Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Taurus Man

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Wanna date with Taurus? You should see some things you need to know before you date a Taurus. How are his behavior, his temper, and it even his personality? Check these reasons, is Taurus suit with you?


1. Better Stay At Home

You have a plan to invite him to travel go to Swiss next weekend. But, it seems you must change your plan because Taurus will reject it. On the weekdays it is time to stay at home only.

2. Eat On The Bed

Sunday is a great time to Taurus stays on his bed. Yup, Taurus begin becomes lazy all these days. It even he eats on the bed.

3. Food Lovers

Taurus loves all kind of food; home food is the best food ever. Mom taste it never lies, right?

4. Small Dinner Party

small dinner party

Taurus would love it if you make a small dinner party to him. Invite his friends, his family, and all the people around him. Taurus will feel comfortable being with his family and friends.

5. A Sensual And Romantic Person

Open the door for you, pays your bill on the first date, even he talks the sweetest things to make you fall in love. He is so sensual and romantic person. Here are some tips on how to say romantic things to say to your girl crush.

6. Most Loyal Side

Win his heart, and you will see the most loyal side of Taurus, he will do anything for his lovers; money, or branded things. It is for you.

7. He Is Only The One For You

Taurus is the most loyal person, but he is very jealous if you have friends or somebody else that close to you (boys). He will ask and asking again, who is he? Only he is the only one for you, not anybody else.

8. Do Not Break His Trustworthy

You get his trustworthy but remember never do lie with Taurus. Taurus never be the same person anymore if you break his trust.

9. Ready Argue With Him

Well, you have something to debate with him, are you serious to do that? Taurus is a very great person how to debate, to argue with someone else. He will try to win with his ways.

10. Has A Nasty Temper

Finally, the things you need to know before you date a Taurus. This is the worst of Taurus, while he is angry, he will going to be monster, like Hulk. He has a nasty temper that is very bad. Don’t try even it once, make him angry. 

Some Signs That Taurus Loves You Too

some signs that taurus loves you too

There are some signs of Taurus that likes and loves you too. He will show this feeling to you, even he is shy to you. Well, here we go the signs that Taurus loves you too.

1. His Changing Behavior

When Taurus fall in love to someone, slow but sure his behavior little bit change. First, you see him a very shy person, now he is a little bit more confident. Wow, you are a positive thing for him.

2. Spend More Times With You

Taurus will spend more times being with you, he ready to accompany you. Wherever you wanna go with him. Well, is it so romantic, right?

3. Invites You To His Circle

Taurus will invite you to know, how is the circle of his life. You will know his parents, his brother, sister, even his closest friends. Here they are some reasons why everyone needs a Taurus friend in life.

4. Shows His Love

Taurus shows his love with an action, he will do more romantic things to you. Let you go first, open the door for you, and there are lots more.

5. Lots Of Gift Giving

Taurus is a super loyal person, he lots to gift giving to someone that he loves so much. For more information here is how to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday in a long distance relationship.

6. Beware Of His Jealousy

Well, Taurus will not let you go out or meet with your friends (boy). You will see that he is jealous.

7. More Protective Over You 

more protective over you

He wants to keep you in save and he will not let you hurt. That is why he becomes more protective over you. 

Tips How To Win Taurus's Heart

Make a date with a Taurus man is not easy, because Taurus has the worst temper ever. The woman that patience, know him well, smart, honest and someone that give positives thing to Taurus is the suited woman for him. So, if you have some criteria like that, let's win his heart. Let's check these out.

1. Your Feminine Side

Shows your feminity, with how is your manner, how is your talk in feminity even your look like in feminity. Taurus loves a woman that full of the feminine.

2. Life In Order

Make a list, what you want to do today. It will help you to use the time more effectively. Well, Taurus loves a woman that has lived in order, neat, and organized.

3. Say The Truth 

Put your truth image over him, let him know, how you are. Taurus will be more accept it if you show how is the real you. Here a information that you should know about the things to consider before marrying a sailor.

4. Do Some Activities Together

Make some activities together with Taurus is a good point, such as prepare for the dinner's dishes, or planting over the backyard is fun.

5. Mutual Respect

Taurus is a person that wants his relationship in mutual respect. You respect him and so does him. He will do it if you will do it too. It's balanced. There are more of the hidden things you need to know before you date a Taurus.

6. A Touch For Him

Holding his hand or touch his arm a little bit, it could not make him uncomfortable. Otherwise, he likes being held. Once, you held his arms, he never forgets.

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7. Trusting Each Other

trusting each other

Build your trust in him and take your time. Slow but sure, just follow the flow both of you. But never ever to changes him. It can't happen. He will be angry.

Hopefully, the above of things you need to know before you date a Taurus can work on you who want to know how about the personality of Taurus while in dating. So, good luck we hope you can get your Taurus's heart into you soon.

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