Things to Consider Before Marrying a Sailor and Truths Behind It

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When you grow up and set your career in certain area, you can't help but being part of it. Your traits, personality, and behavior will change according to what career you chose. You can change for the better or for the worse. The same goes when you are about to marrying someone. Whether you want it or not, it's not only that person you'll be going to marry, you are getting married to his job as well.

Sailor is among the job that different than others. Not everyone can simply become a sailor. That is why dating a sailor seemed to be a great idea. But there are many things to know before marrying a sailor, if you have plan to. Your romance will be as adventurous as his soul might be.

1. A Sailor's Life is Not Always Beautiful As the Sunset

If you think that a sailor always enjoy the beauty of sunset and sunrise everyday, then you are still far from the reality. Behind those gem, a sailor should be ready if a sudden storm coming in their way. The wind at the sea is unpredictable and disaster may come at any time.

2. He is Way Too Smart Than You

Stupid is surely the thing you can associate to a sailor. Well, he is smart. You know how hard it is to become a sailor so that when he made it, you know that he's got a brain. All the knowledge he has will seemed like a new world for you, and there will be times when you feel little because of his cleverness. See also Things to Know Before Marrying a Doctor

3. He is Literally Perfect

The picture of a perfect man seems to be far from reality, but a sailor is closest to it. Yes, you can't believe how perfect a sailor is. He is physically fit, smart, and every little thing about him is perfect down to his eye vision. But be careful since you are not the only who's smitten by his perfection.

4. You Will be Left Home Most of the Time

This is the biggest disadvantage of marrying a sailor. He spends more time out in the sea than staying at home with you. You may have experienced it when you date him, but things get real once you are married. See also Things to Know Before You Marry a Hunter

5. He Might Cheats When He Sails

There is a popular saying which goes, "a sailor has a girl in every port". It's pretty much true. When a sailor embarks on a journey, it often takes more than a year to complete. He stops in many ports during the time and how else would he overcome his loneliness?

6. He Parties Harder Than Anyone

Sailors are living a wild, rough life only them would understand. They have to face uncertainties at least 12 hour a day during work, not to mention when a storm striking in. When they get back they party harder than anyone. And you know what happens to a drunken sailor, right? See also How to Let Your Boyfriend Know You Are Ready for Marriage

7. You May Have to Tolerate His Infidelity

Speaking of "girl in every port", maybe you have no other choice but to tolerate that he cheats. Well, he'd always argue that it doesn't count on cheating when the relationship doesn't last that long and you won't find out about it. He ends the ties as soon as the ship departs from the port.

8. He is Pretty Much a Survival Guy

You can always count on your man since he is the true survival guy. He has faces any difficulties during the sailing period, but once he get back, you have to get used with his "survival" manner. You can't expect him to eat in modesty, speaking in a smooth tone, and other habits that hard for him to let go. It's just another things to consider before marrying a sailor. See also Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

9. You May be Disconnected from His World

One sailing journey could last for months and even years. Not much to your surprise, you find him as a completely different person. It's like he's coming from a different world. You can get into conversation with him, you don't know what he's talking about, and you have to adjust yourself to him once more.

10. You Have a Hard Time Living On the Sea

It's pretty common for a sailor wife to give try in sailing. They join their husband for a short journey about one or two months. But you will never, ever want to go again. You will finally realize that living at the sea is different with living on a cruise. It's completely different. See also Signs Your Husband is Unhappy in Marriage

11. Your Chance to Meet Justin Bieber is Bigger Than Meeting Him

Well, it's a sad reality you must embrace. As he rarely come home, you have a bigger chance to meet Justin Bieber than to meet him. If he leaves you when you're just two months pregnant, your child will be taking their first step already when he gets home.

12. You Can Fall in Love a Thousand Times with Him

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13. You Get All the Perks of Being a Sailor Wife

You can have all the perks and pride of being a sailor wife. If your husband is a part of Marine or Navy, you can always brag about how great he looks in his uniform.

If you fall in love with him for who he is, you have to love his job as well. Know that it's where his passion lies, and he wishes you to understand about it. But if marriage life with a sailor seems hard, you never know since you never tried. Everything will eventually comes back to you.

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