Having A Baby With Someone You Don't Want To Be With, How To Deal With It?

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There are many things that may cause a broken heart. Broken heart is a usual thing but, what is bad is the action that people choose to take to heal the broken heart itself.

Chosing to be in a rebound relationship to forget the past and aiming for some fun also cause a problem. And one of the problems is the appearance of a question having a baby with someone you don't want to be with, how to deal with it?

1. Look At The Big Picture

look at the big picture

Made a mistake without any intention to make it surely will freak someone out. It does make someone feel down and stressed out but, look at the big picture. Is it okay for you to feel down all the time thinking about the mistake you did?

Will you make a better progress by doing so? Take a time to learn from your mistake so that you won't fall into the same problem. Know theways to move on after a bad relationship to help you to get better.

2. Be Responsible

Second thing that you can do after having a baby with someone you don't want to be with, how to deal with it is to be responsible. Whether the mistake were made with or without your intention, it still your mistake anyway.

You had the intention to be with someone for fun without taking the consequences seriously. To not make the problem goes worse, be responsible for your unwanted partner and the baby.

3. Discuss With Your Partner

Even though you never had the intention to have a serious relationship with your current partner, you still need to discuss the problem with him. You need to discuss with him so that you won't need to face the how do I deal with a break up while I am still pregnant his baby alone.

Know his concern about the current situation and discuss. Plan the best decision that both of you can have to take a good care of the baby. And both of you surely need to stay in touch.

How To End Unwanted Relationship

To allow yourself to stay in a toxic relationship will be useless. At the end of the day, you won't be able to find happiness that you have been looking for. Because, you are not allowing yourself to have a better relationship, at least with your own self.

Maybe you will need to learn on how to get revenge on a frenemy. And the best way to do it is to proof to anyone that this version of you is so much better than you were. To start? You will need to end an unwanted relationship. Do not be with someone you don't want to be with.

1. Be True To Yourself

be true to yourself

Knowing that you don't want to have the relationship with someone, you will never be able to fake your feelings for temporary happiness. There are reasons you should know and love yourself before you love someone else that will remind you to be true to yourself.

Does it feels good to fake your feelings? It doesn't, does it? Be true to yourself and you will allow yourself to get things that you deserve. 

2. Know That You Deserve Better

There are reasons on why you should never date a pothead. Everybody deserves someone who is able to appreciate, respect, and love themselves. Aim to have a better and best partner that you can have.

Keep looking down and feeling like you don't deserve something good won't get you anywhere. It will not update but downgrade yourself. So remember to try to be the best of you.

3. Take A Firm Decision

Only knowing that you don't feel good with your current situation won't make any change unless you do. You will need to know on how to get a Taurus man make a decision due to your current situation.

And you will also need to take a firm decision on what you think is best to be done. Remember, the decision you make will decide whether you will be happy or not in the near future.

Aside from personal decision to have an unwanted relationship and questioning such question of having a baby with someone you don't want to be with, how to deal with it, we will need to be responsible.

Be responsible of your act and decision on something. Regret will always be there when we made a mistake. But, learning from the past and making it as a lesson is a different story.

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