that steals your heart, you'd better not let her go. If you let her get in your life, she will give you her whole world. Whenever you're in trouble, she will always stick with you. When you're on top, she will not leave you to stand alone.

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